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Appearances, audios, and pacing have been sharpened. Some new information has been added, and other information has been clarified. These changes improve the self-learning features of these popular tutorials and manuals from TopSkills.

For many flight simulation users, getting to grips with the basics is usually the hardest part. With so much to think about and consider when flying a virtual aircraft, it can be excessively challenging to make sure it all falls into place in the right way; indeed, it can be nearly impossible to manage without many hours of experimentation and learning. That being said, a huge number of people today tend to benefit hugely from the inclusion and introduction of tutorial videos, and these selections from Top Skills make it easier than ever to maximize your performance in general.

Navigation when using a GPS is a hugely challenging process if you are not used to doing so, and this guide will help you learn how to manage the process from start to finish. This package has been put together by Bill Stack, a revered name within flight sim tutorials, to ensure that you have access to all the information that you need complete with graphical animations and other fine extras. It clearly explains how to use the Garmin 500 GPS system in a Microsoft Flight Simulator environment, as well as las ensuring that you can use the techniques learned here with various other GPS devices.

By combining together an exciting and engaging program, this manages to create a far more instructive video that is just perfect for teaching yourself and mastering the craft personally.

Made for Education

Becoming the best pilot that you can is hard work, and you usually need to use some form of educational assistance to get there in the first place. This package has been designed so that you can learn on your own, with everything explained clearly and concisely.

Likewise, the package has been produced by a team of experts who are genuinely engaged within flight simulation all the time and who come with a deep and engaging list of advice, information and help that you can implement. Most of the tips here are unique to the video itself.

This is backed up by a scripted and edited narration package that ensures you never need to miss a beat or have a lack of clarity about what has to be done. With the help of this package, you can easily start to put together the little pieces that hold back so many pilots thanks to the detail in the animation.

With separate screens that also work within the video, you'll have no problems staying on track and following the ideas that are being put across here as you fly, making it much easier to follow every step that's explained.

Lastly, the videos are made much easier to follow thanks to the fact they come with animated, clear highlights that can easily be followed and understood. They cover the key concepts easily so that you can stick with the plan and never get put off-track by a lack of information. This is amplified by the fact that you have clear, professional explanations that take even the most challenging of terms involved using a GPS system and make it nice and simple to follow.

By removing the difficulty in understanding the concepts, you can learn with comfort and freedom.

Learn From The Professionals

It always helps to learn from the best when it comes to this kind of flight simulation, and this is made much easier to follow along with and understand thanks to the range of tasks that you will learn about. You will be shown how to read GPS map screens and their related data, as well as get to grips with changing map screens fluently. This may sound simple but it can be the undoing of many talented pilots and should be something that you pay particular attention to as it can really help you stay in control when flying.

Add in the fact that you'll be taught how to deal with more advanced features such as accessing flight analytics to ensure you are on track, you should have no problems in getting total control of your flight when you use this video to show you the changes involved. You'll now be able to make active changes to the destination that you are due to arrive at when you are en route, making the GPS system far more powerful and also making it much easier, in general, to manage the system and ensure that it works as you intended.

You need to learn how to use the GPS system but it's more important than ever when you are using the Autopilot function. Thankfully, this makes that nice and simple and ensures you'll have very little problems flying in the way that you had wanted without having to adjust too often when flying. With all of these extra details, you should now be able to learn and know the functions of various buttons and knobs on the cockpit so that you can get to grips with the various functions of a normal GPS system, ensuring you'll have few problems later.

By using soft keys and hard keys, you'll be able to learn how to use the GPS effectively and how to get used to one of the more challenging aspects of flying an aircraft like this. Take this seriously, and you can really stave off a whole host of problems!

You'll also get details on many of the other skills that you may need when using a GPS system. Although it's mostly automated and can be made very simple to use, you need to learn the process and this video makes it nice and simple when you try to do that.

Gain an Advantage

Using a tool such as the GPS is all about giving yourself that extra layer of advantage and help moving forward, specifically when you look at how to gain that advantage - and with this tutorial video, you'll learn how to manage the GPS flight path & data. By mastering this function you should have no problem flying an aircraft using the GPS as your aid, and you should have no real problems getting to grips with the flight data that you need to stay on track and to ensure you have no problems reaching your destination unscathed.

With all of these extra details as you fly, you should have no problems making progressive changes when flying such as altering the destination or even putting yourself on the right track. With all of these extra new features being installed into your consciousness, you should have no problems in;

  • Learning how to detail where you are at any given time; when you are out and about in the skies and you lose track of your position it can be quite worrying. With the help of this package, though, you remove a large element of that risk whilst maximizing response.

  • You'll also be able to master some of the more challenging elements of flight such as determining your ETA; if you are flying to targets or on a mission it can help to know where you are and when you may arrive. This package will help you understand this clearly via your GPS.

  • Get to grips with important match stats and facts such as where your ground speed is or what level you would need to reach to get to the desired speed. Having these extra analytics onboard is very important as they will help you become a far more accomplished pilot.

  • Get to grips with viewing local terrain as you fly over when you are using GPS navigation to ensure that you clearly know what you will be coming up against when you are flying. This removes the challenge that is usually associated with flight simulation in that you'll now have a clear idea of what lies ahead for you.

  • Master flying with your GPS system when you only have an airport to try and reach, as thanks to the use of waypoints you can keep the flight clearly in the right direction and more likely to reach your destination

  • And so much more is taught along the way - this makes a truly invaluable learning tool that can ensure you have no problems in reaching your destination unscathed.

  • With so much to take in about the GPS system and how you can manage to use it for your own needs, this package can be the perfect flight companion for even the most detailed and precise of pilots. If you need help in reaching a specific milestone or position then you should really look to use this video. It will help to detail everything about the GPS system along the way.

This video runs perfectly well in software packages such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, and WinAMP. Additionally, it ships with a range of different instructions to follow so that you can get the maximum level of performance that you need.


This package has been designed purely for use with home flight simulation and should never be used as a template for mastering real-life aviation. 


About TopSkills

TopSkills publishes tutorial videos and self-instructional books to help home flight-simulation enthusiasts maximize enjoyment of their hobby by applying real-world aviation principles and techniques.

The business was formed in 1987 by Bill Stack as a management-consulting practice. Between 1987 and 2012, Bill consulted to government and private-sector auditing organizations including inspectors general and internal auditors.  

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Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 3 customer reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

Hallo,Mr,B.stack.I'm a man who love aviation a lot and I'm using an FSX 2004 PC FLIGHT SIMULATOR at home now and I'm new of using the GPS and I sometime get confuse with SIR.But after I ave listen a little bit careful about what you say I think I'm now understand a little bit more about it SIR.But still I'm a little bit confuse sometime SIR.But slowly.Thank you for your explanation SIR.I like it.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

I thought I would get a bit help with the GPS on FSX. I like the person am an elderly person and just needed to pointed in the right direction. This video gave me that help. Now I have to see if he has done one on GPS landings. If you have any questions on navigating with the GPS this video should answerer those questions. A good value for the money spent.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

As an elderly newbie, the GPS for FS was difficult to apply while flying. The educational piece by Mr Stack has become invaluable. By reviewing the download at my speed has helped me understand and use the GPS. It certainly has improved the simulated reality as I have become more proficient.

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