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Runway Bumping Effect for FSX/FS2004/Prepar3D

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition logoThis addon is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It should also work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. Some developers have explicitly stated compatibilty with Steam Edition but others haven't. Check the product description below for guaranteed compatibility. Just because it doesn't mention it, this does not mean it will not work with the Steam Edition.
Runway Bumping Effect for FSX/FS2004/Prepar3D
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition / 2004 & Prepar3D
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Anyone who has been using FSX with any real depth or knowledge will no doubt be aware that using a flight simulator can be hard work – after all, there’s so much to learn and manage. One thing that has always stood out as a little easy for some, though, has been the way that runways are dealt with.

Having always been a real obstacle for pilots all across the world due to the varying conditions that come with using a runway, flight simulators – the likes of FSX and P3D in particular – have always made it easy.

For anyone who is looking for a bit more of a challenge from their flight simulator, we recommend taking this mod into account. It’s vastly detailed and brings a massive range of qualities to the overall way that runways are managed – with the “bump” effect chief among those particular concerns.

It totally changes the way that bumps are dealt with throughout the takeoff and landing process and adds a fresh new challenge to the way that you will guide your aircraft up or down from the skies. Looking to make flight simulators a bit more intriguing and adding a breath of fresh air? Then this is well worth a look!

Installation & Requirements

To run this software, you need to run a mini gauntlet and “ring the changes” so to speak. This takes a lot of time to get set up, but it’s vital you make sure that you;

  • Have FS2004/FSX/ESP/P3D installed and updated to their latest releases so that you can get every feature working

  • Also ensure that you have a constant and recurring internet connection otherwise you can find that actually starting the software is going to be impossible as it uses a security validator to make sure no more than one person can use a specific account at once and to also combat against piracy

  • Have the FSUIPCClient.dll file by Paul Henry, which is designed specifically for ensuring there can be communication between FSUIPC and the flight simulator itself. If you don’t have this, you simply cannot use this

  • On that note, you also need to have FSUIPC installed – it’s created by Peter Dowson and is vital to make sure that you can get the maximum level of effectiveness from using this mod. You can download the software right way from HERE

  • Make sure you have a PDF viewer installed like Adobe Acrobat or even Google Chrome. This gives you access to reading the manual that comes with this and getting all the information that you need about installation and managing the software when you are using it within the flight simulator itself

  • Download the Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and above

Key Features

  • Totally revamped from the previous flight simulation models for managing runways, this adds a real spice and reality into the process. It makes it so much easier to actually manage your simulator and take off from a runway, especially if you are used to the real thing and the problems runways can cause

  • By adding in a fresh new set of bumps and bangs along the way, you’ll feel that those runways no longer feel as smooth as they once did. Taking off from the runway is now a much bigger challenge as you need to account for the runway condition

  • In addition, this ensures that the noise you hear from the runway is far more realistic – now it’s not like taking off and flying from the get go. You’ll get steady resistance and plenty of bumps and bangs along the way, simulating take-off in any kind of plane just perfectly!

  • This new feature also drastically revamps the way that the takeoff roll is managed. Now, you will find that the overall takeoff procedure is far more akin to what you would be experiencing if you were taking a plane up into the air for the first time ever as a pilot

  • If you’ve never flown professionally, then you’ll instantly notice a similarity from any real-life flights that you have been on. Those without flight experience may find the current performance in flight simulators quite relaxing, but it’s not supposed to be! It’s supposed to be frenetic and difficult to navigate properly, and this mod ensures that it is in droves

  • The shaking and the large bumps that we hear as we tear across the runway and into the distance is quite hard to deal with for some pilots, but it’s a fantastic feature to have for effectiveness and to increase realism

  • This is created by the runway center lighting system which adds small lights in their covers are placed on the center of the runway. This lets you get a rough idea of how far you have travelled and indeed how far there still is to go before you initiate takeoff. These bumps and bangs are caused by these lights, and unfortunately it was something previously ignored by those creating modern flight simulators

  • In 15m intervals this can become quite daunting to deal with – but this mod makes it feel realistic and ensures that even takeoff is going to be challenging!

