Free FedEx Express Boeing 747-8F for FSX

Free FedEx Express Boeing 747-8F for FSX4.1/5 15 reviews

This wonderful remake on the well-loved FedEx Express Boeing 747-8F design is a must-have for anyone who has either flown one or even just seen one in the air. It’s a fantastically designed package which uses 32-bit, DXT3 textures. This was originally designed for FS2004 but does a great job within FSX, too, so you can enjoy those high-end graphics and extra performance qualities in a more modern simulator – just be aware that some compatibility issues do exist. Read more...

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What’s New?

Another huge introduction with this package has been the army of new XML coded animations which are being added in. These cover a huge range of different animations which can be seen all across the aircraft, and will typically include;

  • Dynamic, flexing wins which are based entirely on the air speed, the pitch, the weight and various other factors which come into play in here.

  • A range of new independent tire rotation animations – the wheels will stop turning at varying points, which is entirely dependent on which wheel will leave the ground first. By doing this, you make it much easier to enjoy and fall in love with the quality provided.

  • New body, nose and rudder lock steering options added in from between 1-60kts, so you’ll get a nice touch added in there that does a great job of making the aircraft look as vibrant as it possibly could do.

  • Ground spoilers which only work when they are on the ground, making it harder than ever to manage the system and keep yourself on the right track when you’re flying.

  • Fully animated low-speed ailerons which tend to lock up at high speeds, adding another nice little animation that bursts into life when you go too far.

  • A fully animated control surface package has been added in to make sure that you can have total control over the aircraft with a control surface that legitimately reacts to what you ask of it.

  • Fully independent suspension systems are added in, which do a wonderful job of keeping everyone on the right track and ensuring that you can have an animated suspension which adds realism and looks excellent.

  • A new trim animation that looks great, ensuring that the right animations all come into play when you are flying around and making sure you can always feel at home and fully comfortable within the cockpit.

  • Rolling wheels which look excellent and do a good job of making sure that the aircraft looks like its properly moving, not just skating along across ice!

  • Animated tilting bogies which just adds another nice little feature which some may consider miniscule, but others will love to see in full throttle within this setup.

  • Passenger doors which fly open and shut to give you that real power and understanding of what goes on within the aircraft.

  • Animated thrust reversers to bring another important element of the aircraft to life in true style and class.

  • Detailed textures made from scratch which react and work with the aircraft, making sure that it not only looks great in terms of animation but that it also carries the same qualities that you would expect.

  • Full night lighting which looks truly wonderful and does a great job of helping you understand the position that you are in across the board, helping you get to grips with the night lighting in general.

  • Crashing effects so if you find yourself in a sticky spot you know that it will at least look wonderful as you crash!

  • Ground servicing vehicles which get to work when you are grounded.

  • And much more!

Key Features

A whole new wealth of lighting system changes have been introduced for a start. This makes a big difference to the overall composure and style of the lighting within the simulator, and works in tandem with various parts of the aircraft. Created by the talented Jakob Klein, this new set does all that it can to promote and progress the aircraft that you are flying as it helps to bring it all together, ensuring that it carries the quality and the style of the real thing with precision and ease.

The new wingtip lights and strobes are made to fit with the simulator, although they won’t appear significantly from distance due to issues with the setup. What this does give you, though, is a deeply authentic and engaging way to manage the lights.

This is improved even further by the addition of strobe and beacon lighting which is added in there to make sure that ground lighting is as detailed as possible. Now, you have no excuses for having a lack of visibility as this mod does a great job of changing both aerial and ground lights to make them as visible as they possibly can be when you’re flying. These changes make a huge difference to the whole package and ensure that you are left with a fantastic new range of lighting that looks truly wonderful. By bringing the whole map together and looking the very best that it can, this new lighting system does a great job of selling the look and feel that makes FSX so fun.

How to Install

Installation has never been simpler than it is with this package! To get it installed, simply unzip the downloaded file into your SimObjectsAirplanes folder within FSX. This gets the program up and running in no time and makes sure that you can easily set it up for simple access.

How to Use

In this package, you can easily control the aircraft simply by using the various POSKY Utility Panel options which are included. Start off by hitting Shift + 8, and you can access the Utility Panel.

Then, you can also get access to various other features by pressing the following keys;

  • Opening Passenger (L1) door: Shift + E ( Opening door )
  • Opening Cargo Doors: Shift + E then quickly 2
  • Opening Passenger (L2) door: Shift + E then quickly 3
  • Opening Bulk Cargo Door: Shift + E then quickly 4

Originally from Fly Away Simulation.

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.1/5.0 based on 15 customer reviews

3/5 Verified Purchase
3 of 5 Stars!

the experience in general is not bad, BUT there were problems 1) the captain seat cockpit view mode, 2) look outside view mode and 3) the altitude change response in the autopilot mode (the climb / descend rate) is not working the first one the cockpit is unavailable the second only part of the wing and engines are shown in BLACK featureless shape

1/5 Verified Purchase
1 of 5 Stars!

I worked on the freeware Fedex Express Boeing 747-8f for hours trying to figure out Why It wasn't working .IT never appeared in my FSX Gold with Acceleration Free Flight select aircraft page. But it did go to sim objects airplane folder. I GAVE UP AND DELETED IT. Thanks anyway, Carmine MY rating was Bad for ME

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

The free download was fine, however I was disappointed that there was only a 2D cockpit and not a 3D virtual one for a more realistic flying experience. I ended removing it from my hard drive. Thanks for making the download available though.

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

Good only becauese it's free, good texture and detail, good livery. Not too realistic too fly, since she is too light, too easy for handling and no VC. Still good to purchase as it's freeware, but don't expect too much for flying her

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

I just downloaded it, and it worked but for a slight glitch ( the virtual cockpit mode seems missing). I will have another look later, but with what I have seen so far, it is a commendable project. Thanks

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

Awesome airframe and the graphics are great!! I don't usually fly these big airframes but after I downloaded this one I flew her around for a while and she's definitely worth it.

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

The Fedex 747 8F is exactly what it was claimed to be. I have really enjoyed flying it. A great aircraft that every simmer must have in his hangar. I recommand it.

3/5 Verified Purchase
3 of 5 Stars!

Great looking aircraft, but unfortunately there is no Virtual Cockpit so did not attempt to fly the aircraft

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

Excellent details. Very easy to fly. Will recommend to my friends. Good job.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

This add-on is the very profitable.  Not hurt to keep you own.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

I love Air Hauler and this plane fits the bill beautifully. Thank you.

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

I have purchased several download. One I'm having trouble installing.

3/5 Verified Purchase
3 of 5 Stars!

The cockpit view is not visible pls fix and i will rate full stars

5 of 5 Stars!

I found the 8i was a great improvement and a pleasure to fly.

5 of 5 Stars!

I am enjoyed of it but I must learn in English better.

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