Accu-Feel v.2 AL&S: Global FSX/P3D Enhancement

Accu-Feel v.2 AL&S: Global FSX/P3D Enhancement5.0/5 3 reviews

If you've been around the flight simulation community in the past, or have used any products from the popular A2A Simulations team, then you will have no doubt heard about Accu-Sim. Having been a long-term goal for A2A for quite some time, it effectively adds another simulation on top of what you are already getting - it opens up barriers that, normally, would simply not be possible within the coding of FSX. Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Prepar3D v4 & v5
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What is Accu-Feel?

The first release for Accu-Sim was away back in 2008, and since then it has developed and grown to become one of the most incredible parts of the slight simulation mod community.

The problem was that some people simply could not get to grips with the high levels of realism offered by Accu-Sim. For some, it was almost a little bit too real at times!

Well, for those who simply could not cope or did not want to add quite so much new ground to go over into their flight simulation experience, but want a little bit more than the vanilla editions can provide, the original aircraft were released without Accu-Sim included.

It was expected that it would remain a vintage choice for those who really wanted to up their simulation experience, and would not be the common option.

When it was all first released, roughly 4-in-5 people were taking up the chance to buy up the Accu-Sim edition of each aircraft that they released. Because of this, Accu-Sim was usually released as an enabled add-on for any aircraft that were made by A2A Simulations, to make sure that those who wanted the vanilla edition with as many new features as you would usually expect could get just that.

For those who wanted to push the simulation a bit further, Accu-Sim was added in to make that easily possible by opening up an incredible wealth of features.

The issue now was that so many people loved Accu-Sim, they wanted it for every aircraft that they used! For years, though, A2A told us that this would not be possible. In 2012, however, this finally changed as they introduced their latest revolutionary concept to everyone - Accu-Feel. Accu-Feel literally takes on the entire process that Accu-Sim provides for individual aircraft throughout the simulator, and applies it to them all. It's the newest way to fly.

As you can imagine, this totally changes what is possible in FSX - in effect, it makes it like a whole new simulator. By totally re-arranging the simulation that you are used to and adding in what could be looked at in the most basic terms as a new "difficulty" this makes it so much more rewarding for simulation experts.

You no longer need to hit a plateau for how realistic your simulation can be, and the most dedicated and experienced of pilots can push themselves to new levels within the simulator thanks to the power that Accu-Sim can provide.

How Does it Help?

The name of Accu-Feel is pretty much self-explanatory - the idea is that it will do what it says on the tin. It makes an accurate feeling representation of what you would expect to get from a flight simulator. By being able to finally access parts of FSX that previously were simply unchangeable, the ability to totally transform the industry and - in turn - what we are actually getting to fly at any given time to the closest thing to reality that is out there on the market.

Without having to access files from the FSX directory any longer to make the changes, Accu-Feel introduces pretty sweeping changes across the board to your usual FSX experience. If you have ever used an Accu-Sim add-on for one of the many A2A Productions products out there then you will no doubt know what to expect when you finally get to try this out for the first time!

By effectively coming new source files for the game, Accu-Feel allows for that extra revamp in ability and realism to be translated into any environment - this includes other third-party mods and additions. With an easy to use interface that makes setting up every option that you could possibly need easier than ever, you now have total control over everything that the aircraft will do.

Using a sophisticated launch system, Accu-Feel works out what your aircraft will need from the usual Accu-Sim features, giving you absolute control over what you are actually using. It totally transforms what you are looking at in front of you, no matter what kind of aircraft that you step into.

Having now become the #1 best-seller in the A2A Productions store, you can add these extra layers of sheer immense quality and realism to your flight simulation experience regardless of what you choose to fly.

Accu-Feel gives people a massive extension on what they can expect to see from the normal flight simulator that they are used to. For anyone who feels like they have started to hit a glass ceiling in terms of what they are learning from their usage of a flight simulator regularly, they can make easy and effective changes just by installing Accu-Feel and allowing it to work its magic as quickly and as effectively as it possibly can.

