"Jet Simming" Flight Sim Manual e-Book

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"Jet Simming" Flight Sim Manual e-Book
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When it comes to learning about the joys of jet simming many pilots can find it quite hard to get to grip with the basics – they are far more cumbersome than your average aircraft and the difference in flying one of these is night and day to your normal aircraft.

  • This eBook, though, removes the mystery and instead makes it much easier for you to manage the aircraft and make it do your bidding.

  • This will keep you on track comfortably and easily moving forward, whilst ensuring that you can get real-world jet pilots training as well as all of the other tasks you need to undertake when flying.

  • Being a pilot is about far more than just flying an aircraft and punching buttons – you need to manage the entire craft from start to finish, and this guide will help you do just that.

  • Not only does it clearly explain to you the detailed and requirements of being a modern pilot but it will help you make sure you are flying in an authentic and professional manner, always following the rules. It’s vital that you do this, keeping yourself on the right track and maintaining progress.

  • The instruments may appear the same in the cockpit but the actual way you fly a jet is very different, and with this model you will get to easily see the big differences so that you can prepare for flying one properly in the future, keeping yourself on the right track constantly.

  • Flying these various forms of jets comes with their own challenges and their own problems, and this eBook spells out the general characteristics of each form of jet so that you can prepare yourself for management and successful usage of the aircraft itself.

  • Likewise, you need to get used to the autopilot feature if you want to make the flight as easy as possible – this will show you how to calculate and then set the ideal altitude, speed, climb rate etc. to minimize the chance of your aircraft going wrong or running into any issues along the way.

  • Simming with an autopilot can be tough and will cause you problems at first, but with this you will learn how to manage each manufacturer’s autopilot system with a specific chapter dedicated to getting used to this vital feature.

  • Likewise, you’ll need to learn to check checklists on various crafts and a failure to do so can limit and hamper your chances of success. If you want to be the best pilot that you can, you need to learn from these checklists.

  • Lastly, you must learn about charts and where real pilots fin their charts – doing this will make it much easier for you to fly authentically within the simulator. With the real sources of charts revealed to you in this, you can turn and find the most authentic way to fly and the best way to control your jet.

Understand the Basics

When learning about aviation, it really helps to get the basics explained and this eBook really will cover everything from start to finish. You’ll learn about the advantages of jet flights, as well as what the real-world equivalent pilots would be dealing with so you can see the fair comparison unfold between real life and simulation.

You’ll also get to see what is expected and understood of a jet pilot, hopefully making it easier for you to buy into the entire ethos of the job and give you more confidence when you start to move forward. The fundamentals will be laid out in front of you as well so that you can easily see what you need to take on and the differences that jet simming will bring to the table.

Performance speeds are a vital part of flying any aircraft and with this package you will learn how to manage jet panels and instruments. These vital parts of the jet flying experience will help you become a more confident and complete pilot, giving you much more comfort at the cockpit.

These jet panels and instruments will be for nothing, though, if you are unsure of how to plan and prepare your flight. Whilst all instruments and panels are clearly explained, the flight itself is made so much easier to handle than it would be if you were learning from scratch.

A huge part of the training in this book comes from learning how to fly jets. You’ll learn how to fly every class of jet from propjets and business jets to large jetliners, giving you a much greater spectrum of control over what you need to do when moving forward.

The autopilot feature will be clearly explained to you so that it will no longer be an excessive challenge or a burden to try and use, instead making it a valuable part of your control process over the aircraft and further improving the way that you are flying this aircraft.

The sources of charts that are used by real jet pilots are provided so that you can easily see where they get the professional, authentic information from; this will help you get a much greater idea of how you are supposed to think and the level of input you need to be a success.

Master Aviation

  • With this package, you will be shown to make sure you are going to keep improving and changing as a pilot. This means that you will undergo some severe simulation challenges as you undertake them in business jets, jetliners and propjets to really test your mettle as a pilot.

  • You’ll need to learn how to take on the world’s bulkiest and most challenging airliners, making it harder than ever to manage and control the flow of the flight and thus really challenging your skills and your capabilities as a pilot, making it easier than ever to really find your level.

