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Individuals that own Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004 Microsoft Flight Simulation software will find that all of the aircraft downloads and boxes listed in this section are compatible with it. Our FS2004 aircraft downloads and boxes are made by quality manufacturers, provide an authentic experience for users and utilize great graphics.

This particular section of our website is one of our most robust. We are proud of the large selection and the quality of the aircraft downloads and boxes that we offer.

Though this is only an abbreviated list, the following aircraft downloads and boxes can be purchased below, Livery Pack Expansion for CLS Boeing 767-200/300-FS2004, Sunderland Flying Boat-FSX & FS2004, Cessna C185F Skywagon “Bush”-FS2004 and CLS Boeing 747-200/300-FSX & FS2004.

Shoppers will have the option of downloading aircraft products or waiting for a box version to be delivered. Some people have a preference, others do not. The differences primarily involve waiting periods and cost. Individuals who opt for downloadable versions are able to access their products right away. Persons who would like immediate access to our selection of aircraft packages will find that they have a nice selection to choose from. Those who rather purchase a box version will be able to do so as well.


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