P3D Fiber Accelerator (FPS Booster)

P3D Fiber Accelerator (FPS Booster)

Flight simulation products have long been a part of the gaming world that receives regular attention from the people who actually use the software – the community-driven addon and modification features that are released so regularly is one of the most impressive things about it. Read more...

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What Is The Fiber Accelerator?

However, not every addon that is brought is merely brings in new aircraft, scenery or missions. Indeed, some of them completely change the way that the software operates as well as the final output that you get.

This is what the Fiber Accelerator brings to the table. Following an incredible series of reviews and positive feedback for their FSX equivalent, this version was released for the Lockheed Martin flight simulator Prepar3D. Having established itself as one of the solid alternative choices to FSX, this completely revolutionizes your experience when you first fire up Prepar3D.

It brings an incredible array of new features and additions to the simulator and adds a whole new layer of realism, quality and response from everything that you can interact with. if you want to have a more modern experience that feels every bit as realistic as you would have been hoping for, then this is it.

By taking a forensic look at the way the software actually reads data and information as you play, this changes the entire landscape of your flight simulation experience. Everything will feel faster, look better, and perform the way that it’s supposed to – it takes one of the most realistic simulation experiences out there and makes it even more realistic. If you can think of a better way to start enjoying yourself more with Prepar3D we’ve love to see it!

How Can It Help?

The main changes that this excellent package brings to the table are the ability to start flying at a pace and style that you want. Because it totally alters the way that the prepar3d.cfg files actually reads tweaks and changes, the level of performance that you will get from now on will be absolutely staggering in comparison.

When you look at the way that frames are handled, even in the busiest parts of the world when the airports are full of traffic and things going on, you’ll see a huge difference to previously. Circumstantial data is now no longer such a burden on the system, allowing you to easily handle the high amounts of information that can popping up on the screen and around you at all times.

For fans of the series, this can be incredibly frustrating – the slowdown when you really need a smooth level of performance can hamper the experience quite drastically. However, with this installed, you no longer need to suffer from these same issues. You’ll be delivered a higher frame rate, a smoother level of performance at all, and an easier game to manage in general due to the lack of lag or slowdown.

Best of all, though, is the improvement to the graphics. These new changes smooth out everything and give you a much cleaner image. The difference in the graphical quality of FSX and Prepar3D is pretty stark so having a nice way to limit the differences and make Prepar3D much easier on the eyes means that it becomes easier to alternate from FSX to Prepar3D.

By maximizing the power of the software, performance is improved along with the output – this leaves you with a much more balanced experience that won’t be hampered by the software struggling to handle information that is being processed when needed, improving literally everything.

How it Works

  • Using Prepar3D with the Fiber Accelerator installed could not be any simpler – all you need to do to get started is set a “Target Frames” in the display settings within Prepar3D itself. In the less demanding situations, this is what your simulator will try and achieve – for example, 50fps will be a common average

  • Then, start up the Fiber Accelerator. Inside, you’ll be able to set a “Lower FPS” target and this will be the rate that Prepar3D will always try and catch up with. It can then make incremental changes to the graphics of faraway items you can barely see, improving their visual quality as you get closer so that the load on your PC will be lessened

  • Fly to the nearest airport that you can find that is constantly busy, so that you are in a lot of traffic and will typically find your Prepar3D slowing down. Start changing settings in the menu of the Accelerator until you find the balance that suits your own machine – this will all be saved and chronicled for your next usage so you don’t need to set this anytime that you are in

  • However, if you find that you are getting lower performance levels in less crowded areas try and have a preset – of which you can change to at any time – for the less demanding locations. You might have a “worst case scenario” setting for when things are at their worst, so that you still get a high level of performance regardless of where you are


However, there are certain limitations that come with the Fiber Accelerator that you should be made aware of before you go any further. For example, the package itself can only be installed on one PC per purchase. This will be validated in an online launcher before you can start up the software, so please be aware of this before you make the purchase. If you do want to have it installed on more than one machine then you will need to transfer the license over to your current machine – this means that you cannot buy one package, and share it with all of your friends so that you can use it together.

Additionally, you need to run this software on the same computer as the one which Prepar3D will be running on. It’s not possible to manage a remote running of the game from one PC to the next so if you are intending on taking this package with you on a trip you’ll need to have it installed on the PC of choice rather than by using a remote connection. This can be an issue in terms of file space and system requirements, so make sure your intended system fan run Prepar3D.

Make sure that you also install the latest version of FSUIPC, created by Peter Dowson. You can use the main features just by having the unregistered edition. If you do want to use all of the features such as swapping between joystick presets, then you will need to pay for the registered edition.

Key Features

  • Improve the graphical output of your simulator by a considerable margin – this will help make the swap from FSX to Prepar3D much easier to handle given the graphical imbalances between each simulator. If you want to find Prepar3D a little easier on the eyes then this is a great place to get yourself started

  • Make sure that when you are playing Prepar3D that you are getting a consistently high frame rate, whether you are in the sky yourself or there is a huge amount going on around you. This helps improve performance and make sure that you can stay concentrated without losing any performance

  • Ensure that your Prepar3D installation is constantly balancing the output of your GPU and your CPU to prevent any overheating or damage being done to your hardware. Despite the increase in graphical output and performance the simulator won’t be as system heavy

  • Smooth and realistic textures that have been improved beyond normal recognition

  • Set presets that can be swapped from during the flight so that if you find things are beginning to become a bit difficult you can drop your presets quickly and return back to the flight without having to even exit the simulator for a few seconds!

  • Regular changes are being made every millisecond to ensure that the simulator is running at its very best, meaning that you get a fine increase in performance as well as effectiveness

One of the most important things about using software like this is that it will drastically improve the overall output of your simulation experience. If you are looking to learn when using Prepar3D to become a more adept pilot, then you want to have a smooth and clear experience. Having hardware that allows this normally can be pretty expensive, so these configuration changes can be massively important to how you develop as a pilot when using Prepar3D.

After all, nothing is going to slow down in real life when things get busy so you need to be used to the real-time speeds. This mod will help you get just that, improving your experience massively and ensuring that you feel confident and secure in your approach. 

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