Boeing 787 Panel for FSX/P3D

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For fans of the Boeing 787 aircraft, it can be a bit of a challenge to fly when you aren’t fully appreciative and aware of how the panel should work. However, with the help of this package you can finally get access to a fresh new panel that does wonders for the performance and management of the aircraft itself. Read more...

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With the help of this, then, you should no longer have any issues in taking control of the aircraft properly and finally being able to enjoy the features it provides.

What’s Included?

  • A brand new way to manage the aircraft thanks to a fresh and improved set of panels, making your life much easier than ever before when it comes to flying this unique aircraft. New changes will improve the overall composition of the aircraft and improve your overall control when flying.

  • A range of help files and additions are included that you can easily display when flying to help you get control of the aircraft as you fly. This will also ensure that you never need to miss out on using an advanced feature along the way to boost your precision.

  • A list of moving parts which make the aircraft look wonderful as you fly, improving the overall position of your aircraft and also making sure that it can react in the way that you intended. The moving parts help to make the cockpit feel far more authentic when flying, too!

  • A co-pilot feature which makes sure you can easily control the aircraft and use the correct features of a co-pilot to make the interior of the aircraft feel effective, enjoyable and unique when taking part. Makes the entire flight system feel far better than it ever has in the past.

  • Improve your control of the aircraft with the addition of new operational features such as MFD and TCAS. These systems both help to make your flights more comfortable to follow and thus more useful as part of your long-term flight leaning and strategy, helping you become a more relaxed pilot.

  • A control display unit and a flight management computer console to help you manage the flight and make it work in the way that you had originally intended. The perfect solution to keeping your flights safe and comfortable with various features added to make flights more accurate.

  • And much more!

Key Features

Made to be easy to install and simple to manage, this standalone package will ensure that you can start to use this system more or less whenever you are ready. The process takes seconds to install and is just a matter of clicking through the automated wizard to get started.

  • A new landing window is included which is very useful when you are both approaching and landing; this makes a massive difference to the overall progress and development of your ability to take off and land, making it much easier to land the aircraft and improve your overall flight control.

  • Make better use of features such as the yoke of the aircraft thanks to the massive changes made to the way that the aircraft will be simulated. This makes it much easier than ever before to control this unique feature, helping you get to grips with your aircraft far easier than you will have previously.

  • Manage taxi speed through the menu, which will ensure that you can get the right level of speed so that you can take off and move around the airport in the right fashion. Typically, 25 knots is the speed that you will be going with.

  • A fully working and elite TCAS system that comes complete with all of the sounds necessary to make it feel just right. The sounds now play properly and give you access to the features you need to help you fly the aircraft with the minimum possible level of challenge needed.

  • Documentation to ensure that you can master every aspect of this aircraft and thus ensure you have the easiest, most effective way to find a solution. Whatever it is that you wish to see from this service, you will find that life becomes much easier if you can follow these.

  • New features to help make the aircraft more modern – now you can control the touchscreen element of the panels by using the cursor. This simple feature makes it much easier to manage the aircraft.

  • A new Ground Proximity Warning feature helps you avoid going through those serious crashes when flying!

General Additions

  • A fresh new audio system that sounds magnificent and does a great job of ensuring you can fly around and get the real sounds appearing. The noises which you would expect to hear all come from the likes of clicks, clacs and crunches – everything in the aircraft is now usable.

  • Another massive change has been the improvement to the way that devices signal and sound – with the help of a Co-Pilot helping you out with fresh audio input as well, your life can become so much easier. These changes will ensure you get a much more authentic sounding aircraft when taking off, improving the realism of any flights you undertake.

  • New moving parts help to animate the aircraft as much as anything else, with sounds included for each part. Now you also see moving parts from the likes of the panels, the yoke and the throttle with the numerous sounds making a massive difference.

  • Indeed, the sound travels everywhere from the climitisation fans right through to the APU and the windows! These new sounds make it much easier than ever to stay alert when flying around and vastly improving the outcome of your flights by making you far more aware.

  • Feel like these new sounds are too much? Then you can turn them down with ease; just use the simple included feature and this will become so much simpler to manage for you moving forward.

  • A co-pilot to help you avoid making mistakes – the co-pilot uses a digitalized voice to help you understand what you are doing, and also ensures that you can use features such as anti-ice, parking brakes, spoilers, gear positioning and even autopilot. This is very useful and can hugely improve your control when flying.

