Navigating With GPS & Using the MSFS Flight Planner Tutorial Video Bundle Pack

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Navigating With GPS & Using the MSFS Flight Planner Tutorial Video Bundle Pack

This product is a video bundle pack containing two of the popular TopSkills tutorial videos.  This bundle pack includes Navigating With GPS & Using the MSFS Flight Planner Tutorial.  Save money by purchasing this pack of two videos rather than individually.

Although flight simulators are great fun and extremely intricate pieces of software, they do have a bit of a learning curve at times. For some users, this can make it quite difficult to get into and really enjoy the feel of the simulation – however, you don’t need to struggle with that any longer. With the help of the TopSkills tutorial series, you can get easy to follow video tutorials on some of the more difficult aspects of flight simulation.

This bundle package gives you access to video tutorials created by the reputed TopSkills team, who make many different tutorials for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. This will help you understand how to Navigate with the GPS, as well as use the MSFS Flight Planner tool adequately. These are some of the more intricate parts of the experience for many users, and having simple instructions to follow on how to master these parts of the simulator yourself can amplify your experience massively.

All tutorial videos included within this pack are compatible with all commonly used video players, and can easily be transferred to mobile devices for easy reference while you are playing and when you are on the move.

Navigating with GPS

Trying to navigate with the GPS system in-game has become far more realistic in recent editions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, as the potential for a closer experience has become possible. That being said, the realism makes it more difficult for novice users to use to their advantage, as you would in a real flight experience. The Navigating with GPS tutorial, created by Bill Stack, will show you how to use the GPS within your plane, specifically the Garmin 500 range.

The majority of what you learn on this tutorial can be used with the same principles on many of the other GPS systems found on other aircraft. This is a brilliant starting point if you have no prior knowledge or experience with using a GPS system on a flight, and need assistance understanding the logistics and ideas behind how it actually works.

The Navigating with GPS tutorial video will show you;

  • How to read and understand the large quantities of data related to your flight
  • Easy ways to understand what the data means between your current course & your waypoint
  • What each and every little knob and key does on the display that you can access
  • Using the GPS system to guide your aircraft and how to manage autopilot
  • Use a wide variety of quick skills and tips to make GPS planning and monitoring as easy as possible

The Navigating with GPS tutorial system provided above is shown in a clear, simple way in it’s own separate section. You won’t find yourself going back and forth trying to understand what is being said, or what is being spoken about. These video tutorials have been professionally pieced together and are clearly split up into separate parts so that you can always follow the train of thought behind each and every part of the tutorial.

You will receive many benefits from taking the time to learn about how navigate with the GPS system in-game, allowing you to understand everything from your ETA to where exactly you are in the sky at any given time. This is your perfect map to getting a much greater grip and control on your simulation experience – if you have been struggling to get down the basics or even the advanced parts of navigating with a GPS system when you are playing, this can be the perfect solution for you. 

Using the MSFS Flight Planner

One of the many benefits of playing a flight simulator rather than a traditional flight video game is the huge amount of realistic access you get to tools in comparison with one another. A flight simulator gives you so many more options, but in turn this means you have so much more to learn! With the help of the Using the MSFS Flight Planner tutorial, you can improve your simulation experience and credentials remarkably.

The Electronic Flight Planner is a brilliant part of the simulation experience to master, as it boosts your overall capabilities and control of the cockpit remarkably. The Electronic Flight Planner is a tool that usually is learned through hours wasted in trial and error – this tutorial takes away the need for any time experimenting. Whether you are new to using the Flight Planner or you want to know just how powerful it really is having already learned the intermediate stuff, this video is perfect for you. You can pick up useful skills like;

  • Detailed descriptions of how to setting up your headings as well as your cruising altitude
  • Lay out the entire route of your journey so you know the very angle to take all the way there
  • Using the Flight Planner to master the locations and pathways to certain airports
  • Calculating the duration and fuel cost of the journey
  • Listing waypoints along the way to check progress and keep you on track

All of these skills can easily be translated into your own flight experience to make sure that you are improving all the time as a flight sim user. Designed to be easy to follow and written by the same professionals who carried out the Navigating with GPS tutorial above, you can get the most expertly put together learning experience for the Flight Planner today.

These step-by-step instructions make it much easier to really balance out your flight experience and make sure that you are using every possible option in front of you. At first, the Flight Planner can seem a little overwhelming – with the various tips, tricks and hints found throughout this tutorial video you will find it easy to use in no time.

Note: While everything that you learn through these videos is based on the most reliable sources as well as the personal real-life experience of those who wrote these tutorials, they are designed purely for learning with a simulation environment. They are as authentic as they can be, but there are still going to be nuances and differences between the virtual edition and the real world equivalent – never attempt to use these videos as a true learning series for real-life mastery of a Garmin 500 GPS system, or any GPS system. 

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