Airbus A330/A340 Family v2 for FSX

Airbus A330/A340 Family v2 for FSX3.0/5 2 reviews

Now available for immediate download, the Airbus A330/A340 Family for Flight Simulator X! This product, developed by AFS-design, is an incredibly detailed and accurate rendition of the Airbus A330/A340 Family. Read more...

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The Airbus A340 is a four engined wide body aircraft, and all are produced by the famous Airbus Industries. Each model in the Airbus Family software contains a fully functional cockpit, complete with two primar flight displays and two multifunctional displays. There are two switchable EICAS displays, including high definition dispalys for FUEL, ENGINE, DOOR and MAP.

The center console contains FMC as well as radio controls with transponders, trim wheel, throttle and engine control. An upper panel contains about 100 real deposited switches. There are both seatbelt and no smoking signs that feature acoustic sound, giving you the feel of actually being on an aircraft.

The detailed autopilot features ILS, FD, ALT, VS, HDG, NAV SPeeD, Mach, and much more! The 2D panel has a high resolution at 1280 by 720 pixels, and a 3D panel has a high-resolution of about 1024 by 1024, complete with photorealistic textures. Other features of the Airbus Family software include detailed interior and exterior models, including a virtual cockpit with a helpful and friendly co pilot.

There are great animations in the external model, including flaps, slats, spoilers, three cabin doors and two hatches, as well as other animated gear. There is extensive lighting in the software, including effects on the windows such as reflections on the side of the aircraft. There are also detailed exterior lights, including beacons, strobes, navigation, landing and taxi lights.

The virtual cockpit includes panel lights, window reflections and highly detailed avionics for radio navigation. The combined effect is an engaging and satisfying simulation that make the Airbus Family software addictive and exciting to play!

Like many aircraft of a certain vintage, the Airbus A330-A340 family of aircraft have long been respected and heralded by both users and fans of the series. With this latest release from AFS-design, you finally gain access to a brilliant remake of the Airbus A330-A340 family of aircraft, renowned for their style and charm.

This twin-engine, wide-body aircraft (A340) has always held that respect and craft within the Airbus family, having been a major part of the Airbus line for more than a considerable length of time. However, the A330 airbus has been in use for more than two decades due to their effective nature across many different lines of work and this has made them become an aircraft which is still in service – and with good reason.

Both the A330 and A340 are well worth trying out and thanks to the benefits and features which are included here with this mod that has become easier than ever before. One of the most significant factors included with these mods, though, has been the attention to detail.

AFS-design have really gone the extra mile to capture that beauty and style that makes an aircraft so sweet to fly, making sure they accompany ever needed feature with a range of extras that improve the realism and overall enjoyment of every moment spent in the cockpit of these fine aircraft.

Cockpit Features

Like any good aircraft, the cockpit is where you will do most of your best work – and with this mod, making that distinction is easier than it’s ever been before. Some of the main changes and improvements which are included within the fully functional cockpit – across all models – will include;

  • Two of your most powerful features – the Primary Flight Display, and the Multi-function Display. These are critical to your safe flight and performance, and both are included in some detail.

  • Two totally switchable EICAS displays which are made to ensure you can stay on the right path whilst also making it much easier to manage the entire flight with ease.

  • The main EICAS displays that you now have access to will include FUEL, ENGINE, DOORS and MAP features for review.

  • Central console is included to make sure that you have full control over your FMC, this means having use of things like transponders, trim wheels, throttles and engine control for your own management moving forward.

  • A simple and effective system that you can rely upon to ensure you can fly at your best, this has an upper panel with around 100 real and deposited switches, making it easier to stay in command of your flight and make the right decision more often than not!

  • Autopilot features include systems such as ILS, FD, ALT, VS, HDG, NAV, SpeeD, Mach, Loc, Autho-throttle and QNH. These make a huge difference in your overall control and management of the autopilot system that is provided.

  • Seatbelts and no smoking signs are included, complete with that awesome acoustic sound, to help bring the whole thing together and make your general approach to the cockpit more reasoned.

  • 2D panels that carry the right look and feel with the most excellence possible, provided in a clear 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.

  • 3D panels that are clear to see with 1024 X 1024 pixel resolution designs used to help make them clearer than ever to read.

The Flight Management Computer

A major element of strong and effective flight management today comes from the hardware that you utilize as much as anything else. With this latest Airbus mod, you will be making use of a fresh new approach to the FMC; Flight Managing Computer. Some of the major features included are;

  • Fifteen different menus to traverse to make sure you are always on the verge of making the right decisions and supporting your aircraft in the most detailed manner that’s possible.

  • Have access to the best gauges including a gauge of the miscellaneous flight parameter. This can be a godsend in the middle of a tricky flight and will become a value flight ally in time.

  • Usage of flight plans is also improved drastically by this FMC system. Flight plans make sure you are never behind and that you always have a genuine avenue to follow to try and find your chosen destination.

