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Runway Bumping Effect for FSX/FS2004/Prepar3D

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Runway Bumping Effect for FSX/FS2004/Prepar3D
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004 & Prepar3D
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If you're like me, you want to be able to run everything at maximum settings, especially something like Prepar3D. Unfortunately, not everyone has the kind of computer that can accommodate such desires, with expensive video cards and a ton of ram. Often people will try various tweaks and experiment with overclocking to squeeze everything they can out of their rig, in an effort to get the best simulator experience they can with the hardware that they have. While this can sometimes help, not everyone is savvy enough to be able to do so. That is where something like this comes into play.

The dedicated team at Flight Simulator Platform Solutions have created the FSPS Prepar3D Performance Booster, that can drastically improve your computers performance and by extension, the performance of Prepar3D. It works by analyzing your entire system to get its exact specifications, and tweaks small things here and there to boost overall performance. It doesn't matter what kind of setup you already have, high-end or low-end, as the program will make personalized changes based on your unique system alone.

Offering a boost to frame rate anywhere between 30% and a whopping 200% and better control of high resolution textures as well as getting rid of any blurry ones. Also allowing for other graphical boosts like extra LOD radius and an overall smoothness that you couldn't have achieved before hand without spending money on expensive hardware upgrades. While in full support of Direct X 10, it requires SP2 and NET Framework 3.5 or higher be installed on your system, prior to the installation of this program.

Whether you're a regular overclocker or have never changed a setting on your computer, you don't need to worry about making any changes or tweaks yourself unless you want to, since everything is done in the background. But with a clean and well organized interface, making adjustments yourself is nice and straight forward. Since the program is only 14 MB, it won't be contributing to any unwanted stress on your machine. On top of everything else, FSPS offers free upgrades with this product, to ensure that your computer will keep running Prepar3D to the best of its ability.

Manufacturers Description

This unique utility from Flight Simulator Platform Solutions will provide realistic runway bump effects to your flight simulation package.

Did you ever think that when rolling for takeoff, Flight Simulator is too... quiet? That the takeoff roll is not realistic at all?

Remembering your actual real life flights, you recall that when the airplane was accelerating on the runway a large "bump" was heard and a shaking occurred. That is happening due to the Runway Center Lighting system, small lights with their covers that are placed on the center of the runway at standard intervals (usually 15m): 

The nose gear is passing over those little objects, but combined with speed, weight and the shape of the aircraft the sound and vibrating effect is something you can't miss. 

FSPS now adds a new kind of realism in your flights on Flight Simulator series! 

Runway Bumping Effect is an add-on that calculates exactly your nose gear position, the center of the runway, your speed and the lights position and gives you back audio and visual effect! If you pass over the center of the runway you can't miss it. If you go and roll a bit to the left or to the right of the center-line you will miss it. (Like how real pilots do occasionally in order to avoid the sound and the vibration). 

When calculating if the nose gear is actually on the runway or not, you will hear and visualize the effect only during "nose gear on the ground" conditions, just to add more realism! 

The effect is given by audio by hearing a "bump" sound every time you pass over a central light and visually by creating a slight aircraft movement (rising and lowering the nose - pitch effect ) each time too. 

You can adjust most parameters of the effect yourself to cover your needs also: The distance between each light, the width of the lights, the volume, the pitch, and save them under a profile for future use. 

Combined with a camera head moving software (i.e. Ezdok camera ©) your FS takeoffs and landings will never be the same again! 

In order to install the FS Runway Bump you will need: 

  • Windows: XP SP3 / Vista / Win 7 - 32 or 64 bit
  • Flight Simulator X / ESP / Prepar3D / Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9)
  • Mircosoft's NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and above
  • Latest Version of FSUIPC by Peter Dowson (for FSX or FS9, registration not necessary - unregistered version is enough http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html to download)
  • Up and running internet connection for the validation of the product.
  • PDF viewer application for reading the manual.
  • The software uses the FSUIPCClient.dll by Paul Henry to communicate with FSUIPC / FS .


One installation at only one PC at any given time. (Checked via online validation after every installation.) 

The software is WideFS Compatible.

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