CALL! for 737 Pilot In Command (FSX & FS2004)

CALL! for 737 Pilot In Command (FSX & FS2004)

Take your Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 experience to the next level with CALL! for 737 Pilot In Command, brought to you by FeelThere, a reliable source of Microsoft Flight Simulator content for over ten years! Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004 with 737 Pilot in Command installed
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This addition to the game experience not only adds countless amounts of new dialogue to the game, but also adds an entirely new level of immersion by realistically taking you through the steps of flight in over eight different sections of game-play.

CALL! will guide you through each task with realism and ease, alerting you of various statuses including but not limited to: landing gear status, thruster status, wing-flap status, pressurization, seatbelt-light status, and so much more! Have no need to go through your own checklists again! This sophisticated system knows when you have completed the task correctly and when to wait for your response.

Feel like a true pilot with the company and support of a copilot and flight attendant. This addition to the game-play is feature complete, with a total of thirteen checklists including: Cockpit Safety Inspection, Power Up, Pre-Start, Start Up, Pre-Takeoff, Takeoff, Descent, Approach, Parking, Shutdown, and even more! As an additional bonus, a flight attendant announcement feature is also included to improve realism and immersion.

Crisp HD audio will grace your ears while realistic and enjoyable checklists compliment your flight experience perfectly.

CALL! will bring your immersion to a level that cannot be matched with features you won’t find anywhere else. CALL! is compatible with almost all of the airplanes available for download at . Specific compatible airplanes include: EMB Jets v.2 175 and 195, EMB E-Jets v.1 170 and 190, ERJ 145 and 135, and many more!

Manufacturers Description

CALL! for the 737 Pilot In Command is a First Officer, Flight Attendant simulation. This easy to use software brings great realism into your virtual cockpit making you "feel there".

The Fist officer reads the following checklists:


After reading each item it will wait for your action making sure you are properly following the checklist flow.

The Flight Attendant SAFETY feature will initiate a safety briefing before takeoff. Upon landing She will automatically remind the passengers to remain seated until full stop.


About feelthere

FeelThere is a flight simulator and ATC simulator developer based in CA, USA headed up by team leader and owner Victor Racz.

FeelThere have been developing add-ons for flight simulators since the early days - since FS2002 and have been working on every iteration since.  Their products have included creations for many different aircraft and airport (scenery) creations.

Since their flight simulator developments and aircraft creations, they have also branched out into Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulators and have mastered the Tower! series which is popular among PC-based ATC simulation users.  Tower! is likely the most used and acclaimed ATC simulator software for PC.

Feelthere is now also focused on creating content for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release simulator with various scenery packages and likely aircraft to follow.

View all products/add-ons by feelthere.

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