Using ATC for VFR in MSFS Training Video

Using ATC for VFR in MSFS Training Video

Offered by Bill Stack at TopSkills, this video tutorial demonstrates how to use the air traffic control for VFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020. Read more...

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From the flow of air traffic to weather reports and general advice for the pilot, air traffic control is a crucial part of any flight. And, in terms of virtual flight, communicating with ATC makes the overall experience more realistic and authentic.

The tutorial will take you through how to communicate with all of the air traffic control facilities for visual flights, from the control towers to ground control and departure control.

You will also learn how to communicate effectively with Air Route Traffic Control Centers, Approach Control, and Common Traffic advisors.

You will further learn how to use all the ATC functions for visual flights, such as requests, clearances, instructions, reports, and readbacks. You will learn how to communicate VFR in all relevant airspaces, from controlled to uncontrolled airports, on the ground, and in the air.

There are also instructions on how to adhere to basic air traffic control procedures. These include requesting and receiving clearance to taxi and take off, holding short and taxiing into position, and handing off to other jurisdictions.

Other basic procedure lessons include transiting airspaces en route, receiving en route atmospheric pressure, and listening to and understanding destination weather reports.

Other tutorials will go over how to operate the ATC menus effectively – such things as opening, closing, and repositioning the window, listening to and reading ATC messages, and using the mouse and keyboard.

By the time you have soaked up all the information on offer, you will be able to communicate with air traffic control just as real VFR pilots would, how to tune to correct radio frequencies, and when to contact air traffic control in the first place.

You will also know how to recognize call signs and how to respond to ATC communications.

The information is relevant to all aircraft that normally fly VFR such as the Cessna 152, 172, and 208B, the Beech Baron, Bonanza, and King Air, the Diamond DA40 and DA62, the JMB VL3, and similar aircraft.

The training video is actually two videos in one package, with the first concentrating on ground procedures and the second exploring aerial procedures. There is a total duration of 26 minutes. 

The video file is compatible with the most popular software and operating systems such as Windows Media Player, Quick Time, RealPlayer, and WinAmp. There are also several bonus items included free – transcripts of the entire video, keyboard shortcut list for MSFS 2020, and V-speed card.

The videos on offer have been well planned and put together, with an obvious wealth of research and knowledge behind them. They have also been independently verified for accuracy and separately reviewed for quality.

They feature animated highlights, concise explanations, and crystal-clear audio. Bill Stack has over 30 years of experience in training, with an extensive background in flight simulation.


  • Two tutorial videos in one video package (one for ground procedures and one for aerial procedures)
  • Combined running time of 26 minutes (first video 12 mins, second video 14 mins)
  • Instructions on how to communicate with all ARC facilities for visual flights
  • Instructions on how to use all ATC functions for visual flights
  • Instructions on how to communicate VFR in all relevant airspaces
  • Instruction on how to adhere to basic ATC procedures and how to operate ATC menus
  • Communicating effectively with ATC will lead to a more authentic flight simulation experience
  • Videos have been professionally and accurately put together
  • Featuring animated highlights, concise explanations, and crystal-clear audio
  • Also features transcripts of entire videos, a keyboard shortcut list for MSFS 2020, and a V-speed card
  • Put together by Bill Stack at TopSkills

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a professional management consultant, I trained people in workplaces for more than 30 years. I began publishing books about home flight simulation in 1997 and videos in 2010. As a professional and experienced trainer, I invest a lot of effort and time toward making quality products that are useful to people.

  • Any video with manufacturing defects will be replaced at no cost.
  • If you can show that the content of this video is not as described herein, your money will be refunded.
  • If you find any facts that you believe are in error, please let me know so I can check it out.
  • Your constructive feedback is welcomed.

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The business was formed in 1987 by Bill Stack as a management-consulting practice. Between 1987 and 2012, Bill consulted to government and private-sector auditing organizations including inspectors general and internal auditors.  

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