  • Make it easy to calculate courses utilizing analogical wind, high levels as well as aerodrome of destination. This is a simple and effective tactic that will significantly improve your overall flight strength and comprehension.

  • A massive benefit of this aircraft is that it allows you to ow easily follow on with waypoints and ensure you never need to fall behind as you fly to your course.

  • Course gauging and autopilot control is something that you will really need to follow and understand if you wish to be a strong pilot, and this FMC system makes it easier than ever to follow with.

Other Details

Aside from having a fully operational cockpit and a new FMC which has been designed to deliver the utmost levels of performance and realism, this package comes with many other extra features to improve your enjoyment of the service, including details like;

  • A massively detailed external and internal model. This takes into account all of the real-life features, quirks and strengths of the real model to really capture it and give you something far more engaging. This includes a virtual cockpit complete with a friendly co-pilot who will help you throughout the flight!

  • Animations utilized on the model are also applied to the exterior to help make it feel even more alive. This includes changes to the models animations for things such as slats, spoilers, cabin doors, hatches and even the gears to provide the utmost level of detail and animation throughout.

  • Exterior lighting has been changed and improved to make sure it delivers something that really makes visibility much easier to come across. For example, you will have access to exterior lighting on the beacons, strobes, navigation, landing and taxi lights to really make sure you can see where you’re headed.

  • Virtual cockpits have become such a key element of a good flight simulation experience, and the virtual cockpit here is made to really look the part. With window reflections and highly detailed, fresh avionics combining to give you the perfect balance, this virtual cockpit really does help you settle in.

  • Another major benefit with this modification is the inclusion of the FMC panel and the GPS panels – although detailed above, they are some of the most major elements of strong flight styles and this will really help you stay on target when you are flying, with your most valuable tools at the ready.

  • One other key bonus that you receive from this modification is the use of an engine thrust reverser which includes animations and realistic, genuine flight dynamics. These do a great job of helping you to capture what really makes your aircraft feel the most authentic they can.

  • All models come with an ATC-ID sign as well as well-designed cockpits and exterior models. These small minor features really do help to set the tone of the aircraft, making it feel as realistic inside as it possibly can whilst really giving you the right kind of vibe and features.

  • Fresh new recorded sounds that come from the original Rolls Royce Trend 900 engine has been included to really give it that extra volume and strength. Now the aircraft does not only just look like its real-life counterpart, it carries the same sounds that make it so enjoyable to fly!

  • The interior textures are greatly changed, too. With new textures that utilize night lighting, specular shine and Alpha tech to make them look the best that they can, you can easily enjoy a more authentic flight that does all it can to inject you into the atmosphere you would expect.

Included Models

In this package you get access to a wide range of excellent changes and features for each model. The models included in here include the following Airbus styles;

  • AIRBUS A330 - 200
  • AIRBUS A330 - 300
  • AIRBUS A340 - 200
  • AIRBUS A340 - 300
  • AIRBUS A340 - 500
  • AIRBUS A340 - 600
  • Also includes the Airbus A330 cabin interior model

Included Liveries

Within the range of extra features you also get access to some truly professionally designed liveries. Some of these liveries include key bonuses and extras which include the following designs;

  • Industrie House A330-200/300 A340-200/300/500/600
  • Air Berlin A330-300 A340-300
  • Lufthansa A330-300 A340-300/500/600
  • Swiss International A330-300 A340-300/500/600
  • Air France A330-200 A340-200/500/600
  • LAN Airlines A330-300 A340-300
  • United Airlines A330-200 A340-200
  • US Airways A330-300 A340-300
  • China Airlines A330-300 A340-300
  • British Airways A330-200 A340-300/500/600
  • Qantas A330-300 A340-300/500/600
  • Emirates Airline A330-300 A340-300/500/600
  • Virgin Atlantic A330-300 A340-300/500/600
  • Korean Air A330-200 A340-200
  • Malaysia A330-200 A340-200
  • Quatar Airways A330-200 A340-200
  • Thai Tailand A330-200/300 A340-200/300/500/600
  • Singapore Airlines A330-200 A340-200
  • This also comes with some excellent ground paint textures for the following; A330-200 A340-200
  • Additionally, you get access to some wonderful Repaint-textures which include; A330-200/300 A340-200/300/500/600

Note: All models come with a fully functional clock included.

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Customer Reviews

Rated 3.0/5.0 based on 2 customer reviews

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

I bought this and downloaded it last weekend and it is an extremely good product. I found it challenging to fly and at the same time I found it to be 'gamey' so it should keep everyone happy.

Graphics wise, it looks exceptional on a normal 1080p HD Monitor but in 4K, everything about it is outstanding - and I'm guessing it wasn't developed around 4K UHD!

I think it was brilliant value for money.

1/5 Verified Purchase
1 of 5 Stars!

Nothing but a fs9 port over and with really bad graphics on exterior and the VC is the worse. Sorry but I've deleted the installation and will not reinstall.

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