CALL! for Legacy 737 Pilot In Command (FSX & FS2004)

CALL! for Legacy 737 Pilot In Command (FSX & FS2004)5.0/5 1 reviews

The Flight Attendant SAFETY feature will initiate a safety briefing before takeoff. Upon landing She will automatically remind the passengers to remain seated until full stop. Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004 with 737 Pilot in Command (Legacy) installed
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CALL! for the Legacy Pilot In Command is a First Officer, Flight Attendant simulation. This easy to use software brings great realism into your virtual cockpit making you "feel there".

The First officer reads the following checklists:

  • Dark/Cold
  • Engines Ready To Start
  • Engine Startup
  • Flight Attandent Safety
  • Before Takeoff
  • After Takeoff
  • Before Descend
  • Approach Checklist
  • Before Landing
  • After Landing
  • Leaving the Aircraft

After reading each item it will wait for your action making sure you are properly following the checklist flow.

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Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 1 customer reviews

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nice!! but we are talking about multiplayer whereby two players can be in the same plane ,one as pilot and the other as co-pilot

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