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Microsoft Flight Simulator X & Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D
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Just Flight's fantastic recreation of the Hawker 800XP is a must have for anyone with high-power business executives on their frequent flyer list. Available as an immediate download for use in Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D, this add-on package comes with all the features and attention to detail that Just Flight so often delivers.

This mid-size twin engine corporate aircraft balances both modern and conventional features, while its performance capabilities make it ideal for both long and short haul flights. Considering we can't always commit several hours to a one session, it's nice to have a high end aircraft to use for short sessions too.

The highly accurate 3D model was created using drawings and plans of the real aircraft, so you can be absolutely sure that your 800XP is as close to the real possible. The exterior of the aircraft is adorned with a vast array of animations and lineaments that add both more eye candy and more realism to your experience; Just Flight even went as far as to replicate the effects of the low-glare composite materials used on the cockpit glass.

Also including is a very complex and intricate main landing gear animation, air-brakes, reverse thrust buckets and more; everything is in place to ensure that you remain immersed in the experience, with no jarring imperfections or missing details to jolt you out of it.

With seven liveries to choose from, including FedEx and TalonAir, you can be certain that one of these liveries will suit your tastes. On the other hand, you could always use the included PSD paint kit to design your own liveries, and fly a completely unique 800XP that suits you perfectly, and adds the finishing touch to a fantastic visual experience.  

Similarly, the interior environment boasts a hefty amount of sensational features. The virtual cockpit is fully functional, with almost everything animated and operational, and all the equipment you need is on hand to ensure that you can get your passengers to their destination safely and promptly. The use of 'baked' textures gives the cockpit a warm look that represents an aircraft that's seen use but is well maintained, while dramatic night lighting can be used to great effect during long dark flights.

This is a brilliant aircraft with a ton of fantastic features, all coming together to create a compelling and fun experience that everyone should take the time to enjoy.

Manufacturers Description

A direct development of the well-known BAe 125, the Hawker 800XP incorporates many improvements over the 125 series, from more powerful engines to redesigned cockpit glazing. The 800XP first flew in June 1983 and remains a favourite with private and executive jet charter companies.

This Just Flight 800XP is modelled on a typical specification for the type, with a good mix of 'glass cockpit' and conventional instrumentation. It's a perfect choice for both long and short flights - its forgiving nature and superb performance will give you hours of enjoyable flying!


  • Highly accurate model, built over drawings and plans of the real aircraft
  • Animated flying surfaces, landing gear, doors, hatches and airbrakes
  • Correctly modelled three-stage slotted flaps and airbrakes/spoilers with detailed flap actuators and rams
  • Highly detailed and accurately animated main landing gear with complex locking triggers and struts, hydraulic lines and brake systems, realistic suspension and accurate retraction routines including the 'fighter' style main doors
  • Realistic animated pilots
  • Animated reverse thrust buckets on the rear of the engines
  • A comprehensive set of ground security equipment accompanies the model including chocks, pre-flight flags, probe sheaths and much more
  • Switchable detailed ground power unit
  • Cockpit glazing is specially textured to replicate the low-glare composite materials and the special silica gel cockpit side windows
  • Fully modelled entry door with folding rails and full night lighting
  • Lighting and special effects include strobes, beacon and nav lights, landing lights correctly modelled into the leading edges of the wings and ice inspection lights in the wing-roots

7 liveries

  • N72FC - Best Aviation Inc
  • JFL - Just Flight Special
  • LY-FSK - Aurela
  • GEIV - Special Flight Inspection Group (Brazilian Air Force)
  • N324TC - FedEx
  • N627AK - Talon Air
  • N847CW - Flight Options

Virtual Cockpit

  • 'Baked' textures create a warm, used look to the cockpit area and controls without too much wear, reflecting the relatively new, well-maintained nature of the aircraft
  • Fully functional with nearly all switches, knobs and levers animated and functional
  • Panel featuring a mix of 'glass' and 'steam' gauges
  • Authentic gauges and navigational equipment, including Honeywell MFDs and PFDs
  • Fully animated overhead panels with rocker switches and push buttons
  • Fully functional autopilot
  • A radio suite featuring DME, NAV, ADF, COMMS and Transponder
  • Toggles for ground equipment and ground power unit
  • Functional annunciators for all major engine and flight systems
  • Dramatic night lighting effects for the instruments and panels
  • A fully modelled interior cabin with luxury leather and polished timber, carpet and fittings
  • A galley with microwave and a washroom with basin and opening toilet
  • Special camera views to provide you with easy access to all areas of the cabin
  • A female passenger figure is seated in one of the comfortable cabin armchairs

FMC (Flight Management Computer)

800XP BizJet has a custom-coded Flight Management Computer (FMC) featuring:

  • Flight Plan pages: load and activate pre-made FSX flight plans without having to leave the cockpit; track the route, get an overview about distances and arrival times to the next waypoint en route and your destination
  • Modify your route and save it
  • Cockpit Navigator pages: easily switch (open/hide) panels via the FMC
  • Checklist pages: Access checklists and work them off with FMC help, showing you matches/mismatches between required checklist items and current aircraft settings. Only when all aircraft settings match the checklist requirements will the checklist will be completed and closed.
  • Aircraft/ flight status page, showing date/time, coordinates and some general aircraft information on one glance (flaps status, gear status, fuel status, lights etc.)
  • The FMC can hold two flight plans - an active flight plan and a standby flight plan. You can load a flight plan direct as the active flight plan (for immediate use) or you can load it as standby flight plan and set it active later. You can have an active and a standby flight plan loaded at the same time, so that you have an alternate route in case you need to change plans. With both flight plans you can add and remove waypoints.

Other features

  • Highly accurate flight dynamics closely simulate the real aircraft performance
  • Lighting and effects including strobes, recognition and navigation lights
  • Professional-standard stereo sound set delivers the full force of the two Garrett TFE731 engines

Paint Kit

A layered PSD paint kit is included, featuring individual layers for weathering and detail (Photoshop or similar software required).

Just Flight

About Just Flight

Based in the United Kingdom, Just Flight, owned by Mastertronic Group has been in the simulation business since the early days of FS2000.  Developing in-house creations and publishing flight sim add-ons from third-party developers for various platforms including MSFS, X-Plane, and Prepar3D.

Their latest focus has been on the next-gen platforms including P3Dv5 and Microsoft's latest flight simulator, MSFS (2020) release.

Trusted by thousands of flight simmers worldwide, Just Flight is a household name in flight simulation.

View all products/add-ons by Just Flight.

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3 of 5 Stars!

I am looking for an Hawker 800 xp and stumbled on this one you sell. I have a few questions. What year was this released? Does it work with MSFS 2020? I am mostly interested in the cockpit being fully functional for training, can you say that it is? Does the APU function?

Thanks for your time

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