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When flying around the flight simulator of your choice, it’s always nice to have things looking a little bit more realistic. Although the simulators themselves do the best job possible with the time that they have, there are many parts of the world that feel a little bit barren. At Simshack, we deliver a wide range of far-reaching scenery packages that help liven up the world; whether its cities, landscapes or both you will find that making the world feel a little bit more realistic is incredibly simple.

We offer both downloaded and boxed packages, ensuring that you have access to enriching supplementary products that will make the whole experience feel that little bit more engaging and realistic.

In this category, we’ll give you access to plenty of unique scenery add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, helping to make the place feel far more realistic. The available packages cover everything from smaller parts of the world and regions to compete packages that cover an entire country with fresh, photorealistic scenery.

This helps to build up the atmosphere and ensure that you have something that feels truly engaging and realistic.

With so much choice to pick from you might find that getting the right package for you is a challenge, but we cover all of the main names within FSX scenery generation and creation to give you the finest selection of choice possible. This makes a huge difference overall, giving you an engaging new take on the landscape as well as the aircraft.

These packages all cover things like airports, too, so if you want the local airport to feel a little bit more authentic and to be closer to the real thing the packages found inside here will help you do just that. 


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