Flight-Sim Pilot's Information Manual e-Book

Flight-Sim Pilot's Information Manual e-Book

New 2020 Edition

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This flight sim tutorial eBook has been updated for 2020 with new information and clarifications to make it easier to understand, read and use.

In the creation of this package, Top Skills have paid special attention to making sure it all makes sense and comes across in the most user-friendly method it can. Whether you are a veteran with hundreds of hours of experience in the cockpit or you are new to simulation, this works.

In this file, you will receive access to a eBook file that has been penned by certified pilots as well as a trained writer and an editor to ensure not only the ideas are sound, but that the actual style in which it is written is easy to follow.

Key Points Considered

  • When you are trying to fly around in the simulated world it can be very useful to make the real-life methods work for you, and with this package you will feel as if you are learning how to fly an aircraft without having to create new protocols.

  • Likewise, you'll learn about pilot certifications and ratings which are very important to classifying yourself and making sure you are on the right track. If you don't know how to find out your rating as a pilot, you will find it here so you can demonstrate your level of competence.

  • Get used to learning about airports and the various factors that come with using an airport - with this package you will get to look deeper into one of the most commonly overlooked parts of aviation. If you want to learn about how to use an airport properly, read this guide!

  • To fly at your best you need to be well-versed in various acts and this includes working with airport markings, signs and lights. If you want to master flying safely and professionally then this chapter is a must-read as you will learn about all of the vital markings with diagrams!

  • Being able to define one different airspace from the next is, as you can imagine, tough work and will usually be quite a challenge to work with. To avoid this then you need to understand where pilots can fly and this means learning about airspace, which this guide does clinically.

  • Air traffic control is just as important to flying these days as it ever has been, and with this guide you will be shown the importance of using ATC as well as how to manage flight service stations, towers, ground control, departure and approach amongst other vital parts of ATC.

  • Want to make sure you are flying as the rules demand? Then use this package to ensure you fly as securely as you can as you will learn how to manage instruments and equipment the way that the pros do.

  • Now, you can tell what various lighting and marks mean when you are flying as this eBook clearly defines what every light that your aircraft shows will mean so you can adjust to work with any problem that are being caused.

  • Do you need help getting to grips with the terminology provided when you are flying? Then you really do need to pick up this package! It will help you start talking like a pilot as much as thinking like one.

  • You need to know how to successfully convert formulas and with this you will be shown to work out conversions such as British Imperial to Metrics with absolute accuracy.

What You Learn

In here, you will learn about some vital factors of flying an aircraft such as being able to manage specific aircraft types and parts, helping set you up for the long-term and make sure you understand everything you are taking on.

Likewise, you'll be taken through the various formats out there such as pilot certifications and ratings, airport and runway components, airport markings and airspace. You'll also be given a full tutorial on managing with air traffic control, one of the most important support functions within aviation.

Add in the addition of weather reporting and conditioning assistance as well as giving you help understanding instrument flight rules, visual flight rules, variation aids and a whole range of flight terminology and you'll be getting an incredible amount of information and value provided to you for free! This package really makes it easy for you to become a genuine flight simulation expert.

Need help making the conversions in your simulator to make sure your assessments and estimates are correct? Then this will make that easier than ever. Through 210 pages of awesome information, you'll be taught how to really manage your aircraft and to make sure it flies the way that you need it do. Indeed, you'll be shown;

Everything that any real-life pilot would need to know, ensuring that you never need to freeze up or guess when you are flying around in the simulator. This is vital to get right as it will make sure you can take the aircraft back home with minimal fuss, using a whole host of unique details that real-world pilots work with to ensure you can get to where you need to be. If you are worried about reaching the level you wanted to as a pilot, this can help you avoid these problems.

Now, you'll be judged and working on the same rulings as a real-life pilot so you can make sure you can easily carry yourself forward in the most professional manner possible. If realism is important to you then this is something that you need to give a try as it will help you understand the direction that you need to start heading in.

Understand how to actually utilize the full power and strength of a flight simulator, instead of following all of the basics and making guesses at vital junctions in the flight you can call upon official, genuine flight knowledge. By going through this process, you'll have no problems in taking full control of the process whilst maximizing your potential return.

Available Anywhere

This package has been created to ensure that you no longer have to work with basic flight simulation information or use extremely specific tutorials to become a better pilot.

With the information provided in here, you should have no problems whatsoever in following the right path using the step-by-step guides that fit with any kind of piloting exercise within a flight simulator.

Add in the incredibly easy to follow text, ensuring everything is explained in layman's terms so you never get lost, and you have a truly comprehensive learning document to work with.

The clear depictions across the board will make it nice and easy for you to start working with the right mentality and to ensure you are never left unsure about what you have to do to make the flight turn out as you had originally planned.

The focused chapters included throughout will make sure you can look at specific parts of you can read the whole thing and make sure you are going exactly where you want to be in future. If you are determined to become a top pilot within a simulator then you can use the quick reference tables to make sure you never have to fall behind again. Everything has also been fully indexed so that you have full control over what parts you will need to study.

The best part about this project? It's not for any specific simulator or simulation. It's been made for anywhere in the world as everything taught in here is a global set of rulings that fit within the flight simulation community all across the board. Made for use with any and all aircrafts out there, this works perfectly as a tutorial regardless of what you actually enjoy flying around in typically.

One of the most important parts of this whole process is the fact that a flight simulation process can be put together that will fit regardless of the software you are using. Just remember that this is just for use with flight simulation and should never be used as a means for training as a real pilot!

INCLUDED - Free V-Speed Card

  • Education is vital in this process and one of the best ways to make yourself move forward in the right way to use the power of the V-Speed card to educate yourself. Now you will have access to the most common aviation V-Speeds including minimum, maximum and optimum levels to hit.

  • It's sorted out alphabetically and into relative speeds so that you can easily use this in the way that you wish to fly around; it depends on what you prefer looking at and how you like to organize systems but either way they'll make your life so much easier.

  • The V-Speed card is clearly described so that you can know exactly what you are dealing with, regardless of what you expect to be using. It's also perfectly applicable to any particular aircraft out there, so you can use it in any way that you wish - whatever you feel works out the best for you, you can use it here to your advantage to help understand common V-speed readings. 


About TopSkills

TopSkills publishes tutorial videos and self-instructional books to help home flight-simulation enthusiasts maximize enjoyment of their hobby by applying real-world aviation principles and techniques.

The business was formed in 1987 by Bill Stack as a management-consulting practice. Between 1987 and 2012, Bill consulted to government and private-sector auditing organizations including inspectors general and internal auditors.  

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