  • As the near gear passes over these little objects, you can feel the constant bangs and when you start to pick up speed the weight of the aircraft becomes far more prominent and important! You’ll start to feel everything vibrate and the sounds will become deathly audible, creating a truly unique feeling that very few flight simulation modifications can match

  • This adds a whole new layer of realism to the entire proceeding – it makes every aspect of the flight a challenge instead of feeling incredibly easy until you actually hit the skies. Everything about flying is very difficult, and this replicates that challenge in spades!

  • This calculates the nose gear position, the center of the runway and the speed you are travelling at – as well as the position of the lights – in real-time and then gives you a fantastic audio and visual effect to go along with that truly stands out from the crowd in terms of high intensity and realism

  • Not sure if you want this feeling all the time? Then merely just re-calibrate a bit to the left or the right on takeoff and you will find that you can just skim over the lights! Many pilots use this to avoid the effect, but it’s an integral part of reality and flight dynamics to have it included

  • The conditions are made to fit the right sound so that you only hear it when you pass over a specific part of the runway, making things even more realistic!

  • It’s these little features that stand out within this mod, as it’s a simple change but one that really adds to the overall dynamics of the flight. If you want to succeed in your takeoff, you need to make sure that you get your positioning right along the runway perfect!

  • The high-end audio sound made to simulate the bump and the bang has been made using proper recordings that professionally capture that specific sound as you hit the light and give yourself that trademark roll! It’s something you need to look out when you are trying to take off quickly

  • Everything comes into play here, from the way that the lighting is positioned in comparison to your aircraft to the way that the effect is magnified when you hit it at a particularly fast speed, making everything seem so much easier to manage and get used to along the way

  • Another big part of the mod is that you can make adjustments to the severity of the bump, the distance of the lights, the volume of the bump and everything else for quick and easy selection the next time you wish to try and take off with the utmost realism

  • You can use the pre-installed head moving software, as well, to ensure that you can get the most enjoyable form of takeoff and landing as possible – the software makes a massive difference to the overall performance you get from the aircraft and even the way that you will take off!


You can only have ONE copy of this installed at any one time, on any machine. Because you need to use a specific online validator to get in and use this add-on every time you go to use it you will be forced to stop if you are using a code that is not verified, or is installed elsewhere. You can, however, request a transfer from machine to machine which means you only need to buy a second copy if you are looking to two use two copies of flight simulators simultaneously

This software is WideFS compatible, though, so if you are using this mod you will be able to get the help that you need in making sure that it works 

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Customer Reviews

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5 of 5 Stars!

As much as we love our favorite simulators, there are certain areas where they sometimes fall short. Lucky for us, there are hardworking teams like the people at Flight Simulator Platform Solutions, who release amazing download packages that make our simulator experiences all the better and all the more memorable. This time around, they are addressing an issue that affects how immersed we can ultimately be in the simulated environments.

Have you ever thought, while your rolling down the runway in anything from a small Cessna to a large Boeing, that it just doesn't feel quite like the real thing? Well, with FSPS's new Runway Bumping Effect, that issue has been completely taken care of.

This program calculates the exact position of your aircrafts nose gear, your position relative to the center of the runway, the distance between the runway lights and your speed in order to generate realistic audio and visual feedback that will make you feel like you're really there. It offers a huge boost to your immersion by better connecting you to the environment outside the cockpit, allowing you to feel and here the runway beneath you. The effect will only be apparent when in the center of the runway, if you veer of either side and away from the runway lights, the cockpit vibrations and the audible bumps will go away. Included with this download package, is the special head moving software that makes the effect even more realistic.

Settings are adjustable, so you can change things like the distance between the runway lights and the intensity of the pitch effect until you get the settings that feel right for you. The included PDF manual is a big help in learning how do this and a simple and well laid out interface makes it even easier. Settings can be saved under different profiles for future use, so you can jump between different settings for various circumstances and conditions.

Featuring compatibility with WideFS, you can even choose to run this program on another computer altogether, reaping all the benefits of this great Runway Bumping Effect without having an extra program running in the background.

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