Using ATC for VFR in MSFS Tutorial Video

Using ATC for VFR in MSFS Tutorial Video

Note: This product is based on the FSX version. An upgrade based on the 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is under development. Read more...

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For many flight sim fans, understanding how to use air traffic control protocols is one of the more challenging aspects of creating an authentic and enjoyable flight process. To do it properly, most pilots need to spend hours making mistakes and getting pieces of the puzzle wrong before they can finally hit the level that they originally had intended.

With the help of this brilliant guide by Top Skills' Bill Stack, though, you can take full control of the ATC management and really improve your quality and consistency as a pilot.

In this package, you'll learn key concepts like;

ATC Basics

Any pilot who first gets involved within using the ATC system will have to first learn what it is - and this package will tell you every last detail so you are never in any about what you are supposed to be doing. Likewise, you'll be taught how to use vital sections of the program such as using clearances, instructions, and readbacks.

You'll be brought up to scratch with popular ATC terminology and lingo so that you can clearly and fluently understand and then respond to what you are being asked and told by the ATC team. Taking the time to learn this is vital, as it will ensure that you are closer to mastering ATC usage at airports with a tower as well as those without a tower to give you the common connection to the ATC that you need.

Indeed, you'll also be shown how to control many of the most basic elements of the flight process such as following the ground and approach procedures so that ATC is never left in ay doubt as to your position or your progress on the flight.

Also, you'll gain key information about how to manage many of the more miscellaneous systems and settings that are associated with the ATC program. With access to accurate weather reports and so much more, you'll be able to access a much more realistic representation of the cockpit whilst ensuring that you are always learning and improving.

The introduction of these features is one of the most enjoyable learning processes that you will go through, making sure that you come out the other end a far more accomplished and controlled pilot, capable of taking on ATC requirements and instructions at the drop of a hat.

Authentic Simulation

The quality of the simulation that you are working within is one of the most important aspects of making it actually enjoyable, and with the help of this video, you'll have no problem mastering all of the little aspects of simulation that make it so fun. When everything feels authentic it's far more enjoyable to be around, and this package manages to sell that depth and control across the board in the most delightful manner.

If you are interested in mastering all of the little sections and arts of being within the ATC system then you will absolutely love this video package; it will help you learn about key features within aviation such as;

  • Learning how to contact ATC to arrange taxi clearances as well as for instructions, ensuring you are never going to be left behind or put in trouble.

  • Request details and knowledge from the ATC, making sure you have clearance for taking off and ensuring that you have followed the professional protocol that was set out to you.

  • Get access to any transmissions set out by the ATC and then make sure that you engage and acknowledge what they say, making it much easier for you to get to grips with the system and also to make sure that ATC is receiving the responses that they require.

  • Get used to using flight following which will dramatically improve your overall flight competence and make sure you are flying the aircraft in the right manner as you start to develop as a pilot and get used to the more quirky nature of this kind of pilot. It adds another layer of difficulty in learning about flight simulation but ensures every flight you do land is so much more rewarded as you know that you have followed the official flight simulation procedure.

  • Likewise, you'll gain access to details about how to request and receive transition clearances which are another desperately useful part of the flight simulation process moving forward. With the help pf these transition clearances you can easily start to create a much more organized flight style that correlated with reality.

  • If you want to find and contact the destination airport towers, then you simply need to start preparing and changing to fit in with the right way forward, which this video will help you understand and get to grips with quickly.

  • You'll also obtain official weather briefings that will help you organize the flight and make sure you aren't going to be flying into any trouble along the way. With the help of these new features and additions, you can make sure you are gaining as many flight simulation skills as you possibly can, keeping you on the right track.

Focus and Limitations

In this video tutorial, you will gain access to a wide range of excellent audio and features that will help you clearly understand the direction that you want to go in and how you can find yourself there in the first place. To do this, you need to be able to understand the various focuses that this brings to the table. You will be learning about;

  • How to manage in a civilian environment, not a military environment. This concentrates solely on the civilian air traffic control plan.

  • Will provide you with FLIGHT SIMULATION details. Take note of this as this will be built for simulation use so certain situations have been changed to fit in with the differences between the simulation and reality.

  • This is based upon Microsoft Flight Simulator series plans so although it is still relevant elsewhere, there may be some changes and variations that make it most sensible to use this tutorial only with MSFS.

  • This is designed for the use of home simulation and home simulation only; any attempts to use what is taught in here within a real aircraft is dangerous and could put you in the potential for harm.

This package does, though, have certain limitations.

  • For example, this does not work within the realms of multiplayer usage - this is built upon using MSFS in a single-player environment and therefore many elements of the flight itself will change quite dramatically.

  • It will not explain the ATC within the context of add-ons and extras; all add-ons for ATC management should come with an additional guideline to follow, either way.

  • This is not about instrument flight rules, tower simulation, online simulations or the real world. This concentrates entirely on the world of aviation as it is within the simulated world of MSFS without any extras or add-ons, and it makes sense to get to grips with this as soon as you possibly can. Taking the time to do so will really help you get the level of competence that you need.

  • Likewise, it's not built for use with a combat simulator - this only concentrates on the civilian side of aviation.

Learn from the Best

Prepared professionally using a scripted, edited narrative to help you stay on track this package will ensure that even the most novice pilots can start to pick up the tricks of the trade. Clear and easy explanations are offered throughout so that you will have no problems falling into the right kind of solution, and it will ensure that you will have clear enough explanations to use your initiative to make decisions.

The animated highlights included for showing up key parts of the video is vital to your learning process, as well, as the succinct and detailed explanations for these animations will help you learn some of the most advanced concepts that come with this kind of flight simulation feature. By mastering this you are more likely to get the level of control and detail that you need when flying.

With an ATC glossary and instructions included, you will have no problems understanding the process and making sure that everything is working in the way that you had originally intended it to. Add in clear and easy to follow audio tracks and this package can be your definitive learning tool when it comes to becoming a better all-round pilot.

With 22:03 of footage included in here, you'll have access to a comprehensive and easy to manage guideline that ensures you'll have no issues whatsoever creating an easy to follow and unique ATC plan of action. When you get to grips with this vital service it becomes a lot easier to move forward in the right way whilst ensuring you can learn about this on the go.

The files have been designed to work with WMP, RealPlayer, and Winamp to ensure you can watch this on mobile devices and on laptops, ensuring you can learn whilst you fly.  


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The business was formed in 1987 by Bill Stack as a management-consulting practice. Between 1987 and 2012, Bill consulted to government and private-sector auditing organizations including inspectors general and internal auditors.  

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