1966 "Old School" Cessna Skylane 182K for FSX/P3D

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition logoThis addon is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It should also work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. Some developers have explicitly stated compatibilty with Steam Edition but others haven't. Check the product description below for guaranteed compatibility. Just because it doesn't mention it, this does not mean it will not work with the Steam Edition.
1966 "Old School" Cessna Skylane 182K for FSX/P3D
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Immediate Download
Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition and PREPAR3D
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48 MB

Four place light aircraft with fixed landing gear, powered by a 230hp (172 kW) Continental O-470-R piston engine, gross weight 2,800†lb (1,270 kg) and certified on 3 August 1966.

The Hobb's engine hours gauge will track your flying hours starting at 19,000 hours. Model and gauges were tested for unnecessary lag, so expect zero lag in any type of multiplayer session. 

Rev 1.4
  • Installer now works for FSX, P3D V1 and V2
  • Replaced engine sounds with default 172
  • Fixed texture for primer and magnet

Version 1.3: Feb 28, 2014 

  • Original paint theme revised with higher detail
  • Updated tire effects and textures
  • Revamped the entire panel to HD 3D gauges and more
  • updated Flight dynamiics and engine performance
  • Updated most of the overall texture effects
  • Added DXT10 interior shadows
  • Added new prop and 4 stage prop effects
  • Updated nav lights
  • Updated cowl flaps
  • Added recognition switch to overhead panel
  • New cabin and recognition lighting
  • Updated yoke and textures


  • High Quality virtual cockpit (no 2D panel) 
  • Real world high quality gauges
  • Accurate auto pilot system
  • Fully working 300A Navomatic ( Working Pull Turn knob)
  • Engine coughs if excessive drop in rpm
  • Removable default GPS with a swivel platform
  • GPS boot-up screen
  • Glass reflective glare, bugs and rain effect
  • The rear gear has 4 feet of travel
  • Includes a parked mode scenery
  • DME has a real world 3 way selector mode
  • Amazing night lighting effects
  • All lights are 3D and coded into the model
  • All lights work for other players in multiplayer
  • 3D Compass with back lighting (animated 3d ball) 
  • 4 types of air vents with sounds (speed controlled)
  • Left and right open window sounds (speed controlled) 
  • Adjustable and removeable right door and seats
  • Removealble pilot, yoke and the right door
  • Animated Pilots Hand Book


  • Bump textures 
  • Global world reflections 
  • New Ammeter updated 
  • New DME updated
  • New ADF gauge added 
  • New 3D eng hours counter
  • New transponder
  • Updated flight dynamics / fuel
  • Updated eng air intake
  • Updated 3D yokes
  • Updated seats / Pilot / windows
  • Added fresh air vents on main wing
  • Added animated cowl flaps
  • Added some 3D gauges
  • Windows have support arms


  • Over 75 sounds / 34 Custom 
  • New AM static sound for DME
  • VARIATIONS: 1 Models
  • 1966 C182K Skylane........4 seats (used)

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The best that I could find for FSX-Steam. Easy installer - just click on the various flight sims mentioned - I wanted FS Steam - instant install The plane looks good but I couldn't get the fuel switch or the cowl flaps to work. I haven't tried the radio or nav stack yet. It has a huge GPS which you can click on to appear or disappear (good idea). The compass also was blank. I used the one in the dash. Overall it is not bad but doesn't come close to the finish of my old 182 rg I had in FSX in windows 8.1 and below.

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