Boeing 747 Panel for FSX/P3D

Boeing 747 Panel for FSX/P3D

One of the most challenging parts of getting used to using a flight simulator comes from the lack of familiarity with the panels. Should you compare the panels of an aircraft to the FSX standard, it can be quite tough to get used to the changes and alterations from aircraft to aircraft. However, with this wonderful panel modification, these problems can become a thing of the past quite quickly. Read more...

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Indeed, thanks to the new features brought to life in here, it’s never been easier to get this aircraft precisely where it should be, introducing everything you need for realism.

What’s Included?

Everything which has been added into this package is delivered to run quickly and easily with FSX and P3D, respectively. It comes with various documentation included, also, which has been provided in easy to understand English which offers you over 100 pages of reading and education.

It also comes with a grouping of misc. documents, designed to give you the perfect avenue forward with JPEG pictured, calculation sheets and much more. Now, you can easily plan out your flight whilst mastering the intricacies of the cockpit!

What’s New?

  • Introducing a fresh new landing window which gives you a head-up window instead of the original style. This is far better for landing and approaching.

  • A new large window for PDF, MDF and MCP views. This is very useful – you simply need to click on the window to reduce/enlarge it.

  • A new multi-screen addition has been brought together, too. This gives you a much better quality of view due to preceding, as views are now split up so that panels can be looked at independently. This can be very useful for ensuring you are on the right path when flying.

  • The yoke also moves now, which can be a very useful little feature to help you stay on trick. It now uses right/left turning and push down/pull up features, too!

  • Taxi speeds have been rightfully adjusted and improved to ensure that the aircraft moves at a specified speed in airports.

  • Traffic is now properly displayed on your MFD panel, too. This looks much better and works in accordance with both the zoom of the map and the parameters set in your TCAS page on the FMC. Sounds are played in accordance with the situations offered by the TA or RA, such as increasing or decrease climbing.

  • Also, this gives you access to the standard Boeing 747-400 aircraft panels which ensures you will have the panel, the gauges and the .cfg files needed for safe and accurate usage. This utilizes the characteristics of the 747-8, though, to give you a more robust experience.

This modification does everything it can to promote and improve the overall enjoyment you get from flying this aircraft. This is no more noticeable than when looking at the general characteristics, with kneeboard checklists which are easily readable as you fly.

Note: This works best with anything above 1024 x 768 x 32 resolutions. Anything lower can reduce visibility and performance to a level that actively hampers enjoyment.

Audio Improvement

When using the audio enhancement of this modification, you will greatly notice the vibrancy and life of the aircraft seems to improve massively. By having all of the pre-requisite noises howling into the aircraft cockpit as you fly from the different switches being used in the aircraft, you’ll notice a much better level of performance in general thanks to this.

Now, you can easily tell what is working – and what is not – simply by the sounds transmitted. This is improved further by the use of features like the Co-Pilot who has been included. This automatically responds with information which has been scripted, giving you access to up-to-date information on everything from gears and flaps moving to the performance of the aircraft in accordance to the details of the checklist provided.

To make the most of these new audio improvements, you simply need to have the software installed. This needs no other extras to work properly. It merely needs you to invest in the time and position needed to install the software, and have a fully working representative of the aircraft.

New views

As discussed, this introduces fresh and exciting new panels that all operate and move as if they were being used in real-life. Here are just some of the new functions and features which have been introduced;

  • New APU and external power switches which sound excellent when turned on.

  • Generator switches, one for each of the engines meaning that you can disconnect each generator individually from the cockpit with relative ease.

  • Fuel valve switches which are designed to give you total operational control over the flight, as well as the flow of fuel into the engines as you fly around.

  • Fuel control to make sure you don’t go too crazy – these can be used to select one – or more – fuel tanks. Then, you can pick from CENTRE-CENTRE3 choices or even go with the lateral tanks, if you choose. Also have access to a FUEL EMERGENCY switch which can be very useful.

  • New START knobs, 3-4 which have been hidden. Also a new auto-start feature which has been requested.

  • Pressurization switches – these are merely for fun!

  • New air conditioning switch to give you full control over the flight and the cockpit in general.

  • A new ECS Bleed Air, which allows you to start up the engines when everything here has been correctly positioned.

  • EICAS lower windows report and display the positions of all overhead switches, if needed.

FMC Alterations

This service makes it easier than ever to control and manage your aircraft, giving you simple and easy access to various alterations thanks to the Flight Management Computer. This contains a wild array of new features which will greatly improve your overall control and performance of the flight. This includes fresh new changes such as;

  • The ability to load up and then follow any FSX-created flight plan both horizontally and vertically in accordance with chosen speeds. However, this can also be used to give you flight plans created in third party software from other FP creators.

  • Flight plans can change when you are flying, and if you have to do this you can easily do so without any conflict or problems.

