3D Real Cockpit Effect for FSX

3D Real Cockpit Effect for FSX3.9/5 13 reviews

For flight simulation fans, there usually comes a time when you feel a little bit jaded with what you have installed at present - after all, with so many addons out there it can become quite easy to be a little bit disillusioned with the whole thing after one hour too many with the same stuff. This is why the community is so well-regarded by other simulators and video games though; when something gets a bit dull for you, it's easy enough to change to something else entirely! Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition & Prepar3D
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This can free up a huge amount of time and patience for you, meaning that you can spend plenty more time dealing with the things that you believe actually matter, such as adding in new features, improving performance or just making the entire experience feel a bit more realistic. Whatever you decide upon, you will find that someone out there has had the same dream themselves and have created a truly emblematic mod that encapsulates everything that you were looking for. With some people, this will no doubt be the excellent 3D Real Cockpit Effect software by FSPS.

FSPS are widely recognized in the flight simulation community as a team of experts who provide third-party software that typically runs concurrently with the simulator itself. Typically, they create hardware that improves performance in some way but this mod is made to bring everything together far more realistically than before. By combining all of the most important factors of flying an aircraft from the cockpit into the one easy to use package, this can be the perfect solution for anyone who wants to see things go forward in the right direction.

This is a mod very much worth into further.

Why Use 3D Real Cockpit Effect?

The reasons for using the software really do range from person to person, but that's because there are simply so many benefits of picking up this software. This addition is more than the usual performance enhancers or code changers that make everything a bit more fluid, however; this is something that genuinely improves the entire experience from start to finish. This really one of those mods that, once you have installed it, you will be wondering what you were ever doing using FSX without it! It's a massively useful project that will keep you moving in the right direction, giving you all the help that you need to start really understanding how to fly an aircraft as you would in the real world.

However, the variety of changes that are made here will actually be re-creating the environment and feel of a cockpit. Rather than making new features or giving you more power over the aircraft, this mod works in a completely different way; instead, it gives you all the help that you need in learning effectively by adding all of the character quirks that make being inside a cockpit such a unique feeling in comparison with other vehicle types.

This recreates the vibrations of the cockpit perfectly, as well as making sure that you get all of those external factors that play a part in how you will react within the cockpit. It's these kinds of changes and subtle suggestions that you can use to make your aircraft much more fluid to fly. When you have all of those little kinds of features included, it becomes a whole lot easier to fly your aircraft and do so in the right manner. Add in the aesthetic appeal that this brings in abundance and you can get a truly emblematic experience.

The Benefits

The benefits of having this program installed go wide and far - from just seeing a massive difference from the first time you log into the cockpit, you will be able to notice many smaller benefits such as;

  • Your overall feeling as a real pilot will be far more authentic - if you want to make sure that you are taking off with confidence and that you feel totally at ease in the cockpit in the real world then you need to practice somewhere. This adds many sensations and considerations that you likely never have had until now, making it much easier to get to grips with

  • This package is incredibly small so despite the fact it brings such a comprehensive overhaul to proceedings, it adds a huge amount of entertainment and value to things. You'll be able to use all of the features that are available to you without having to push things too far, since the resource requirements are about as low as they could possibly get

  • This brings all of the realities of flying an aircraft to the forefront; with so many little additions included to heighten the realism, you can get a far more enjoyable and authentic education. Now you won't feel like you are looking at a simulation of a cockpit, you will feel every revelation and movement that you make as you would in the real world

  • You can give yourself the kind of help that you would be hoping for simply by messing around with the various settings inside - with this mod you will probably never have had as much control over the aircraft cockpit as you do now. You can change the intensity of the entire experience so that now you will have a cockpit that feels realistic to the most important person - you!

Key Features & Additions

  • The roll effect that has been included is absolutely awesome; now you can start to see the vibration that a cockpit would go through when you roll at the runway. The vibrations are recreated as accurately as they possibly can, using various sums and styles to get the feeling of the vibrations just right

  • The turbulence effect that you will feel when flying through clouds has been included, too. This reads the accuracy of each cloud to an impressive level of 0.3%, ensuring that you get something that feels just as it would. You can even change this feature to be more balanced or even more dramatic - it's entirely up to you

  • The wind turbulence that you get is another big thing, too. This will be a big part of your overall flight and this also lets you put the wind intensity up to either 0% right through to 200%, or double the normal strength. These changes make the overall flight experience absolutely massive

  • Rudders play a far more important role than ever before, too. Now the rudders are read in real-time and this makes sure that the correct calculations are made and reproduced in the right manner to get the right kind of performance from the aircraft. This can be inverted if you want to have the opposite rudder reacting to your actions - the customization provided in here is incredible

  • Spoilers now play a more intense role than ever before - like the rest of the features they can be altered totally to make sure that it feels just right to you. All of the features included ensure that you can get things going in the right path, giving you something truly enjoyable and something that could help you fly much better

Our Thoughts

As a way of making the entire thing feel far more realistic, we really could not have been more impressed than when we first started using this mod. It brings something different to the table; most mods will impress you with the way they accurately recreate aircraft or scenery, but this is something else entirely. It's got all of the power that you need to really get to grips with the overall improvements made. The first time we got into the aircraft after installation and took off we were genuinely quite blown away at the difference - it's not just minor, it's night and day.

Of course, we messed around with the settings to find the optimum result for us personally. We found that the most effective thing we could have done in terms of improving our overall performance levels was to try and make the entire thing as balanced as possible - however, even at the maximum settings we noticed no real changes to the performance. for us, this is hugely important as using a mod like this is only viable if it does not hamper the overall performance of your machine. We were delighted to see this was the case.

