Boeing 737-800 HD Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX/P3D

Boeing 737-800 HD Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX/P3D4.0/5 2 reviews

As an aircraft well recognized for it’s incredible levels of power and strength, the Boeing 737-800 is one of the most impressive around. It’s well stated and recognized by pilots and passengers alike as an aircraft that exudes performance, class and control at all times, making flights much more comfortable. However, like any other kind of aircraft it has it’s problems within a flight simulator and, in this case, the sound is likely to be the biggest problem for many people. Read more...

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Turbine Sound Studios
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Sound Pack Compatibility Note: This sound pack will work with any aircraft model, both freeware or payware in FSX and P3D.

The entire atmosphere and style of a flight simulation is all about getting that just right, and with this mod you’ll get just that in a whole new level of clarity and control. The entire look and feel of the game should be built around what you would be getting in the real life aircraft equivalent, and this mod by Turbine Sound Studios does that in abundance, containing the class and quality of many aircraft and giving them the right kind of sounds that they would be making normally.

To have this extra control over the way that the aircraft sounds is a hugely powerful feature, and can be the perfect way for you to get things moving in the right direction as well as help you actually learn. What you hear is just as important as anything else within a flight simulator, and we make sure that this remains the case by giving you access to a package that really ups the ante in terms of authenticity.

Key Features

  • A key feature that was included with all Turbine Sound Studios mods is the fact that the sound packages have been tried out by genuine pilots. This means that those who know what to hear when they flying this kind of plane have chipped in, giving the mod much more balance

  • This balance is shown in the wide variety of HD sounds that are available – from the external engine sounds to the way that the engine starts to calm down and become muffled from the inside, this is the perfect way to keep yourself on the right track and learning about the aircraft you intend to fly far more

  • Things like the autopilot sounds and even the gears working in their various ways all have unique sounds that really help to change the entire landscape of using FSX. It gives you far more control over what you need to do as the sounds that you are rearing are reactions to what you are doing – hear something that you don’t like? Then you can find that it’s much easier to actually discover the cause

  • Warnings such as overspeed can kick into play and give you all the help you need in staying safe

You’ll also get a brilliant representation of just how the sound changes from where you are in the aircraft – the noise from inside the cockpit is totally different to the noise. This makes a change from the blank nature of sounds within the old FSX and FS2004 flight sim packages

Turbine Sound Studios

About Turbine Sound Studios

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) are true masters in creating sound packs for flight sim aircraft add-ons.  Known in the industry for the finest cockpit and external sounds.  Founded by Christoffer Petersen and based in Denmark, they are true innovators in creating realistic flight sim cockpit sounds.

Their products are captured from the real-world aircraft counterparts using professional recording and editing techniques.

Their sound add-ons can be used on any aircraft model - both freeware or payware.  They have focused on FSX and Prepar3D over the years but we are sure they will begin to remaster their creations for the new 2020 release of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

View all products/add-ons by Turbine Sound Studios.

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.0/5.0 based on 2 customer reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

Having recently tried out the same sound package edition for the Boeing 727, I was interested to see if the same standards would apply to a different aircraft. Were the creators of this package, Turbine Sound Studios, consistent or were they just good at making the 727 sound the part? Having downloaded the package and fired up my Boeing 737, I'd like to conclude that my investigation leads me to believe that they are most certainly very consistent! The sound quality is hugely impressive, capturing all of those little things that make a big difference in terms of immersing yourself.

It takes a lot of looking around and learning to get used to where each sound is coming from but this is far better than the rather generic soundset most of us are sick of from the original FSX. This also works in FS2004, though, and I tried it out with a similar level of performance and results - the graphics might not carry, but the sound seems to do a pretty good job of working just as well in FS2004 as it does in FSX! The thing that impressed me most, though, was just how clinical each sound was.

You never had to strain yourself or try and make the same action twice to understand if what you heard there was real - the sounds that this aircraft makes are as clear as day. This is a good thing, because it lets you make out everything that is going on in the aircraft as you would in the real world. However, because it helps to shield out noise where you not would not be able to hear it so well (for example, in the cockpit) you can notice a far more balanced sound system than the original simulator can provide you.

It makes a huge change to be able to have such a clear sound system, although I will freely admit that it kind of put me off the "normal" FSX and FS2004 aircraft. After hearing these sounds and seeing just how attentive they were in comparison, and how they blended well with real-time events, it's kind of hard to go back and use the old sounds again without being a little bit disappointed. However, in my opinion, this is a sign of a fantastic modification - it makes me want to use it exclusively rather than the old sound packages provided!

I'm not even a MASSIVE fan of the 737, either, so it's interesting that I now want to fly it more often than ever because it just feels so much more complete than the offerings out there in FSX. it makes a big difference to feel like the cockpit is the same as the real world, and being able to fly an aircraft that actually sounds as good as it looks is very important to me - that aspect of the realism is one of the most important .what you hear is just as important as what you see, after all!

3/5 Verified Purchase
3 of 5 Stars!

I expected better sound fidelity especially in the cabin.

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