FSX Jet/Passenger Aircraft

FSX Jet/Passenger Aircraft simulators are extremely popular. Individuals love getting behind the cockpit, at least virtually, and flying jets and passenger aircrafts. To satisfy the desire of ‘simmies’ to accumulate such products, we have compiled a large selection of FSX jet/passenger aircraft. Each of them is reasonably priced. Shoppers would be hard pressed to find a better selection of passenger and jet aircraft simulators and related products anywhere online.

Whether a person is looking for jet or passenger simulators, videos or DVDs, they can find it here. We have not only stocked a large number of products but a variety of them. Individuals will have their pick of a wide range of products. Visitors should be sure to browse each section as there is likely to be something for everyone.

The 727 Captain-FSX, 737 Pilot in Command - FSX/FS2004,  747-200/300 Series – FSX/FS2004, A320 Jetliner – FSX, 747-400 X Queen of the skies – FSX, A380 Special Edition – FSX/FS2004  and A340-500/600 – FSX/FS2004  are a few of the FSX Jet/Passenger aircraft-related products that we have in stock. Individuals looking for a complete listing will find every one of our FSX jet and passenger products below.

We will be updating this section periodically. Individuals should check back on a regular basis to see what new products we’ve added.

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 Manufacturer   Product Name+   Price 
 CLS   3 Airbus Pack 3 Airbus Pack   $42.03 
 Just Flight   737 Professional 737 Professional   $45.96 
 CLS   767 Livery Expansion Pack 767 Livery Expansion Pack   $16.15 
 Just Flight   800XP BizJet 800XP BizJet   $32.32 
 Just Flight   800XP BizJet Livery Expansion Pack 800XP BizJet Livery Expansion Pack   $8.07 
 Just Flight   A318 Jetliner A318 Jetliner   $8.07 
 Just Flight   A318/A319 Jetliner Livery Expansion Pack A318/A319 Jetliner Livery Expansion Pack   $8.07 
 Just Flight   A319 Jetliner A319 Jetliner   $22.62 
 Just Flight   A320 Jetliner Expansion Pack 1 A320 Jetliner Expansion Pack 1   $8.07 
 Just Flight   A320 Jetliner Expansion Pack 2 A320 Jetliner Expansion Pack 2   $8.07 
 Just Flight   A320 Jetliner Expansion Pack 3 A320 Jetliner Expansion Pack 3   $8.07 
 Just Flight   A320 Jetliner Expansion Pack 4 A320 Jetliner Expansion Pack 4   $8.07 
 Just Flight   A320 Jetliner A320 Jetliner   $24.74 
 AFS-Design   Airbus A320 Family Airbus A320 Family   $27.47 
 AFS-Design   Airbus A320neo Airbus A320neo   $27.65 
 CLS   Airbus A330/A340 Expansion Pack Airbus A330/A340 Expansion Pack   $19.48 
 CLS   Airbus A330/A340 Airbus A330/A340   $29.98 
 CLS   Airbus A340-500/600 Combi Pack Airbus A340-500/600 Combi Pack   $45.26 
 Just Flight   Airbus A340-500/600 Airbus A340-500/600   $30.71 
 AFS-Design   Airbus A350 Family Airbus A350 Family   $27.47 
 AFS-Design   Airbus A380 Family Airbus A380 Family   $27.47 
 Just Flight   Airbus Collection Airbus Collection   $30.71 
 Just Flight   Airbus Collection Livery Upgrade Pack Airbus Collection Livery Upgrade Pack   $8.33 
 AFS-Design   Airbus Collection with Air France Repaints Airbus Collection with Air France Repaints   $27.17 
 AFS-Design   Airbus Collection with Emirates Repaints Airbus Collection with Emirates Repaints   $26.68 
 AFS-Design   Airbus Collection with Lufthansa Repaints Airbus Collection with Lufthansa Repaints   $27.17 
 Just Flight   Airbus Collection: Long Haul Airbus Collection: Long Haul   $46.88 
 BlackBox Simulation   Airbus Xtreme Prologue Airbus Xtreme Prologue   $58.99 
 Just Flight   BAe 146-200/300 Jetliner BAe 146-200/300 Jetliner   $40.41 
 Just Flight   BAe 146-200/300 Jetliner Livery & FMC Expansion Pack BAe 146-200/300 Jetliner Livery & FMC Expansion Pack   $11.30 
 Just Flight   BAe 146-200/300 Jetliner Quiet Trader (QT) Expansion Pack BAe 146-200/300 Jetliner Quiet Trader (QT) Expansion Pack   $12.92 
 CLS   Boeing 747-200/300 Boeing 747-200/300   $47.70 
 AFS-Design   Boeing 747-8 Boeing 747-8   $26.68 
 AFS-Design   Boeing 767 Boeing 767   $19.94 
 CLS   Boeing 767-200/300 Boeing 767-200/300   $50.11 
 AFS-Design   Boeing 787 Dreamliner Boeing 787 Dreamliner   $25.00 
 CLS   Business Jet Business Jet   $27.49 
 Carenado   Cessna S550 Citation II HD Series Cessna S550 Citation II HD Series   $44.94 
 Just Flight   Comet Jetliner Comet Jetliner   $41.23 
 CLS   DC-10 / KDC10 / KC10A DC-10 / KDC10 / KC10A   $42.85 
 Just Flight   DC-10 Collection DC-10 Collection   $38.79 
 CLS   DC-10 Livery Expansion Package DC-10 Livery Expansion Package   $15.36 
 Just Flight   DC-8 Jetliner Series 10 to 40 DC-8 Jetliner Series 10 to 40   $29.95 
 AFS-Design   Design Airbus A330/A340 Family Design Airbus A330/A340 Family   $27.47 
 Virtualcol FS Software   Dornier 328JET X Dornier 328JET X   $11.88 
 Virtualcol FS Software   Embraer 170-175 Regional Jets Embraer 170-175 Regional Jets   $12.50 
 Virtualcol FS Software   Embraer 190-195 Regional Jets Embraer 190-195 Regional Jets   $12.50 
 feelthere   Embraer E-Jets v.2 Embraer 175 and 195 Embraer E-Jets v.2 Embraer 175 and 195   $41.88 
 Carenado   Embraer Phenom 100 E50P Embraer Phenom 100 E50P   $39.94 
 feelthere   Embraer Regional Jets v2 Embraer Regional Jets v2   $49.16 
 Franz Luftfahrt   Learjet 23 Learjet 23   $18.60 
 CLS   Livery Pack Expansion for Boeing 767-200/300 Livery Pack Expansion for Boeing 767-200/300   $11.30 
 CLS   Livery Pack Expansion for MD-81/82 JetLiner Livery Pack Expansion for MD-81/82 JetLiner   $9.69 
 CLS   MD-81/82 JetLiner MD-81/82 JetLiner   $38.79 
 CLS   MD-87 JetLiner Expansion Pack MD-87 JetLiner Expansion Pack   $16.15 
Displaying 1 to 55 (of 55 products) Result Pages:  1