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USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier for FSX/Prepar3D

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USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier for FSX/Prepar3D
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition & Prepar3D
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The USS Enterprise is a landmark aircraft aircraft in modern history – not only did it herald the beginning of a new age of development and success for aircraft carriers the world over, but it also made it much easier for future aircraft carriers to develop. The reason being that the Enterprise was the first nuclear-powered carrier ever made, and it’s the longest in the world to boot. With all of these facts and figures making it really stand out from the crowd, why would you not want to take to the skies with this magnificent piece of engineering?

However, the problem is that in the past you haven’t had the capabilities within a simulator to make landings and take-offs as they are supposed to be. However, with the help of this brilliant USS Enterprise package, you can help yourself prepare something far more efficient and powerful than ever before. It takes all of the main features of the USS Enterprise and portrays them in the most authentic and professional light possible.

It was first commissioned in 1961, and today is the oldest vessel recently being used regularly by the US Navy. Otherwise known by its rather comical nickname “Big E” the USS Enterprise was finally set for decommissioning in 2013, after more than five decades of loyal and professional service. This package was first released in 2005 for the flight simulator known as Alphasim, but today it’s been remade using the quality of learning of guys like Sylvain Parouty, re-modeled to fit P3D & FSX with precision and quality. Use updated graphics, modern textures and various other changes and additions to this famous old aircraft starting today. It was designed to make sure that the key features stand out as much as ever using the upgrades and changes to the FS system over the years. This lets you take control of this powerful monster of an aircraft and really dominate the skies with the best possible quality of design and style.

This amazing new change to the system allows you to have far more control over the carrier than you may have in pervious aircraft simulators. Additionally, if you happen to work with Lockheed Martin then you may be happy to know that his been re-packed as an educational module for P3D, giving you even more control and versatility over the quality of the design. This takes the usual vanilla designs and improves upon them massively, giving you retro aircraft with modern features and quality to represent it perfectly.

Key Features

  • Comes with two totally fresh configurations – one that represents the very early 1980s designs, and one that looks after the late 1980s design giving you unique details, design facets and various other texture changes as well as some very basic profile changes and features. This gives you unprecedented control over what you are doing, making you feel like you have full control over what aircraft that you use

  • Provided are empty deck versions to give you a totally empty aircraft to fly, letting you concentrate more on your flying than the high and stunning quality of the overall design of the aircraft! Additionally, these changes to the deck

  • Made to work with full FSX acceleration as well as carrier operations compatibility giving you unprecedented control and style over what you are dealing with – this makes it much easier to get to grips with the vicious power and speed of your FSX accelerator

  • Advanced FLOS systems to give you a much better glide slope, as well as an audible SLO for maximum efficiency and performance

  • Advanced launch trigger included for realistic launch speed that is tailored to the individual aircraft, giving you a truly unique quality depending on what model you decide to use

  • Aircraft servicing vehicles are provided to give an extra level of realism while you use the aircraft, making sure that you get something that can really depict the true that way that the USS Enterprise once worked to such incredible levels of efficiency and power

  • Night operations lighting makes it easier to land and ensure that you do things properly – additionally, you get “rabbit” lights that flash in sequence to make the landing process feel as quick and as simple as it possibly can

  • Static aircraft on-deck such as a SH-3 Sea King and F-14 Tomcat to make the aircraft look better than it ever has – this adds a whole new atmosphere and life to the aircraft, providing you with something that really helps to blend and improve the quality of your flight experience and everything associated with it

  • A guard helicopter will fly alongside you in the form of a Sea King plane guard – this adds even more authenticity and style to the design giving you something approaching the quality and style that you need. Now you can fly around the globe and feel like you have company for the whole journey!

  • Additionally, you’ll have a guided missile destroyer roaming alongside you in the form of an “Adams” Class destroyer. Again, this helps to broaden the feel of what you are flying and make the fact that you are flying such a unique and expensive aircraft seem even more apparent

  • Hugely improved frame rate performance in FSX as it can handle the extra features and additions to the system a little better than P3D – although it’s fully compatible with both, for maximum performance you are best to use FSX

  • 16 carrier tracks are provided as well as a Yankee Station location with the empty 80s carrier

  • Flight files for simple carrier locating when you are flying around

This is one of the most authentic representations that we have of an aircraft carrier on SimShack. It helps us provide something that really looks the part, and makes it much easier for flight enthusiasts to take to the skies in something far more accommodating and bulky than your traditional aircraft. This makes learning and growing your experience when using the USS Enterprise far much easier.


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    Customer Reviews

    Rated 3.7/5.0 based on 6 customer reviews

    2/5 Verified Purchase
    2 of 5 Stars!

    I cant say if this software is good or bad because I never got to test it with my newly bought Vertical Reality Simulations, F/A-18E Superbug FSX fighting simulator. This, I tested just a little and it seems exellent. Anyhow, after I had downloaded and installed almost all recommended "tweaks" in the Uss Enterprice CVN-65 manual, my FSX reported in red text that some third-party software had done something, suggesting me not to continue. The F/A-18E Superbug also stopped working after that. Uninstalling suspected programs did not solve the problem.

    I will try to restore restore my PC with a recent copy of my hard-drive. I guess Uss Enterprice CVN-65 is not to blame, it is probably exellent. Probably something happend when I installed some of thouse third-party software. I dont know. I need to do some restoring now.

    2 of 5 Stars!

    I can't review this software yet as after down loading and installing, I could not get it to run for than a couple of minuets before the window would freeze, However I have now up graded my computer with a new quad core 3.5 GH2 processer which works OK. But before I down load the USS Enterprise again, I would like you to confirm that the game will run with FSX and not as a separate game from FSX ? As I would like to Position, Takeoff and Land , Any of the Aircraft from my FSX File.

    3 of 5 Stars!

    I am thinking of buying this add-on for P3D v3.3. But, at present I cannot make the P3D default carrier show a wake when using AI Carriers so I am reluctant to buy a carrier which does not show a wake on my set up.

    Can you please tell me what settings you use?

    I am using an i5 Intel processor with a Radeon HD6700 card at 1440 x 900 x 32 resolution.

    Thank you.

    5/5 Verified Purchase
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Using it in P3D V3.1 and is great..have no problems and runs very snooth, love the crew and the environment in the carriers.'Installation is simple and straight forward, the selection of the model is OK and gives variety, I use mainly the Darwin setup as I am in Australia and fly with Dino Cattaneo Boeing T45,

    regards Jorge

    5/5 Verified Purchase
    5 of 5 Stars!

    As a former fighter pilot (F104) I can tell that this is a fantastic realisation, congratulation, signed Guy

    5 of 5 Stars!

    GREAT Sim Ryan and Mike the best. Landing on that flight deck at night is Unbelievable. GET IT Greg

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