Beechcraft B1900D HD Series for FSX/P3D

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Beechcraft B1900D HD Series for FSX/P3D
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X & Prepar3D (including v2)
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This package manages to bring to life the stunning quality of the Beechcraft B1900D, and brings a whole wealth of realistic features and additions along the way. This is one of the most comprehensively designed and managed creations they have released yet, and makes a massive difference to those who are just trying to get to grips with the Carenado range of creations.

With a truly authentic range of flight dynamics, this flies true to the real thing and can feel absolutely incredibly to take control of for the first time – it makes flying with accuracy incredibly easy, for a start. With an armada of other nice features added in, this is a truly faithful recreation of a massively popular piece of aviation history.

What’s Included?

  • 5 HD liveries to give you total control over the aircraft and how it looks, so you can fly under the banner that you feel the most affiliation and allegiance with

  • 1 HD blank livery that is also massively important to the creative process, making it nice and easy for you to get a unique and totally customized design

  • A range of highly useful flight manuals like performance tables, FMS guides, checklists for both normal and emergency procedure and a guide to help you manage the ever useful EFIS system

  • Recommended settings PDF guide, along with a guide for the TCAS, multi-function display and GNS530 system. These are all provided in an easy to read PDF format that will make it very easy to master this aircraft and get it singing from your respective tune

Key Features

  • Using high-end textures that are designed in true 2048 x 2048 resolution, this package comes to life and brings some truly stunning textures to the fore with it. This makes a huge difference when using a flight simulator as the added graphical might of the model can make everything just seem that little bit more realistic, that little bit more enjoyable

  • With separated lighting for the cockpit flood, pilot, instrument and panel text you can make sure that nothing is either blocked out or hard to understand again – this can make a big difference in many ways as it ensures you can ready everything with ease and get total functionality of the aircraft in every way you possibly need

  • It comes with a cold and dark start option so that you can get the introduction that you need; it comes down to personal preference but it’s certainly nice to have both options included if you need something that’s easy to fly and even easier to get started up originally!

  • The window lighting scratches effect is a nice touch that combines nicely with many other minor features that have been added in. This specific feature looks fantastic, though, and will give you all the help that you need in truly believing you are inside the cockpit of the real thing!

  • The volumetric side view prop effect is a popular part of the Carenado strategy, and here it works absolute wonders as it makes it incredibly easy to what is going on at the side of the aircraft, giving you total control and flexibility over what is actually visible to you

  • It comes with 3D stereo sounds, too, that are an excellent feature to have access to as they make it incredibly easy to get the right sound from the aircraft. When flying along it can be good to be able to diagnose the aircraft from the sounds that it is making as much as anything else along the way

  • Added in alongside this are high-end HQ digital stereo sounds that just help to solidify the whole experience and make everything feel as comfortable and as hospitable as it possibly can

  • The panels are all totally customizable – now you have access to change everything from the transparency of the windows to the glare and reflection from the instruments inside the cockpit and on the dashboard. You can also change static elements like the wheel chocks and the sights props for maximum control and artistic license

  • Realistic night lighting effects have been created for the panels and the cockpits so that you never need to mishit the wrong button due to a lack of realistic and legitimate lighting inside the aircraft again. This makes a huge difference when you are flying at night

Special Features

  • Inside this package you’ll be provided with the original B1900D flight management system. For anyone who has this used in the past, you will be full aware of just how useful it can be when you start using a new aircraft model!

  • The Carenado GNS530 is also included in this package, and it comes with Reality XP integration options to make sure that you can get everything working in the manner that you are most used to. This makes a massive difference as you try and get to grips with various aspects of the aircraft

  • The EFIS – EADI and EHSI – are also installed in this package as a nice added bonus to make sure you have all of the programs that you could possibly need. it makes a nice difference to have everything included with the original package in this way

  • The Avidyne multi-function display is also used for its high levels of versatility and ease of use. If you have ever used a Carenado aircraft in the past that uses this model you will find it incredibly easy to get things managed in the right way from here on in

  • Additionally, this package is completely compatible with both Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D v.20 so if you are using either of these you can still get total access to this

  • This makes a big difference – but so does the excellent addition of realistic cockpit vibration effects. This is always a nice addition to have and measures that everything feels nice and complete

  • Landing and halo taxi effect lights as well as dynamic gauge reflections were created specifically for this modification as well, making it easier than ever to get used to

Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 1 customer reviews

 - 09/08/2014

5 of 5 Stars!

The Carenado team have created yet another great aircraft for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. Available as an immediate download, this wonderful representation of the Beechcraft B1900 passenger turboprop will make a great addition to your private hangar, for use as a regional airliner or a corporate aircraft to fly your executives all over the world.

This package comes with six liveries, including five in a range of colors and designs, as well as a plain white one that you can use as a template for creating your own unique liveries. All of these liveries are HD quality (2048 x 2048) and come brimming with detail that will make them stand out against the sky or the tarmac. A further six liveries are available as a separate download that is absolutely free, so you can be sure that you will find something to suit your tastes. Beautiful lighting effects on both the interior and exterior textures bring the aircraft to life, especially during night flights; with separated lighting for the cockpit flood, instrument and panel, the cockpit can become incredibly atmospheric.

Numerous effects are in place to ensure that your flight experience is a real as possible, without putting a strain on your frame-rates. Visual effects such as scratches on the windows that can be seen when the light hits it at the right angle, add a degree of depth to cockpit, and help you to stay connected to the environment outside of the aircraft. While a volumetric side view and dynamic shines on the propellers, help to make the aircraft feel both tangible and authentic. A vibrating cockpit effect has been implemented to improve the feel of the aircraft under certain conditions. For instance, when on your takeoff run, the vibration effect allows you to feel the surface of the tarmac beneath you.

High quality 3D stereo sounds help to blend all the visual elements together, resulting in a truly realistic experience. The quality of the model is amplified further by the customized flight dynamics, that have been tested by real pilots to ensure that they accurately mimic both the performance, weight, balance and behavior of the Beechcraft B1900's real life counterpart.

All relevant information and checklists are provided in the form of PDF's, making this aircraft accessible to pilots of all skill ranges.

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