Conditions of Sale, Use & Privacy Policy

Below is our general privacy policy, information on returns and conditions of use for the SimShack website. You can jump straight to specific sections here:

Terms and conditions of Sale

Methods of payment

SimShack accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal Funds

If we are unable to process your credit card, please check to ensure you entered the correct card number and expiration date, and that the billing name and address you entered match your credit card statement exactly. Please refer to your credit card company if the problem persists.

Returns and Exchanges

All of the products available for sale on SimShack are digital - which means there is no physical product shipped to the customer.

There are no refunds offered or agreed on digital software purchased from the store except in the case of defective software.  All of the system requirements and compatibility information is provided for each product and it is up to the customer to ensure that their systems match what is needed to install and run the software.

Payment Card Safeguard

Credit card details submitted when purchasing from the SimShack store are never stored on our servers. The payment is made "live" and forwarded to our card processor for approval. The only information we store on the SimShack store is the transaction number of your card payment. This enables us to provide refunds to the same card used to make the purchase.

All of your card details are protected using TLS security. This is a new type of security between you (the client) and our server. We do not use SSL (any version) and our servers have been mititaged for any of the active vulnerabilities. You can ensure that you are protected by noticing you are accessing the site using the HTTPS protocol (https://) instead of non-secure HTTP (http://).

We use EV SSL certificates on our server to provide you with an even higher level of security. Our organization has been fully validated by our certificate issuer. You can notice that we display the "green" address bar - which shows EV SSL.


Conditions of Use

The following document sets forth the basic terms that govern the use of and purchase of products from SimShack, (our “Site”) by its visitors and community members (“Users”). It is by using our Site that you agree to follow and be bound by the terms set forth in this document, collectively referred to as the “Agreement”.


The contents of this document and the terms contained within, are subject to change. Continued utilization of our Site succeeding any modifications to this document, will be interpreted as the User agreeing to follow and be bound to the Agreement, inclusive of the changes made.

Occasionally, changes or modifications may also be made to the Site proper, which could extend to changing, moving, deleting, or adding portions of the Site.


Within this document, “Contents” refers to all materials, including images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips and written materials that appear as part of the Site. Following this, all Contents of the Site, are copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and/or intellectual properties (IP’s) that are owned, controlled or licenced by SimShack, its subsidiaries and/or affiliates. The Site in its entirety is protected by copy right and trade dress, all worldwide rights, titles and interests therein are owned by SimShack.

Both the Contents of the Site, and the Site proper, are intended for personal and non-commercial use only, with the exception being for the purchase of merchandise by Users of the Site. The contents of the Site, along with other materials, may be downloaded or copied providing it is solely for personal use; no rights or titles are transferred to the downloader as a result of any such activity. Other than for the use stated above, you are not permitted to transmit, distribute or publish, modify or create derivative works from, exploit, sell or participate in the sale of, any Content from the Site, the Site proper, or any related software, in any capacity.


In this case, User submissions might include, but are not limited to, User feedback, postcards, suggestions, ideas, all comments, and other submissions. Any of the above (“Comments”) disclosed, submitted or offered to SimShack through the Site directly, or in connection with your use of this Site, shall remain the property of SimShack. The act of, for example, submitting a comment, grants all worldwide rights, titles and interests in all copyrights to SimShack of that submission. That is to say, that SimShack will own all rights, titles and interests to all Comments and shall therefore, not be limited in its use of said Comments, be it commercial or otherwise. SimShack is not and will at no point be under an obligation to maintain in confidence, pay compensation for, or respond to, any User Comments.

Users of the Site agree that any Comments they disclose, submit or offer to the Site, will in no way violate the rights of any third party, including but not limited to, copy right, trademark, privacy or proprietary right(s). It is also agreed upon by the User, that no submissions will contain malicious or defamatory, unlawful or abusive material of any nature. The User maintains responsibility for any submissions he or she makes.


