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Concorde Simming e-Book
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New 2020 Edition

This flight sim tutorial eBook has been updated for 2020 with new information and clarifications to make it easier to understand, read and use.

Are you looking for a genuine training manual that can help you get to grips with the realistic needs of flying a Concorde in a flight simulator? Then this book by Bill Stack is just what you need. Designed for those who look for authenticity as well as excitement in your simulator, this e-book will take you through everything that you need to know about flying a Concorde within a flight simulator, and every little feature that you should be making use of to maximize your flight potential and success. If you want to become a better pilot within the simulator, then your best bet is to pick up this Concorde Simming e-book!

Become A Better Pilot

Like any simulator, you need to take the time to actually learn the methods Ė itís not about pressing keys and hoping for the best, itís about actually taking the time to educate yourself and learn about the aircraft that you are flying. By understanding what every nozzle and button does is going to have a huge bearing on your success as a virtual Concorde pilot. The Concorde is a tricky yet incredibly rewarding plane to fly through the skies, and this e-book can provide you with an easy to follow reference system to help you improve your standards and enjoy greater success with your Concorde in the skies.

Everything in this book has been sourced from first-hand accounts of those who have flown a Concorde, hours of research and specification mods to provide with as close to the real thing as it possibly can be. With lessons and exercises inside the e-book to help you get across the basics and the more advanced topics of flying a Concorde, you can go as slowly or a quickly as you like Ė this is designed for any pace or experience, and will help even the freshest virtual pilot get to grips with the immense amount of detail hidden in the cockpit of a Concorde within a flight simulator.

Every chapter will tackle a new aspect of the Concorde within a flight simulator, and goes in a chronological manner to give you the right depth of learning from the very basics to the hardest parts of flying a Concorde within the simulator. You can learn everything you need to know about the Concorde and how you can make it as fun as possible to fly by reading through these chapters and putting what you learn into action and making a significant difference.

What Will I Learn?

The list of changes to your flight habits and beliefs will change totally with this e-book Ė itís built for those with no knowledge as well as the expert simulators who want to take their experience to the highest level. If you want to become a better Concorde pilot within the simulator then the best way to do that is by having an easy to read PDF document you can reference at any time, even mid-flight, to find the right answers to the questions that give you a headache! It will help you take incremental steps to improve and develop as a flight pilot. You will learn key aspects of flying a Concorde such as;

  • The key fundamental aspects of taking off into the air using a Concorde. This includes important parts of the flight like dealing with performance speeds, understanding the cockpit and what every instrument actually does, estimating your fuel needs and basic take-off procedures. You will get all of the basics out of the way, paving the way for you to become a quality Concorde pilot in as short a time as possible

  • Learn how to actually make the same decisions as a Concorde pilot Ė understanding the requirements & demands of the flight as you go. Youíll be able to manage performance speeds, plan and prepare your flights quickly and easily and be able to easily decipher inside information that comes up during the flight that makes your life as a Concorde virtual pilot even easier than ever before

  • Every function is explained to you in stark detail, so that you donít need to ever miss a single beat as you fly your new Concorde. With an e-book designed around easy learning rather than some oblique referencing, you can make use the easy graphical depictions within this manual to get key information on every single aspect of the plane itself and how it can benefit you most

  • With more than 100 pages of information stored within the e-book and fast, effective referencing you can get to the parts you need to brush up on with minimal fuss. The text is written in a simple and easy to follow manner as well so you should picking up even the more advanced parts of the flight process in no time at all

  • Prepared for any Concorde aircraft within the game, and is designed for both professional and home flight simulation to give you maximum depth in what you are learning and what you are putting into practice. Keep in mind that is a representation of the Concorde, not the Concorde itself Ė this wonít be enough to have you stepping foot in the real thing, but youíll feel like a master of the skies in a simulation environment

  • This has been created using certified pilots to create the facts & data behind the actual flight process, as well as flight simulation experts who have spent countless hours honing their skills with the Concorde in the skies of a simulator. Perfect for beginners & expert simulation users.

Note: Please be aware that although maximum authenticity is always attempted to be recreated in the simulation, TopSkills cannot represent the same efficiency and thorough training you would receive from a real-life training exercise. We accept no liability for the wrong usage or misappropriation of information contained within this e-book. Neither TopSkills or Bill Stack, the author, can accept responsibility for anybody who takes the teaching for a flight simulator into a real-world environment.

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Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 1 customer reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

This TopSkills e-Book is another great addition to the series of manuals, designed to help you become a better pilot and experience greater realism within your simulator. Written by Bill Stack, this e-Book covers the ins and outs of Concorde Simming and is perfect for home flight-sim enthusiasts who want to learn how to pilot a Concorde supersonic jet with as much skill and realism as possible. Available right now as an immediate download, this e-Book can be opened in any PDF viewer, including e-Book readers such as Kindle, so that you can read it wherever you go.

In an effort to ensure the highest level of realism and accuracy, all the information you will find in this e-Book has been thoroughly researched and drawn from official aviation manuals, professional flight experience and personal flight simulator experience. Careful and thorough quality control ensures that all research and references come from strong and reliable sources, so that you can trust the information you're receiving.

TopSkills manuals are designed specifically for home flight simulation; while all the information within is drawn from real aviation laws, regulations and procedures, the lessons and exercises therein should only be applied to home flight simulation.

Each chapter in this e-Book covers a different aspect of Concorde simming. Chapters are presented in a logical order, with each chapter building on the previous and leading to the next. Images and tables convey information clearly making it easier to take it all in. Key words and concepts are clearly defined while detailed headers and footers can help you find the information you need. This layout is designed to be easy to follow and promote self learning, as it's easy for you to locate specific sections if you feel you need to revisit them.

You will learn all the fundamentals of supersonic flight and many advanced flight techniques, as well as learning how to simulate flight realistically. Covering everything from understanding the Concorde panel and instruments, checklists, estimating fuel needs and following subsonic and supersonic procedures, this TopSkills e-Book will help you become an ace Concorde pilot. This manual will help you achieve incredibly realistic flights, the kind that high resolution textures and higher polygon models can't do by themselves.

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