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For most flight simulation fans realism matters. Nobody wants to be flying around and unsure of where they need to go or what they need to do, and this means having access to the right kinds of panels and extra accessories that will keep you on the right track. Read more...

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With this fantastic Boeing 777-9X panel, you are getting access to a wonderful recreation of the panels used inside the real thing. Not only do these do a great job of creating the right look and atmosphere, but they greatly improve your overall enjoyment of flying around using a Boeing 777 aircraft.

Features that missed out previously are now included as you get access to a wealth of changes designed to make flying more comfortable and more enjoyable than it ever has been before!

What’s Included?

  • This new add-on brings a wealth of new changes to the process, including various new panel changes and improvements which can be installed in a matter of seconds. For example, a new head-up landing window has been included to improve your approach quality as well as your overall landing accuracy.

  • The menu is easier to use than ever before, too. To make the most of the CDU menu, you simply need to right-click on the specific area to set up the cursor and then left-click to take over full control.

  • Moving the yoke is just as easy, too. You now simply turn right/left or back/forth with the yoke to give you that real feeling of pulling up or pushing down with the yoke accessory itself.

  • Manage your taxi speed, as well, for much clearer and simpler flight control. To manage and control your taxi speed to go at specific volumes, simply go to the MENU option and then TAXI. From this sub-menu, you can set up the average speed you want (on average 25 knots).

  • Most importantly, though, this manages to introduce a whole new world of sounds with the modification. This now gives you a complete TCAS system with sounds, giving you a traffic management system which runs from the MFD. This utilizes the zoom of the map as well as the parameters of the TCAS page in the CDU for maximum efficiency all-round.

  • Indeed, sounds are now situation when you fly around. They base themselves on both TA and RA situations, allowing you to understand the best way to fly your aircraft. This comes with various functions such as co-pilot, overhead and landing views included alongside this soundset.

Note: To use this package, you need to have a Boeing 777 Aircraft installed – this is the panels and the add-ons, not the model itself. You will need to know where to pick up the file from your machine, too!

General Changes

This mod makes sure to deliver plenty of appropriate changes and additions throughout. For example, this now gives you fresh tips that you can follow when flying to make sure you can understand what each device does, and how it can help you become a better pilot altogether.

Likewise, you can utilize the new help windows to ensure that you have access to information that will avoid any specific problems when you’re flying. Not sure where to go on the panels for specific information? Then just click on the Documentation provided to follow the checklists offered. This will ensure you can get help whilst you fly, making it much easier to follow instructions and make sure you can fly your aircraft with precision.

Various reflecting changes are included within the modification, too, to ensure that you can get the best and most up to date level of panels possible. Whilst making the use of features like touch-screen technology, you simply need to hover over the feature on your touchscreens within the aircraft to get hat properly simulated effect.

Worried about hitting the ground running, literally? Then you will have a guardian angel in the form of the Ground Proximity Warning System. When you fly too close to the proverbial sun, the aircraft will be helpful enough to let you know!

Note: The operation of this software has been designed to use, at minimum, a 1024 x 768 x 32 resolution. Anything lower may still work, but you may have reduced levels of performance or visibility in comparison to those who are using higher resolution sizes.

Audio Improvements

One of the biggest changes this modification introduces, though, comes from the audio system itself. The new audio system does a fantastic job of capturing the right way forward, making sure that everything from the tiny switches to the sound effects that you would expect to hear have been faithfully included.

Now, you can hear the audible clicks, clacs and crunches of your aircraft being operated as you fly. With every device having a specific sound attached to it, it’s never been easier than it is now to fly an aircraft and make it sound the way it should. All of these extra changes and additions to the likes of the flaps and the gears will ensure that you get the best possible level of audio performance.

Thanks to the APU and the CO-PILOT features, though, you can easily maneuver devices properly whilst following checklists to the very letter. In total, your audio performance will improve massively with this!

So, what’s been improved with the new sounds?

Various new moving parts are included which all make the right kind of noises. The switches on the panel, rotating ones especially, now have a unique noise. You’ll hear the Yoke, the Throttle and all overhead and main panels making appropriate sounds.

Other devise that now have sounds attached to them include the APU, Climitisation Fans, Fuel Emergency Switches, Air fresheners, Windows Heat and Washing as well as Wipers. These fresh sounds have been optimized to make the right sound when heard, improving the entire atmosphere within the cockpit by some margin.