The majority of SimShack products displayed on the Site are available in our Online Store, so long as there are supplies in stock. It is possible, that certain merchandise displayed for sale on the Site may not be available due to depleted supplies. Prices on the Site are quoted in G.B.P (British Pound), EUR and USD.


SimShack endeavours to keep materials and content created for the Site, specifically with regards to design elements, in accordance with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). Certain content, such as User submissions or photographs, may not adhere to these rules; in this case, information contained within a photograph cannot be made to follow these guidelines without altering the original image, and in the case of User submissions, the User is solely responsible for the submissions content. Furthermore, SimShack aims to display the colors of our products that appear on the Site as accurately as possible. However, perfect results cannot be guaranteed, as the colors that you will see are dependent on your display device and, as such, results may differ for different Users.


The Site in its entirety is provided “as is” with no warranties of any kind, neither express nor implied, including but not limited to, warranties of title, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Through use of our Site, you acknowledge that SimShack is not and shall not be responsible for any damages to personal equipment related to your use of the Site; you willingly assume all responsibility for any and all costs that may be associated with any necessary servicing or repairs of your equipment used in connection with the use of our Site.


Through use of this Site, Users may on occasion, notice typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions within information pertaining to products, such as descriptions, pricing and availability. SimShack reserves the right to correct any errors and/or misinformation of this nature, and to change or update information as is deemed necessary by SimShack, at any time without giving prior notice, including after a User has submitted an order. We apologize for any grievance this may cause. For Users that are not completely satisfied with their purchase, we would direct them to look at our Returns Policy.


It is hereby understood that you agree to defend, indemnify and hold SimShack guiltless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and legal expenses that may happen to arise from, or in some way relate, to you use of the Site.


With the exception of instances where it is specifically stated, and to the extent that SimShack products are offered for sale within the United Kingdom through this Site, SimShack and its Contents, are displayed with the intent of promoting its products and services that available in the United Kingdom.


This Agreement is continuously in effect until such a time that it is terminated by either you or SimShack. Either party (“User” and “SimShack”) may terminate the Agreement at any time. If it is SimShack’s discernment that at any point you have failed to comply with any term or provision laid out in this document, SimShack may terminate the Agreement immediately and without notice, and as such, deny you access to the Site. If either party terminates the Agreement, you must destroy all materials downloaded or otherwise acquired from this Site, without hesitation, including all copies made of such materials, regardless of whether or not the copies were made while the Agreement was still in effect.


Copyright Information for Images on SimShack

Images used on SimShack to display product functionality including previews, gameplay examples, and screenshots of the product displayed may be Copyright © SimShack and/or the Developer stated on the product listing.

Many images used in product listings are provided by the original Developer.  However, many images displayed in products are exclusively Copyright © SimShack as we created these images from the software products provided by the Developer and are exclusive SimShack property.

If you wish to use our images in your product listings, please contact us at for licensing information, pricing or terms.

Privacy Policy

This particular Online Privacy Policy explains the way in which SimShack handles data gained through its users of the internet site, hereafter referred to as “Users” and “Site”, respectively. The standard set within this document extends to the Site in its entirety, including all offerings, goods and services available at SimShack.


Through typical interaction with the website, we might acquire particular personal identity information data from Users. Typical interaction, in this case, is considered but not limited to, when Users visit the Site, sign in to the Site, subscribe to the e-newsletter, as well as other features and resources made available on the Site. Where relevant, users could be requested to provide a valid email address, contact information or bank card data. Users may, however, choose to visit our Site anonymously. Any personal identity or private information will only be gathered on the condition that the User is willing to provide said information. Users can refuse to provide certain personal information, but in doing so, may find that they are unable to take part in or have access to certain functions of the Site.


Certain types of non-personal identification details about a User may be gathered as he or she connects with the Site. Non-personal ID details might include, but are not limited to, the internet browser band name, details of the personal computer and its technology that pertain to the User’s method of connecting with the Site, such as the operating system, the User’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) and potentially, any other corresponding data.