  • Likewise, you’ll be asked to cruise along at some of the highest altitudes on the planet ensuring that you really get to see how much of a struggle going to a higher level of aviation can bring to the table – this really is worth testing and experimenting with!

  • Ready to go the distance? Then this package will help you find the longest distances on the plane to try and travel, setting yourself a unique challenge as much as you will get to see the whole world unfold around you when flying.

  • You’ll also get to finally try out some of the more distinguished names within the world of aviation, which will make a significant difference to your ability to get things done and to fly around in the right format, allowing yourself the chance to see something truly incredible unfold.

  • Interested in learning about autopilot and seeing what that brings to the table? Then you need to try out this package, as it’s designed to help you understand how to manage features such as autopilot to ensure you are always learning and improving as a pilot moving forward in training.


This hugely useful little addition is all that you need to understand basic aviation V-speeds, with alphabetical arrangements on one side and velocity arrangements on the other ensuring you never miss a beat when flying. With each V-speed, you will identify the quoted name and abbreviation which will make them much easier to memorize in the past.

The card has been made easy to use alongside your sim, ensuring you never need to lose track of the speeds you are doing or what “level” you are currently in, making it much easier to adjust your flight and your speed.

Prepared by Experts

The entire design of this package has been made to ensure you can read this eBook and enjoy a hugely enjoyable 300 page read that encapsulated everything you need to know about jet simming into relevant, easy to follow chapters.

These chapters are then organized into sub-sections that will ensure you can easily get to grips with basic concepts and features along the way.

  • Alongside this are unique headings and captions that are made to help you find out information as soon as possible, maximizing your chances of being a success in the long-term and capturing the right flow of detail and information. The use of headings and captions will make it easier to skim from one section of the book to the next.

  • Images and tables are added to make sure that the most challenging details, figures and concepts can be easily absorbed and understood with the minimal level of fuss possible. This improves easy referencing and skimming of the book to make sure that all of those little challenges that rise up can be dealt with right away.

  • Fully indexed for simple referencing, making sure you never need to worry about finding anything in this labyrinth of detail. Designed for both experts and notices, allowing them to easily understand even the most challenging concepts within aviation in general.

This has been created for easy reading and understanding, and therefore has been designed to work with Adobe, Kindle, Libre, Nitro, Nook and a whole other range of E-Readers; any PDF reader will do the trick, meaning you can learn about aviation and jet simming on the go. 

View a short sample of the book here.  Please note that the full book is 300 pages long.

Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 1 customer reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

This incredible Jet Simming e-Book written by Bill Stack, is the perfect tool for home flight-sim enthusiasts who want to learn more about piloting prop-jets, business jets and jetliners. You can download this e-Book right now as a PDF that can be opened in any PDF viewer; you can read on your computer using a program like Adobe, or read it on the move using an e-Book reader like a Kindle.

This manual is exclusively for, and focused on, home flight simulation and not real world aviation. While the manual is based on real aviation laws, regulations and procedures, some information has been edited to fit the format of home flight simulation, as not everything in flight simulation is as it is in real life.

All the information contained within is drawn from professional flight experience, personal flight simulator experiences and professional sources such as official aviation manuals, in an effort to present you with the greatest realism and accuracy. Careful and thorough quality control ensures that all research and references come from strong and reliable sources, so that you can trust the information you're receiving.

Each chapter in the Jet Simming e-Book covers a different aspect of jet simulation. The layout is clear and easy to understand, with each chapter building on the previous and leading neatly to the next so that you can read through the whole thing from start to finish not feeling like anything has been skipped over. Images and tables are used to help present information clearly, making it easier to take it all in. The Jet Simming e-Book also includes a wide range of exercises to help you understand and practice concepts and procedures.

Once you have read it all, the table of contents and included index can help you to revisit specific information and exercises. If you're using a PDF viewer with a text search function, you can also use that to find exact text matches. Even skim reading this e-Book will grant you knew knowledge that you can use to become a better pilot. But careful reading and revision of this fascinating e-Book will have you piloting your favorite jets with the utmost skill and finesse.

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