Without making any significant changes to the actual FSX files, you can effectively upgrade your simulator without causing any kind of disruption or problems with any other products you use. Got some non-A2A aircraft that you love to use but don't want to have to give up to use Accu-Feel? No problem. This will make the most logical choices it can to give you a kit-out for using with each and every aircraft that you load up for maximum realism and the best choices possible.

You'll never get hit with features that don't work or don't make sense, and with the newest changes in Version 2, Air, Land & Sea you can notice incredible changes to the entire world.

Key Features

  • Built to use with FSX and FSX: Steam Edition, so you can easily utilize the various features included to get your aircraft simulations to work regardless of what version of FSX you are currently flying with

  • Easy and fast installation process means that, despite the number of changes and additions made to the game, you can get everything installed and prepared on the same day that you get it all downloaded

  • Tested with more than 40 third-party aircraft, this typically works with just about any FSX-compatible aircraft. If you do have any issues, check out the A2A website or forums for more assistance

  • Simple to use interface that makes planning and preparing everything about the aircraft you will be flying easier than ever before - customization of any aircraft is a piece of cake to set up

  • Saves your aircraft loadout automatically so that you don't need to go through the same settings over and over again in the future

  • By using the audio systems that have made Accu-Sim so popular, you get an aircraft that looks, performs and sounds the way that it should - this is the most powerful sound system that is available for flight simulation purposes at the moment

  • Whole new physics engine installed to make sure that you get the same difficulties and challenges in take-off as you would in real-life adding another layer of excitement to proceedings

  • Incredible attention to detail on the smallest things like tires screeching and rubbing sounds that have been included, with tire lines being left behind as you skid to a halt. You'll also get far more control than ever before as well as aesthetic pleasure, as your aircraft will need to deal with realistic dynamics if you want to land it properly!

  • Runway and pavement seams can send a jolt through your aircraft so you know exactly what you are flying on and how your take-off is actually proceeding outside of just what you see in front of you

  • Water physics have been included to deal with immersion so that you can really see the impact on the water as you skim across it in your aircraft. This further adds to the incredible levels of realism that you receive when using this excellent flight package

  • Turbulence has been included to give you a whole new feeling from your aircraft when the going gets tough

  • A physics-driven sound system that ensures you get the full quality of sounds, and that they feel appropriate and realistic to the event rather than staged and put on to just have a sound there

  • Massive changes to the way that everything from braking with the aircraft to the fuselage drag rumble has been added in. All of your latest inclusions, from the smallest part of takeoff to the most dramatic flight sequences that you engage in will feel as realistic as they possibly can

  • An open cockpit experience that gives you the full idea of the capabilities of the aircraft, providing you with every chance to use any and all features that the aircraft should realistically have available to it 

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Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 3 customer reviews

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

The demo video really sold me on this and now that I've used it, I can say the video was absolutely correct. It really does add a whole new level of realism to FSX. I have Steam Edition so I can vouch that it works perfectly with FSX SE. I also own the newly released MSFS 2020 and now flying planes in FSX feels almost just as realistic. Like when I was on approach to land the 747-400, my speed slipped below stall speed and the whole aircraft started shaking just as it would in real life. Because of the shaking, I was able to realize Immediately what was happening and correct the situation by adding thrust. If it wasn't for that, I may not have noticed until it was too late. Then as I landed, the sounds of the wheels touching down and the screeching, groaning and vibrations as I came to a stop, it just added so much more realism to each and every aircraft between the sights, sounds and sensations. This is a must have addition to FSX. Thank you so much A2A! I wish I would have discovered this years ago.

5 of 5 Stars!

Excellent video of the capabilities of v.2

Will it be available for P3D? Hope so.

Please make a TAA version with the G-1000 for your A2A aircraft i.e. the 172/182 and other GA aircraft for the future for FSX and P3D.

Love your products.

5 of 5 Stars!

5/5 Exellent add on

Really does add extra realisem

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