Using the MSFS Flight Planner Tutorial Video

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New 2020 Edition (v2)

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Note: This product is based on the FSX version. An upgrade based on the 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is under development.

Appearances, audios, and pacing have been sharpened. Some new information has been added, and other information has been clarified. These changes improve the self-learning features of these popular tutorials and manuals from TopSkills.

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of being involved with using a flight simulator is getting used to all of the extra features included - with Microsoft Flight Simulator packages, though, that becomes even more challenging to work with.

By this, we mean that it pushes the boundaries and makes sure that you are putting in the hard work, the commitment, the time and the effort to master the entire process - without it, you simply wouldn't get the same level of satisfaction. One of the biggest problems any MSFS fan will face, though, is managing the Electronic Flight Planner.

In this set of videos provided by the excellent Top Skills, you should have no problems whatsoever getting to grips with the way that the system itself is supposed to run and be managed. By getting this right and giving you access to the kind of information that you need to be successful, the EFP soon becomes far more powerful and much accessible than it previously was.

This package is managed by Bill Stack, an expert in aviation and simulation, who can give you the help that you need to really capture the depth and the detail of the planner in full flow.

With real-world pilots insight being included in here along with a huge amount of detail that will help you see just how powerful the EFP can be, you will easily get to understand just why this system has become so incredibly powerful over the years.

Getting to grips with this is naturally a fair challenge, but with the information provided in here you should have no problems mastering your craft. This tutorial will help you get to grips with one of the most gripping yet rewarding systems out there for you to use when needed.

New and Improved

This version of the EFP tutorial has been re-invigorated, improved and changed time and time again to bring it to life in the most dramatic fashion possible. This tutorial video has been worked upon various times to ensure it provides further detail than it ever has before. Likewise, every description and explanation has been re-worked and changed to ensure that it fits with the official way of working when using an aircraft.

Explanations are clearer than ever whilst also making sure that you have access to various improved animations which have been included to truly capture the feeling properly. These new animations have been worked upon relentlessly to bring them to life in the right fashion, creating a truly enjoyable simulation video.

The longer length of the videos in general also ensures that you get more detail, and more information, all stored into the one place. Bringing all of this together and making it look the part is a great deal of fun, and can be used to create the right kind of plan, ensuring you know exactly what you are doing when using the EFP. Indeed, the extra IFR and VFR guides which are included make the perfect solution to your needs and to help you really understand why they are such a vital part of the process in general.

Add in the fact that each video comes with free V-speed cards, too, and you should have no problems adjusting to the various new additions that mastering the EFP will bring to the table. You'll have a lot to learn and get used to putting into action with this software, ensuring you have the help and the expertise made available to you that is needed to really see your flight skills improving - all for the same price!

Become More Realistic

Realism is a vital part of using a simulator - this is why we use a simulator and not a game! For everything that you can possibly learn about using this excellent feature within MSFS, you can use this guide to help you master elements such as;

  • Getting to use your GPS alongside the EFP, ensuring that you have all the help that you need in getting to grips with this vital part of the flight and also to guarantee that your level of performance can become more consistent and more effective than it has been in the past.

  • Likewise, you'll get access to air traffic control vectors to help you understand what this all means, and how you can easily adapt the progress and style of your flight to meet the standards and the specifications set by ATC when you are trying to organize your flight.

  • Learn how to make the autopilot tick along and work without required input on your part, ensuring that you can enable the autopilot to do your bidding whilst you set it all up in the flight planner and the GPS system, utilizing extra tools to make flying so much simpler.

  • The ability to choose your departure and your destination makes it much easier to make a flight plan that works in the way that you had intended, whilst ensuring that you will have no problems in getting to grips with the way that you are flying at this moment in time.

  • Additionally you'll gain access to information about determining your altitude, getting to grips with specific flight rules to make sure it all goes according to the plan and the rulings you need to work with, and also learn how to add and remove waypoints as you are actually flying.  