Overall, though, we noticed the incredible change to the textures and animations most prominently - this was not something that only benefitted one aircraft, either, it made a change to just about every one that we could be using! This was a big bonus for us as it became a bit tedious flying a mod aircraft that blew us away, then returning to the meager in comparison vanilla aircraft. These simple changes make a huge difference to the overall performance as you can get far more engaged in the overall process - if you want to see a big change  to how you fly, you need to give this a shot! 

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Customer Reviews

Rated 3.9/5.0 based on 13 customer reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

With this 3D Real Cockpit Effect, Flight Simulator Platform Solutions have delivered a truly remarkable add-on, that will systematically improve all of your flight experiences for the foreseeable future; this is one of those add-ons that you don't realize you've been missing until you try it. With this add-on installed, it will measure and calculate various external factors to accurately reproduce in cockpit vibrations that are so realistic you will be hard pressed to find a more immersive experience.

It is a very small but powerful package, compatible with Windows operating systems from XP through to Win 7 (32 and 64 bit) made specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration). Most computer setups that can handle FSX should have no trouble at all running this impressive add-on, without any negative effects to performance or frame rates.

As everyone has had different experiences, FSPS considered the fact that what one person sees as realistic, another might find either over or under-exaggerated. Hence, the inclusion of the option to change the intensity of the produced effects. The causes for these amazing cockpit vibrations are broken down into categories, so that you can tweak individual elements until you find a balance that feels right to you.

The roll effect comes in to play when taxiing or speeding down the runway, calculating vibrations based on the speed and weight of the aircraft. The touchdown effect is largely the same but also takes into account the hardness of the touchdown to ensure that experience feels unique. Cloud and wind turbulence also produce vibrations, taking into account the percentage of turbulence to an accuracy of 0.3%. Extending the spoiler, and operating the rudders while on the ground or in the air, will also generate cockpit vibrations based on varying factors.

As impressive as certain aircraft models are, with textures and animations that boost both visual accuracy and realism, there is not one that couldn't benefit from this add-on; adding a level of realism to the cockpit experience that hopefully, will one day become the new standard. Until then, Flight Simulator Platform Solutions have us covered.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

This download was both easy to download & install without any complicated procedures using the self install. The desktop short cut takes you straight in to the program to make your own personal adjustments. There is the introduction of flight deck movement in this program whilst viewing from inside the cockpit if you are a user of the cockpit avionics on the flight deck. If you are a user like me using monitors displaying your avionics and external camera views outside the front of the flight deck there is no advantage to the program add on. But I agree a great improvement for the simmer adding that extra flight deck movement of rattle & roll, I've not yet found the effect flying through clouds as described, but I'm sure its there somewhere. For the £5.41 GBP price tag its a winner and a great little add on. My advice is, go on and treat yourself to this inexpensive software add on it makes a great buy.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

Just purchased this and had problems downloading because I was missing FSUIPC and the FSPS team got back to me immediately to walk me through what I needed to do, got it working right and love it! This is one of those products that you don't know you were missing in the flight sim experience until you install it!! So cool! My only recommendation is turning down from 100% to about 35% on cockpit roll effect to be more realistic. I have a lot of hours in a 152 so just gauged it from experience. Great product at a low cost!

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

For the price this is a great addition to the Cockpit experience. I designed the blue lighting for the default 737 (and others) to add a bit more realism to night flying, and that's what this app does. To be fair I paid less than £5 Sterling and wouldn't have paid more. It works just fine and was simple to install as it comes with auto installer so there's no searching for files and folders. All in all a good inexpensive addition.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

One of the best quality addon at the lower price possible! Works great here with Prepar3D 3.1! it adds more shaking fly and bumping runway effects than others utility on the market. Easy to install, no frame rate affect, great, great product at very low price, this is without dubt a MUST HAVE for everyone who add realism at the flat default dynamics flyght!

1/5 Verified Purchase
1 of 5 Stars!

(This is all on FSX: Steam) I don't know if this is a scam, I bought this and downloaded it just fine, then I realised I haven't linked it with my sim, then I went back through the manual and I was told to BUY FSUIPC. Then when I went to go see if I could contact support, the application just disappears from my computer. Very disappointed with this purchase.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

An incredible add-on! It has the best camera shake I have ever seen, and the roll sound effects are perfect. Coming in at a fraction of the price of similar mods, it is a perfect investment. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants more realism in the cockpit.

2 of 5 Stars!

It is alright but for greater effect on looks, get EZDOK. This is almost the same thing when it comes to effects but with EZDOK it's a lot more noticable especially with turbulence effects. Long story short, this is a cheaper less obvious version of EZDOK.

1/5 Verified Purchase
1 of 5 Stars!

It's not compatible with EzDock, making it useless if you rely on these tools. If you try to use it with EzDock, the camera will do strange things no matter how you set up either program.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

I will give you as a five but it not work for fsx steam so it abit bad but this thing is very cheap for someone who want for the cheapest price this is where you can get

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

IS the best add-on I ever bought for fsx,It's simply does its job.For this low price it make you to fell 100 times better when you play fsx

3 of 5 Stars!

I read: Works great here with Prepar3D 3.1! Could you guys at SIMSHACK please confirm as I run both FSX and P3D3

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

You have to purchase FSUIPC, and it's a problem for Steam user

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