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P3D Booster Live (FPS Performance Booster)

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P3D Booster Live (FPS Performance Booster)
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Prepar3D 1,2,3
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Using Prepar3D should, in theory, provide a smooth and satisfying flight experience. With P3D Booster Live, though, you can help to make those frames per second counts improve to help make performance a touch more stable.

By using a single bar system, you can easily crank performance-boosting from 0-100%!

Itís easy to use, with no coding language or skills needed. You donít have to tick any boxes or commit to trial and error.

With P3D Booster Live, the job is done nicely and easily. At 0%, you will ensure that graphical quality, texture depth, and autogen loading is prioritized over everything else.

At 100%, though, you will reduce graphical capacity to the minimum to help improve performance quality and increase frames per second.

As you move from 0-100, then, you will see a real-time change in graphical output and performance. You are now in total control over what you do, and when you do it.

You can change performance live, so if you arrive at a busy airport you can make a quick, real-time adjustment.

Once you head back to the quieter, free skies, though, you can adjust it to show the world in all of its immersive beauty.

From making the world of P3D look as clear as possible to clear up foggy and weak performances, you should have no problems making your P3D experience tailored to either high FPS rates or impressive visuals. Set the style you prefer today with P3D Booster Live.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and effective, using a direct connection to P3D for instantly impressive results.
  • No coding skills needed: you have no need to edit prepar3d.cfg or user config options.
  • Improve FPS performance by as much as 200% - perfect for lower-end hardware!
  • Please note that only one active installation is allowed at any one time and that P3D Booster Live is not compatible with other booster apps.
  • Also, please note that you must run this software solution on the same PC as you run P3D Ė this cannot be used remotely.

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