Free 1966 "Old School" Cessna Skylane 182K for FS2004

Free 1966 "Old School" Cessna Skylane 182K for FS20044.3/5 3 reviews

As an FS2004 recreation of the old-school Cesna Skylane, many people might not be sure what to expect. However, this piece of history - given that it was the Flysimware team's first FS2004 product - is a must-have as it brings to life the much loved and popular Cessna Skylane 182K. This was massively popular in the 1960s, and was loaded with features that have all been faithfully caught in this brilliant rendition of the real thing. Read more...

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Capturing the depth and feeling of the aircraft it was supposed to be more or less perfectly, this Skylane model has been used for more than 20,000 hours in flight practice, and has been built around a model that took over six months to perfect and more than 1,200 hours of time put in to really capture its depth.

If you are interested in seeing this aircraft at its realistic, brilliant best then you should definitely start with this.

Key Features

  • In this package, you'll be gaining access to a unique and high quality aircraft that uses a fantastic range of features and design facets to really capture the real thing. Thanks to these extras, the aircraft shines bright and looks as close to its real-life counterpart as you are likely to find!

  • This is backed up by a ridiculous addition of more than 130 animations in total, ensuring that the aircraft operates as good as it looks. These little tweaks and extra animations all come together and truly look spectacular, bringing the whole aircraft together in unison

  • This is further improved by the addition of the great virtual cockpit. With no 2D panels whatsoever, this high quality virtual cockpit program ensures that you are left with something that is easy to manage, and even more fun to hop into and start using the various controls that are available to you, of which many work

  • Indeed, the high quality gauges that sit in the cockpit of the aircraft are some of the finest that you will come across, capturing the realistic nature and detail of the aircraft in the most authentic manner possible, with every gauge watched carefully

  • This means that the switches, radio knobs and levers that you have access to as you fly are all totally 3D, ensuring that it works and operates in the way that you would have hoped from the start, giving you a far more effective looking cockpit that's easy on the eye

  • A fantastically accurate auto-pilot system that works using the commands and styles of the real thing as a basis. This comes together in the most epic style imaginable, ensuring that the whole thing looks and flies in the correct manner and that it embodies just about everything you'll want to see in an aircraft like this

  • It comes with a fully operational 300A navoamatic, with a working pull turn knob. These extra features just add another layer of quality to the entire design, making the aircraft fly the way that you would have hoped for and come to expect

  • The engine will caught if there is an excessive and fast drop in the RPM of the aircraft; these little features add another kick and layer of realism to the flight and will challenge you to always be on your guard and be ready for things potentially going wrong

  • This comes with a default GPS installed, fitted onto a swivel platform that can be removed if you will. GPS systems are obviously very important to making sure that you have full visibility and control over the flight, and this will ensure that you do at all times, regardless of location

  • The GPS even comes with a fantastically made screen that really looks awesome and does everything that it can to make the GPS feel alive and authentic - if you have ever used a GPS in the real thing, you'll notice the startup screen look the way that it would in reality!

  • To help build up those little touches of flare and class are the brilliant reflective glares on the glass. Add in the fact that things like bugs and even rain effects will start to hit your screen and you'll have another challenge to deal with as you try and fly!

  • The textures included with this package do a fantastic job of recreating a bit of realism - even if it may be OTT for some! Rust and damage are abundant on some parts of the aircraft, as are some (too!) realistic bird dropping to really hammer home that authentic nature

  • The entire package does a wonderful job of managing to capture the performance of the aircraft as much as the look, and the faithful recreation of the rear gear with 4 feet of travel is just another one of the long list of additions that really do catch the eye

  • A parked mode scenery addition has been included to add even further to the range of extras that you are likely to find when you are using a simulator add-on like this, with every little detail captured and savored along the way to bring the whole thing together in style!

  • The DME has a real world, 3-way selector mode which further improves the control that you have over the aircraft, allowing you to really pick and choose the settings that you feel most comfortable flying with so that the whole experience can be tailored to your desired and your requirements

  • The fantastic work on the night lighting makes it much easier to see where you are going when you are flying, which is a far more useful addition to the system than it might sound at this moment! Night lighting ensures your times flying in the little hours are much more comfortable than they are at the moment, helping you avoid any incidents at night

  • The lighting in general has been greatly working upon, too, with every form of lighting being made in 3D and coded into the model itself for maximum response. This really does improve the rate of lighting, and the level of range it gives you, improving your visibility tenfold when you are flying across the skies

  • Additionally, the lights included will all be fully functional if you were to use tem when you are playing online making it equally easier for you and other players to see!

