"Jet Simming" 21st Century Flight Sim Manual e-Book

"Jet Simming" 21st Century Flight Sim Manual e-Book5.0/5 1 reviews

Jet Simming 21st Century, V2 is the consummate guide to experiencing unmatched flight simulation, bringing together the thrills of handling the heaviest, largest, and fastest aircrafts akin to real-world aviation professionals. Crafted meticulously by renowned flight simulation enthusiast, Bill Stack, this eBook is a goldmine of authentic simulation knowledge, techniques, and expertise designed to elevate your flight simulation journey to stratospheric heights. Read more...

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Whether you are an avid flight simmer seeking an immersive and realistic jet simulation experience, or a flight training student applying principles to practice, this eBook is your passport to achieving true realism.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive knowledge of expert jet pilots and the authentic procedures they employ
  • Insightful planning and preparation for your virtual flights
  • Practical guidance for executing all flight phases accurately and effectively
  • Upgrades and enhancements for Microsoft's latest releases, including descriptions and explanations of key aircraft

Unique Insights into Modern Jet Aircraft

Discover the distinctive attributes and requirements of popular modern jets, such as the Cessna Citation CJ4, Cessna Citation Longitude, Airbus A320 Neo, Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, and Boeing 747-8i Intercontinental. From understanding engine performance parameters [N1 (Engine Fan Speed), N2 (High Pressure Compressor Speed), ITT (Inter Turbine Temperature), EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature)], to performing essential pilot tasks and selecting optimal cruising altitudes, this eBook grants you an intimate understanding of jet flight fundamentals.

Plan Your Flights Like an Ace

Learn to meticulously choose jets, airports, and routes for simulation, while precisely estimating fuel needs and balancing fuel and passenger weight. Make use of external power, APUs (Auxiliary Power Units), and batteries, and prepare your flight deck as per professional standards.

Master Your Jet Aircraft

This eBook provides an in-depth understanding of six popular jet aircraft with dedicated chapters. Follow step-by-step procedures, acquaint yourself with flight decks, and understand your jet’s physical and performance characteristics. Master all flight phases, from pushing back to shutting down, in a professional manner.

Use Flight Management Systems

Learn to create and file complete flight plans, enter communication and navigation frequencies, read relevant aircraft and flight data, and add departure and approach procedures. Harness the power of vertical speed, VNAV (Vertical Navigation), and FLC (Flight Level Change) while letting the FMS (Flight Management System) guide your flight.

Comprehend Abbreviations

A standalone appendix within the eBook helps decode abbreviations, offering you a clear and concise understanding of the language used throughout the manual.

Organized and User-Friendly

The eBook’s structure is optimized for quick navigation and easy use, facilitating comprehension and learning. Chapters are identifiable by numbers and titles, and concepts are explained in plain English. Custom-made graphics, simplified line drawings, and structured tables elucidate intricate technical data and principles.

Trustworthy and Accurate

The facts and methods presented in the eBook are derived from real-world source material and have been independently verified for accuracy. Images are sourced directly from MSFS 2020 and have been thoroughly edited for correctness and precision.

Prerequisites for Taking Flight

Simulating jets is an advanced skill that requires a foundational understanding of basic flight, navigation, instrument flight rules, and electronic flight decks. Other helpful resources include:

  • Flight-Sim Maneuvers 21st Century
  • Flight-Sim Navigation
  • Instrument Flying for Flight-Sim Pilots
  • Glass Simming 2020

These complementary resources are also available from our reputable flight-sim retailer.

Book Specifications

Jet Simming 21st Century, V2 comes in a universal PDF format, suitable for all home flight simmers. The book spans 340 pages, providing comprehensive and detailed insights into flight simulation. The zipped archive file, easy to download, is a compact 6 megabytes.

Additional Bonuses

As a bonus, the eBook includes a special Jet V-Speed card, a convenient reference for the common V-Speeds used in jet flight, organized by speed on one side and alphabetically on the other.

Focus and Scope

The book mainly delves into the use of civilian jet aircraft represented in home flight-simulation programs, predominantly using Microsoft Flight Simulator™ 2020 due to its popularity. However, the aviation principles and methods presented can be broadly applied to other aircraft in different simulators. While providing essential aircraft specifications, the book is focused on flight simulation and does not attempt to be a comprehensive aircraft technical manual. Cross-country navigation and instrument flights are covered in other manuals.


This manual is designed for home flight simulation exclusively. Although based on real aviation principles and procedures, the aim is to maximize the enjoyment and educational value for home flight-simulation enthusiasts. Because of the differences between home flight-simulation games and real-world aviation, some information in this book is not identical to real-world flight. Use for real-world aviation is not recommended or authorized.

Sample Pages

Read a few pages here to see the book’s merits and quality for yourself.

Use Your Time Productively

Don’t lose valuable flight simming opportunities by searching the internet for flimsy freebies. Most are worth their cost.

Ftldave says it best:

“YouTube is hit or miss. Sometimes there's great, informative content, other times the videos are useless and unintelligible. How much time do you want to spend searching for the former, how much time to waste with the latter? As is often said about open software, the same is true for this: It's free if your time has no value to you.”

Flight simmers have trusted, benefitted, and enjoyed my instructional books since 1997.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A lot of time and effort has been invested by me and others toward making a quality product that is useful to people. Any book with physical defects will be replaced at no cost. If you can show that the content of Jet Simming 21st Century is not as described, your money will be refunded. If you find facts that you believe are in error, please let me know so I can evaluate them. – Bill Stack, Author


About TopSkills

TopSkills publishes tutorial videos and self-instructional books to help home flight-simulation enthusiasts maximize enjoyment of their hobby by applying real-world aviation principles and techniques.

The business was formed in 1987 by Bill Stack as a management-consulting practice. Between 1987 and 2012, Bill consulted to government and private-sector auditing organizations including inspectors general and internal auditors.  

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Sir Thanks a lot for your -book, it was very useful with good explanation and easy to understand , specially for the new simmer,and I recommanded it to my friend simmers. Thanks a lot to the writers

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