One of the main improvements, though, has been that of the new CO-PILOT feature. Instead of sitting alone inside the aircraft, you now have a simulated co-pilot who will help walk you through the process as you fly. Thanks to the help of your co-pilot, you can easily start to take control of your aircraft due to the real-time information he passes on about the flight condition and progress. You’ll hear him discussing key features like;

  • Regular reporting or you’re parking brakes, spoilers, flaps, gear positions and autopilot switches. When these are used, you will be able to understand what position you are in with relation to these pieces of hardware being used.
  • Reminds you to use features such as anti-ice switches should you forget to use them before taking off.
  • Recites checklists to ensure you never miss a thing when flying the aircraft.

  • Brings your attention to all incidents.

  • Follows the flight plan included within the FMC.

  • Alerts you to any failures or problems when flying.

  • This also pays particularly close attention to features such as;

  • The beacons sounding when you pass waypoints en route to an airport, letting you know which beacon you have reached.

  • Ground Positioning Warning Systems stopping you from winding up in a bit of trouble!

  • New sound level adjustments that make everything more audible.

  • TCAS systems to help you be aware of any potential warnings such as incoming traffic or climbing/descending needed.

Improved Viewing

Another key feature has been the improvement of your panel views. No virtual cockpit is provided for use with other aircraft, as this is made specifically and particularly for this one aircraft.

It also comes with the introduction of the TCAS, which gives you full access to the real TCAS with both Honeywell, Garmin and others all introduced and utilized properly in here.

When you are flying, then, you will gain access to the TCAS to help you avoid flying dangerously and putting yourself at risk. Your MFD plays the same role, ensuring that you are flying in the right profile for your aircraft and that you are dealing with your aircraft being at the right distance and altitude in comparison to any potentially nearby aircraft.

This means that you can easily activate both the Traffic Advisory or Resolution Advisory features. These are alerts that ensure you are made aware of when you are too close to another aircraft when you are flying.

CDU System

A massive improvement in this modification, though, was the introduction of the Control Display Unit (CDU) and the Flight Management Computer (FMC). These contain a gluttony of powerful features, including;

  • Following any flight plan which has bene loaded into the simulator or created by FSX. It follows the specific speeds provided. The system also regulates your flight plan and changed it up should you alter the plan when flying.

  • Manage the take-off and climb thrusts including TOGA, MAX, THRUST, CRUISE and AUTOMATIC when depending on the economic index and weather parameters which have been included.

  • Calculate the optimum V1, VR and V2 – as well as cruise speeds – to ensure that you always stay in line with cruise altitudes.

  • Control the vertical navigation functions of your aircraft as you climb, cruise or descend. This means that you can manage a realistic range when flying.

  • Cruise economically, ensuring you minimize fuel loss as you take off.

  • Utilize the HOLD function properly when at an actual position or altitude, ensuring you can easily stay in control of your flight at all times.

  • Manage your ATV for flight number, flight ID and various other important details.

  • Utilize your VNAC for speed and altitude adjustment and management.

  • Use your LEGS to get to each waypoint, distance and altitude.

  • PROGRESS to help you stay en route to the actual position, the previous and the next waypoints as well as the ETA to your provided approach.

  • Set your approach speed for useful information on the flap settings as well as the specific flight speed limits required during your approach.

  • Utilize your NAV features to set up OBS, radials and radios effectively. Use COMMS as well to manage radios, transponders and ADF respectively.

  • POSITION has to be managed, too, giving you the current location of the aircraft as you fly.

  • All in all, each of these features all ensure that you can get a much more comfortable flight with all of the stats and details needed provided to you along the way. With the help of all of these features and changes, you can make it much easier to hit your target and reach your destination accordingly.

  • If you want to, you can even retrieve alternate airports depending on the length and airport distance to make sure you are landing at the best possible locations each time. Auto-landing has also been provided to make sure you can stop safely.


However, please be aware that this cannot create flight plans or modify flight plans accordingly. Whilst other packages exist that let you do this, none have been included as part of this add-on.

Also, you’re YOKE and your PEDALS will move. Since they are connected to your yoke when Autopilot has been turned off, you will need to get used to the movement within both features.

How to Install

Installation for this mod could not be any simpler – you simply need to turn to the .exe file provided and run the installer. This will go through the process for you, including every detail that you need to make installation nice and simple. 

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beautiful panels.the fdu looks moden.i think the b 777x is the most technologically advance airplane to come into

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