  • The 3D compass included has a great, animated 3D ball inside it to add to that retro look and feel. Likewise, the lights inside have been manually worked upon to make sure that they feel like they work properly, improving the vision you have as well as your navigation

  • There are 4 types of air vet included with this aircraft, and each one comes with various speeds included. This makes a nice layer of ambience come to life which can be deeply important for setting the right scene and making the whole project feel as unique as it can

  • Likewise, the addition of the left, and right open window sounds will be a fair improvement to the atmosphere inside. Soon, everything sounds genuinely authentic and this really brings the whole thing together and improves the sound and the range that you get when you are flying, depending on speed

  • The adjustable and removable right door and seats gives you further control over how the aircraft will look and opiate, ensuring that you can make it feel entirely to the way that you had wanted in the first place whilst capturing the charm of the aircraft in all its glory

  • The pilot that is included in the aircraft is a fantastically designed model that moves in correlation with what you asked, making it feel much more realistic inside the cockpit. If you aren't a fan of the model, though, you can easily remove the pilot, the right door and/or the yoke!

  • There is a pilot's hand book included within the cockpit, which is fully animated and will act as yet another little symbol of the level of detail and realism that has been attained across the board in this rather magnificent set of products designed to inspire and to impress

  • A whole raft of other features have been included to make sure that the aircraft can fly true and that it can feel as close to its real-life counterpart as it possibly can, with changes such as new flight dynamics an various changes to the overall flight performance being included

Included Animations

One of the most impressive factors about this product is the fact that it so closely resembles the performance of its real-life counterpart, and this is no better notice than in the recreation of all of the various animations. This includes wholesale changes to animations that include the following;

  • Moveable seats
  • Animated key and key
  • Chain Engine cover
  • Engine prop gear
  • Engine
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Rear gear flex plate
  • Disc brakes
  • Air vent
  • Visor
  • Left window
  • Right window
  • Outside air temp
  • Hide/show yoke
  • Hide/show GPS
  • Hide/show pilot
  • Hide/show right door and 3 seats
  • Rudder pedals
  • Pilots head
  • Swivel platform (GPS)
  • 1 15 amp fuse
  • 3 10 amp fuses
  • 14 5 amp fuses
  • Animated Pilots Hand Book

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.3/5.0 based on 3 customer reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

Flysimware brings you a fully functional Cessna Skylane 182K aircraft simulation for FS2004. The Cessna 182K is a four seater ultra light American airplane that features a single engine, retractable landing gears, wider fuselage, enlarged baggage compartments, and aerodynamic wings. It uses NACA 2412 for its airfoil wing design and the wingspan measures about 36 feet. It can fly at a maximum operating altitude of 18100 feet with a top cruise speed of 269 km/h.

This product comes with an interactive virtual cockpit with high quality real world gauges. The airplane is powered by a 230 hp piston engine and the accurate autopilot flight management system makes flying so much easier. Most of the instruments, avionic devices and panels are 3D animated and the incredible night lighting effects feels as if you are flying on a real airplane.

There is a significant improvement in cruise speeds and rate of climb compared to the earlier versions. A global positioning system is included with a swivel platform and boot up screen. The new seating design brings a lot of legroom for both pilots and crew. The jet fueled turbo engine brings down fuel costs and operating costs to a minimum. The tall aerodynamic wing design provides better stability and perfect visibility in poor weather conditions. The luxurious leather seats, world class lighting, and improved ventilation makes flying a very relaxing experience.

A unique synthetic vision technology is incorporated into the glass cockpit to save time and a 3D terrain display is included for safety purposes. Other features include a crew alerting system, a subscription based satellite radio, topographic terrain mapping and advanced warning systems.

The fully integrated flight management systems displays important flight data like airspeed, pitch, flying height and air temperature.

The Cessna 182K is a great aircraft that provides maximum stability, safety and reliability and it is ideal for amateurs, trainers, civil operators, and flying clubs.

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

This is great. I find the details very good and the aircraft is wonderful to fly around. To be recommended

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

VC is good and nearly close to reality. Still worthed to purchase

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