  • Manage take-off thrusts and climb thrusts via your TOGA, MAX THRUST and AUTOMATIC in accordance with your economic index and your weather parameters in total.

  • Also, you need to calculate your optimum V1, VR and V2 systems to help you pick cruise speeds in accordance to the cruise altitudes, helping you become a more rounded pilot.

  • Control the vertical navigation of your flight when using various functions such as climbing, cruising or descending when looking at the right economic speeds and altitudes as well as TRANSIT and RESTRICTED speeds and altitudes accordingly.

  • Manage your function cruise economically, ensuring that when fuel is used and weight is lost that your aircraft can manage itself properly to user-defined or ICAO provided values.

  • Manage the HOLD function of the aircraft on specific positions or programmed altitudes, meaning that you can easily manage the flight from your cockpit chair!

However, this modification also does a great job of providing you with details from various other key factors such as;

  • ATC – Flight numbers, aircraft IDs etc.

  • VNAV – Speeds and altitudes.

  • LEGS – The giving for each waypoint such as distance/altitude/heading in particular.

  • PROGRESS – The flight progress in accordance to the waypoints. Checks ETA until arrival at the destination that’s been provided.

  • APPROACH SPED – A very useful detail about your flap settings, allowing you to come in during the correct speed limits.

  • NAV – Make your life much easier with radios, active and standby, as well as OBS and radials along the way.

  • COMM – Radios, active and standby, along with ADF and transponders for the utmost accuracy possible.

  • POSITION – A hugely useful system that improves your overall aircraft control, giving you an easy way of managing both control of the departure airport and the positions of key Inertial Reference Systems.

Furthermore, this easily gives you control of other key factors of flying such as;

  • Data entry directly into all of the function pages, meaning that you can control and retrieve VOR, ILS and COMM radio codes.

  • Follow both APPROACH and TRANSITION features with ease as they have been described above.

  • Change brightness of all displays to be adjusted for night flights on both the FMC and Primary Flight Display systems, along with EICA Upper & Lower systems.

  • Allow your aircraft to be flown manually, ensuring that the route has not been activated in any way.

  • Retrieve alternative airports depending on features such as airport distance and the length of the runway provided.

  • A fully automatic auto-land feature from the ILS capture right through to the full stop which is on the runway.

Note: Please be aware that this modification CANNOT create flight plans directly. Instead, you will need to use third party software to do this on your own.

New Windows

A whole host of new windows have been introduced when you are using this mod to improve your overall comprehension and control over the cockpit. This includes key changes and improvements such as the Primary Flight Display and the Multi-Function Display. Some of the main changes implemented in this modification include features like;

  • V1, VR and V2 speeds which have been accurately calculated by the FMC features. This gives you all the details that you need from the PDF. This includes changes such as Flaps Retraction Speeds which is indicated in the flap retraction speeds for both current and previous flap positions respectively.

  • Minimum maneuvering speeds have also been included to show you the margin of maneuvering before a stall is likely to occur.

  • Minimum Descent Altitudes are displayed in green, ensuring that you can stay on the right path to avoid hitting the artificial horizon. This can be adjusted simply by using the upper left button on the EFIS panel – brightness can then be adjusted in kind.

  • MFD changes include giving you all the details that you need about the TRAFFIC, FLIGHTPLAN, MAP, COMMS, TERRAIN and NAV radios. Also, you’ll get details about clouds and various other minimal details to help make the flight more detailed and authentic.

  • Also, get access to NAVs, NDBs, ILSs, airports and alternative airports as well as flight plans and waypoints. You can even display the clouds and the 3 IRS positions for a bit of extra fun if you please! Struggling to see? Then up the brightness using the added feature.

Managing TCAS

Managing the TCAS system is one of the most effective features which has been included, too. You will have full access to TCAS systems such as Gamin and Honeywell, ensuring that you can make use of each of their unique and personal characteristics depending on the aircraft type itself. These changes are adapted given we will be using a larger aircraft;

  • This includes fresh changes such as TCAS operations when you are “in air aircraft” which has been selected from the FMC TCAS page 3, and when the TCAS has been made operational.

  • The MFD system displays at least 5 first aircraft which have been utilizing specific characteristics in an area of up to 43 mile around your aircraft. This can be edited up to a number of 50 using the FSX limitations and parameters.

  • When you go over these limitations, you will be provided with two options – Traffic Advisory, or Resolution Advisory. These give you time to react to any incoming incidents, making sure that you will never be blindsided as you fly or you will never be surprised by the aircraft which are out there in the skies with you.

  • Also, please note that the throttle has been included which gives you commands for all four engines. It also gives you features such as pitch adjustments, rudders and spoilers, SEATBELTS and even no smoking switches!

  • Lastly, you will have access to the fully moving yoke and pedals, giving you the right movement angles and styles.

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