  • A new traffic advisory system that gives you help in understanding your distance and height from as specific point. This will help you avoid getting yourself in trouble when handling other traffic.

  • A resolution advisory system is also added in which makes it much easier to control the aircraft. These messages will help you make sure you don’t get into the path of another aircraft and thus risk their safety as much as your own. This is very useful for avoiding those wrong degree turns and wrong angles.

  • New beacons which follow you through the sky and make it much easier to manage your aircraft as the beacons now give you a better way of knowing when you are passing an airport. These small general changes make it much easier to say up to date with goings on.

  • A new ground positioning unit will also help you make sure that you don’t get too close to the ground and put yourself in danger!

CDU System

One of the major changes, though, has been that of the CDU. The CDU when used in here will ensure that you can easily control various different features that will vastly improve the position that you come up against when flying around, making your life much easier and improving authenticity massively.

  • The CDU system will allow you to easily manage features such as a new flight plan which has been created by FSX. This will ensure that you can use both horizontal and vertical options in accordance with any speeds which have been defined prior to you getting involved here.

  • A new flight plan changer which can be hugely useful in making sure you stay on track as you fly. If you do this right then you are far more likely to get the help that you need in staying on track and having some fun, improving flight accuracy massively.

  • Manage take-off thrust and climb thrust using the features such as TOGA, CRUISE, AUTO and MAX to ensure you can fly at your highest possible level and peak. This uses a smart index to keep you on track and make sure you can follow specific weather parameters to find success.

  • Calculate your optimum V1, VE and V2 speeds as well as your cruise speeds. This will make your life much easier and also help you stay in track with regards to flying along at the right speeds particularly when you are using the cruise altitude, improving your overall position massively.

  • Utilize key features along the way such as your vertical navigation by taking control of these functions when climbing. This will greatly improve your speed and your attitude by helping you avoid the wrong settings.

  • Manage the HOLD function properly when using an actual position or programming altitude, helping you take control of a waypoint with an adjusted time or distance. This feature is very useful to helping you to manage the FIX function.

  • Make sure that you can fly economically, too. This is very useful for ensuring that you can fly without losing excess fuel and also maintaining weight. This helps you stay in line with either the ICAO standard or the user-defined value that you have ran with.

  • Each of these features will make it much easier to control your aircraft and also give you a greater appreciation of the work required to control the cockpit and fly properly.

FMC System

Take control of your aircraft properly by not only flying properly but by becoming a more learned and in control pilot. Thanks to the new features here, you can finally learn how to control key features when you fly using the FMC system as it allows you access to things such as;

  • ATC – Your flight number, aircraft ID and numerous other minor factors included.

  • VNAV – The speed and the altitude that you are going to be flying at, which is vital to your overall progress and position when flying.

  • LEGS – The giving provided for each waypoint, heading, distance and altitude to help you stay on track.

  • PROGRESS – Your actual position as well as previous and next waypoints along with an ETA for the destination.

  • APPROACH SPEED – Hugely useful system which makes it easy to land and fly down with the right approach, never going too fast and maintaining limits.

  • NAV – Your radio, active and standby, OBS and radials as well as your COMM, which is transponders and ADF systems.

  • POSITION – Make your flight simple by having access to the aircrafts current position at all times in relation to where you intend to go during your flight, regardless of location.

  • Allow simple and direct entry to each and every part of the data along with key function pages via your VOR, ILS and COMM radio codes.

  • Follow approaches properly along with transitions to ensure that you always maintain your flight integrity and so much more as you fly around.

  • Allow the brightness of your display to be altered so that when you fly at night you can have better virility and so that you are never overburdened with excess light during the day. This is utilizes during the Primary Flight Display as well as the AICAS Upper and Lower sections.

  • Allow your aircraft to be flown manually if you have not activated the ROUT option which can be hugely useful in making sure you can stay on the right path.

  • Retrieve an alternate airport system depending on the runway length and the distance between you and the airport moving forward.

  • A fully automatic auto-land which utilizes the ILS capture to the full stop on the runway itself.

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.0/5.0 based on 2 customer reviews

3/5 Verified Purchase
3 of 5 Stars!

having problems getting this to work in fsx/steam win10

I am attempting to use it on my existing 787-9 installations

is the new version more user friendly?

is the version I have even compatible with win10?

I'm confident the program is ok, and it's just me not being good navigating the folders.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

This is a very nice panel, really up to date and easy to use. Great addition for the 787 at a great price.

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