Using Instrument Approach Charts Tutorial Video

Using Instrument Approach Charts Tutorial Video4.7/5 3 reviews

Published instrument approaches enable pilots to approach and land at most airports in low visibility, officially called Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). Read more...

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Use Published Instrument Approach Charts for Ultimate Realism

  • Understand important data on instrument approach charts
  • Find headings, altitudes, navaids, fixes, and more;
  • Use ILS, GPS, VOR, DME, NDB, LOC, and STAR procedures;
  • Follow localizers, glide slopes, step-downs;
  • Follow DME arcs, procedure turns, missed approaches;
  • And much more

Enjoy the Satisfaction of Realistic Flight Simming

  • Execute approaches like real IFR pilots.
  • Read information with ease.
  • Follow detailed approach instructions.
  • Use the modern and traditional approach types
  • And many more skills.

Learn From a Professional Instructional Video

  • Scripted, articulated, and edited narration
  • Separate screens for each step
  • Animated highlights for key concepts
  • Succinct explanations for everything
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Approach charts included
  • Video duration 19 minutes
  • File size: 382 MB

Focus and Limits

  • Explains standard instrument approach charts listed above
  • Does not explain instrument flight rules
  • Does not explain flight instruments
  • Not about navigation radios or GPS

Applies to All Home Flight Simulator Programs

  • Microsoft
  • X-Plane
  • Prepar3D
  • Flight Gear

Version 2.1 Updates

All audio narrations have been improved for the highest quality and best user experience. Instructions are clarified based on user feedback. More bonus items are included.


Prior knowledge of flight instruments and instrument flight rules is beneficial. Instrument flight is fully explained in my book, Instrument Flying for Flight Sim Pilots. Instrument flight rules are explained in my Flight Rules video.

Compatible With Popular Software and Operating Systems

  • Uses common video software that plays MP4s such as:
    • Windows Media Player
    • Quick Time
    • RealPlayer
    • WinAmp
  • Instructions for use are included
  • Duration 18:46 minutes
  • File size 382 MB

Bonus Items

Four bonus items are included free for quick and easy reference:

  • Transcript of the entire video
  • Charts used in the video
  • Keyboard shortcut list for MSFS 2020
  • V-Speed card

Quality Assured

Every effort has been expended to make sure your video is the quality you deserve.

  • Meticulously planned
  • Thoroughly researched
  • Independently verified for accuracy
  • Separately reviewed for quality

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a professional management consultant, I trained people in workplaces for more than 30 years. I began publishing books about home flight simulation in 1997 and videos in 2010. As a professional and experienced trainer, I invest a lot of effort and time toward making quality products that are useful to people.

  • Any video with manufacturing defects will be replaced at no cost.
  • If you can show that the content of this video is not as described herein, your money will be refunded.
  • If you find any facts that you believe are in error, please let me know so I can check it out.
  • Your constructive feedback is welcomed

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TopSkills publishes tutorial videos and self-instructional books to help home flight-simulation enthusiasts maximize enjoyment of their hobby by applying real-world aviation principles and techniques.

The business was formed in 1987 by Bill Stack as a management-consulting practice. Between 1987 and 2012, Bill consulted to government and private-sector auditing organizations including inspectors general and internal auditors.  

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.7/5.0 based on 3 customer reviews

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

very glad to have found this software A lot of care and attention has gone into the design and construction of this video, in an effort to make it ideal for self learning. Each topic has its own distinct section, with animations and graphics included to help present information and data clearly. An easy to read script and well spoken narration will guide you through the 26 minute video that you can pause, rewind and fast forward as and when you need to so that you won't miss anything or waste any time on topics you've already covered.

You will learn about the common types of published instrument approach charts, from Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) to Area Navigation (RNAV), as well as the benefits of using them. Topics cover all the basic information presented in charts and the commonalities among the numerous different charts. You'll also learn how to read step-down descents, DME Arcs, holding patterns and many other details shown on these charts. On top of that, you can learn where to obtain official instrument charts for yourself.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

It's alright, it's clear and effort has been made and it shows. I think I would probably liked it to be more if it was longer and more detailed.

I think how much you get out of it depends on what you know before you buy it.

5 of 5 Stars!

If you tell me what additional details you have in mind, I will consider adding them to a future upgrade. Bill Stack

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