SimShack may employ “cookies” in an effort to improve Users experiences with the Site. Cookies are stored on the User’s hard disk for record-keeping objectives and on occasion, are used to trace information regarding him or her. Users may choose to opt-out, and direct their internet browser to reject cookies, or to notify the User any time the Site wishes to use cookies. Should a User decide to do this, their overall experience may be hindered as the Site may not perform effectively or as intended.


SimShack collects and makes use of User's personal data for a number of uses:

  • To personalize consumers experience - Information gleaned from within the aggregate may be put to use in an effort to learn the way in which our community of Users makes use of the Site as a whole, as well as the individual services and features it offers.

  • To make improvements to our Site - We frequently make improvements and adjustments to our Site services based on usage data and suggestions from its Users.

  • To enhance client service - User’s details afford us the opportunity to be more efficient in responding to customer care requirements and support specifications.

  • To process transactions - In the event that a User places an order, we might utilize details that have been willingly provided to personalize, or simply to complete their transaction. Users personal details used in this capacity are not revealed to external sources other than to the extent necessary to complete the service.

  • To manage website content, promotions, surveys or site features - The delivery of material or information that Users have opted to receive relative to areas and or services that we believe would be appealing to them, based on the data that we have gathered.

  • To send out email messages - Email addresses provided by Users when finalizing orders, are only used to send him or her information and details regarding their order. As a continuation of this service, the email address may also be used to reply to any questions put forward by the User, and to satisfy any other needs or concerns they may have. Should a User choose to join the subscriber list, they may receive email messages that could involve information regarding updates to our Site, relevant products or services, etc. A User can choose to remove themselves from this mailing list and hence will cease to receive any email messages, other than those pertaining to transactions that they make. Details on the process of unsubscribing are often included at the end of emails. Alternatively, Users can get in touch through our Site.


SimShack follows proper guidelines and safety measures when collecting, storing and handling User’s personal information and data, such as login name, security password and transaction specifics in order to protect said data from illegal access, modification, disclosure or destruction. Information, be it private/sensitive or otherwise, that is exchanged between the Site and its Users is transferred through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) guarded transmission channel which is further encrypted with electronic digital signatures. SimShack is also in adherence with standard PCI vulnerability benchmarks in order to provide Users with the most secure environment possible.


Users individual identification details will never be distributed, dealt, loaned or sold to anyone. Aggregated group data that is not connected with any private identification data relating to Users or visitors to the Site, may be distributed among our partners, reputable associates and marketers for reasons defined in the above sections.


Users on our Site may find advertising, marketing and other website content that links to external websites and services associated with our sponsors, promoters, licensors and other organizations. As we don’t handle the information or hyperlinks that Users may find displayed on these external sites, we are not accountable for methods or practices used by sites linked with or from the Site proper. As the internet is considered an ever changing medium, external websites and content belonging to various companies are all subject to change. These sites might have their own privacy policies and client care guidelines. Connecting to or browsing another site, including those that have a hyperlink to our Site, is subject to that sites own individual policies and procedures.


SimShack reserves the right to change this online privacy policy without notice. Each time this document is updated, the date at the bottom of the page will be modified to show the date that the changes were made. Users are encouraged to periodically check this document for changes so that they can stay informed on the ways that we are working to keep their information secure. It is the responsibility of the User to understand and be attentive to the information contained within this document throughout its progression.


Through use of our Site, you indicate that you have understood and agree to this policy and the terms of use. If you do not accept this policy, please refrain from making use of our Site in any capacity. Continued utilization of the Site following any modifications to this document will be construed as demonstrating approval and acceptance of the changes made.


Should they have any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, the operation of our Site, or transactions they may have made with our Site, Users can contact us through our support ticket system.


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This document was last updated on the 26th April 2019.