Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan Expansion Pack for FSX/P3D

Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan Expansion Pack for FSX/P3D

Important: This product is an expansion of the Flysimware Beech 18 package.  You must have that product installed before you install this package.  You can purchase it here. Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition & Prepar3D all versions inc. v4, v5 with Flysimware Beech 18 Package
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As an aircraft well respected and much loved for its format and style, the old bombing and gunnery trainer of the Beechcraft AT-11 holds a real place in the hearts of some people. Derived from the AT-7, this model has had significant changes introduced which are caught up and added in this excellent package.

Totally recreating the real package, this aircraft does a wonderful job of representing the format and style of the real thing with ease.

It comes with the smaller, circular cabin windows as well as bombardier positions in the nose and a bomb bay making it a bit change from its earlier brethren. With so many extra features included, this model package comes with each and every potential addition which is needed to help make the whole package feel as homely and as accessible as it possibly can.

FlySimWare have worked tirelessly to create a package full of energy and life which gives you so many useful features and additions that it really can feel like a whole new kind of flight experience for some. If you are used to more modern or civilian based vehicles then this really can be a bit of a shock!

This AT-11 model takes elements of the old Beech 18 X package and introduces it in the most effective manner possible. With freshly detailed parts making up a huge amount of the new changes and features, this also utilizes the power of fresh animations to really bring the aircraft to life and feel the way that it should.

It has access to a range of new lighting effects, too, which do a wonderful job of progressing and improving the overall flight experience for you. Animated practice bombers are also included so if you want to try something new, you can!

What's New?

  • Utilizes the importance of real world 3D gauges to help you improve your flight accuracy and control. Thanks to the details held within the gauges in front of you, it will become easier than ever to navigate and control your aircraft and manage the resources that you have with you.

  • Make your aircraft feel more authentic than ever with new bones animation features that really do all they can to make the aircraft feel vibrant and alive.

  • The animation quality is not all that is new here, though! This also uses some amazing high quality textures to really sell the story and the look of the real thing, giving you bump, world reflections and skin mesh features to really amplify the quality and style of the design here with ease.

  • Over 150 customized XML gauges are included to give you the highest level of performance and the utmost level of control over the system. These gauges will really help you hold a greater level of stability during flight, too, giving you key details in return.

  • The virtual cockpit has been improved in terms of performance and control but it also has a whole new wave of sounds included that do a wonderful job of capturing and controlling the stunning audio provided throughout.

  • Speed controlled sounds for the windows are included, as well as for doors and heater vents to give you some proper sound that really do sell the interior of the aircraft in the most authentic manner it can.

Specific Changes

  • Some of the most specific changes included changes to the operation of the aircraft - for example, the dual analogue clock has been through some significant changes along the way and thus your overall enjoyment, control and grasp of the way that flight timing is going to be tracked will change.

  • This also includes specific changes to the way that the landing light will be used - it's now retractable both to the left and the right, giving you a greater level of control over the visibility that you have when you go to make a landing in your aircraft.

  • Transponder squawk codes are provided to Vatsim and Gamespy, offering another easy way to use this online.

  • Dummy primer systems are included which are a wonderful inclusion, making it easier than ever to manage your aircraft and to have access to the kind of tools and equipment that every good pilot would.

  • Axis functions are changed heavily on the Norden bombsight, with Axis functions fully accessible for use.

  • Animated practice bombs are included if you want to see how good an aim you are, with full animations and designs included to show you the impact of the bomb hitting the ground altogether.

Extra Features

As well as making the most of the various formats and features that make up a strong flight simulation experience, this mod also makes massive changes to various animations. This is included in the design process, and includes;

  • Yoke & Linkage - VC - Exterior
  • Pedals & Linkage - VC - Exterior
  • Pilots - NO - Exterior
  • Doors - VC - Exterior
  • Switches, Levers and Gauges - VC - Exterior
  • Bonus Animation - VC - Exterior

As well as improving the overall presentation of the aircraft, this introduces fresh changes to the audio impression of the aircraft. By this we mean it adds fresh Grumman Goose G21A sound sets as well as a bonus, custom sound module which includes more than fifteen new bonus sound systems.

The graphical side of this aircraft has been changed dramatically along the way, with new variations being included. These fresh new variations of the aircraft used include;

  • 8-11 seater - Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan
  • Paint Themes
  • Navy - 805
  • Netherlands - N6251C

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