Sound Library Developers Edition

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Sound Library Developers Edition

What make a good payware mission near perfect is not only a good mission script.  You will need some great voice overs made by real pro human actors.  The time for robotic text to speach voices are over.  At this price and with the licence to use them in your own payware missions, you just can't let this offer pass you by.

Sound Library - Developers Edition is a state of the art sound related product.

With this product you get a total of 95 unique and never before heard sound effects to use for your flight simulator related developement.

Maybe you always wanted to make great missions for Flight Simulator X, but simply did not have the time or money to have a top pro company make the sound effects for you.

With Sound Library you get sound effects of captain, copilot, atc crew, and cabin crew talking in such a high quality that you will be amazed, assured.

The creator of these sound effects has made sound effects for Playstation, Xbox, CNN etc, even the good old Flight Simulator 2004.


  • 95 high quality sound effects.
  • ATC related sound effects
  • Takeoff and landing related sound effects
  • Small talk in the cockpit, sound effects
  • Cabin crew callouts, sound effects.
  • Flight Parameters sound effects
  • Save 15% of the coming audio packs
  • And a whole lot more included

Best used in Emergency missions.

These sound effects can be used in what ever program you want as long as the program can add custom sound effects to it.

For home use you can do just about any thing with it.

But if you want to use the files in payware products, it is recommended to use them for mission creations that deals with emergencys.

Packs for other categories coming soon.

This is a low price to pay for such a high quality sound library.  You would have to pay close to USD 1000 for this amount of audio files.  AeroFiles has done this part for you and has the licence to the files.  Because of this we are able to sell it to you at a low price.

Just make sure that you read the terms of useto be sure you follow the licence agreement to the uttermost end.

We don't require a payment for each sold product that has our sound effects in them.

We only require that you do as mentioned in the document, which ain't that much to ask for.

There is a catch to this nice product, but nothing out of the ordinary.  You may only use these sound effects for payware products, and not freeware.  You must include credit to AeroFiles for the sound effects in some document that comes with your product.

If you would like us to make a specific package for the future, with specific sound effects, please do let us know, and we will make it happen.

This is the base package.  The coming packages will be even cheaper.

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