Improve Your Knowledge

Flight knowledge is so important to making sure you can fly in a way that suits your style and your format as a pilot, and this is far more important than just tagging along and seeing how far you can get the job done! With the help of this video you can stop yourself from just going along with the process, and instead actually learn something conducive to become a better pilot such as;

Managing your aircraft when you are flying, making sure you set and arrange the right value for your heading and your cruising altitude.

Provide yourself with access to laying out the full route so that your entire flight progress is prepared and ready to go long in advance of you starting the flight. This allows you to get used to one of the more challenging aspects of planning your own flight.

Get used to identifying the origin of your flight and the destination that you wish to reach using airports as your guideline, ensuring you don't land in the middle of nowhere!

List all of your navigation waypoints to ensure that you stay on track using the help of navaids to ensure you can stay on course as you fly.

Make sure you can indiciate your flight rules, using either VFR or IFR to ensure that your flight can operate in the way that you had originally intended.

Work out the estimated duration of your flight as well as your required fuel needs so that you can adequately prepare before you take off. It might seem like a simple thing, but managing these minor factors can be the difference between making the flight and actually seeing it work out in the way that it was supposed to when you first started to take-off!

Made for Simplicity

  • Although flight simulation is a deeply enjoyable hobby to have, for lots of beginners it can be a challenge which is beyond them. Instead of having to struggle, though, you can use these brilliant instructional video packages to ensure you never fall behind again in your education.

  • With the help of these step-by-step instructions you can master the challenges which are put forward by the cockpit itself - when you use the video guide you should have no problems getting to grips with the normal challenges that exist when flying using the EFP.

  • The narration throughout also highlights things to look out for and key incidents that can occur when you are flying, so it's worth having the audio on so that you can both see and hear the procedure. This further enhances your ability to take in that information whilst maintain an ability to understand it all.

  • Audio has been optimized and made to be as clear as possible, as well. This tallies well with the high quality of the images on screen so that you can stay on track throughout the learning process. This then makes sure that you don't have to worry about guessing or hoping.

  • The instructions included with this package will make it incredibly easy for you to learn about the video and what you need to master - this is so important. It will make sure that you get the assistance you need in becoming a far more comfortable pilot when moving forward.

  • With 12:35 minutes of information and over 120MB of data stored in this video, you can learn from the most enjoyable form of piloting possible to really maximize your aims and you're potential as you fly. It's fully compatible with Windows Media Player, WinAMP, QuickTime and RealPlayer so it can watched with ease, as well!


This tutorial video has been created for the sole purpose of being used within home simulation and cannot be used as a video for mastering real-life aviation. 


About TopSkills

TopSkills publishes tutorial videos and self-instructional books to help home flight-simulation enthusiasts maximize enjoyment of their hobby by applying real-world aviation principles and techniques.

The business was formed in 1987 by Bill Stack as a management-consulting practice. Between 1987 and 2012, Bill consulted to government and private-sector auditing organizations including inspectors general and internal auditors.  

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Customer Reviews

Rated 3.8/5.0 based on 5 customer reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

This definitely a good idea for new simmers to Microsoft Flight sims. I've been "flying" flight sim since it came out around 1995. I've had to self teach myself how to use the tools to get from one place to another. I know I can still learn a thing or two. If this sample video is anything like the series I say good job. Thanks for creating such a video series. After all it is a simulation we are after.

3 of 5 Stars!

This video may be good for a newbie who has never had the opportunity to use a flight simulator anyone who has had any time with the flight simulator should already be familiar with the systems and how they work

2 of 5 Stars!

A bit late for dedicated FSX armchair flyers - I already know all about the flight planners. I need to know how to fully operate GPS with ILS and the other

4 of 5 Stars!

Could be interesting. I like the idea of being in control and being able to add or remove waypoints

5 of 5 Stars!

Great demo video. This appears to be something that would enhance the FS experience greatly.

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