Airbus A380 Family for FSX

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Airbus A380 Family for FSX

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Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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Created by the excellent AFS Design, this remake of the Airbus A380 and all of its associated aircraft or “family” into one beautifully managed package. Optimized and prepared for use with FSX, this is one of the most impressive culminations of the Airbus group that you are likely to use.

It’s got a huge amount of detail inside and outside of the respective models that are include and makes it very easy to get to grips with one of the most iconic groupings of aircraft that modern aviation has ever seen. It’s a double-decker style aircraft that comes with four engines, making it one of the most powerful and one of the most spacious airliners of its day.

The A380 was released a decade ago in 2005, and its first flight took place from Toulouse, in France. The A380, though, established itself as breakneck speeds and went through a vigorous amount of testing along the way to make sure that it had the strength and power needed to really capitalize on the massive demand for an airliner of this kind.

It’s the largest passenger airliner, finally usurping the three and a half decade long record set by Boeing with the 747. However, in terms of commercial aircrafts and flights of that style, the Antonov AN-225 holds the total world record for the largest commercial flight that’s ever taken place.

By some people, this aircraft is referred to as a “superjumbo” due to its gargantuan nature and size. The first A380 prototype was shown off in the same destination it first flew from, and it was capable of carrying a wide range of passengers the A380-800 for example was capable of 555 passengers if put into three classes, or 800 passengers in a single class economy setting.

This makes it easy for the aircraft to transport some of the largest numbers of people who have ever travelled in the skies together. Freighter editions of the A380 family exist, too, such as the brilliant A380-800F, which carried up to 150 tons of cargo across a distance of up to 10,400km.

However, aside from these various changes to style and the amount of people that could fit in, this still retains the old charms and styles that make Airbus a considerably unique part of the flight and aviation world. They were designed with a similar nature, too, to increase training proficiency whilst also cutting training costs.

What’s Included?

  • In this package, you can gain access to two separate aircraft – the A380 and the A380F. it also comes with the cabin interior model which has been created in a wide variety of styles and designs to really capture the quality of the cabin

  • Another huge addition to the aircraft is the variety of liveries included. Covering national airlines like Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Emirates Airline, Lufthansa and the like as well as companies such as QANTAS, FedEx and UPS, this delivers a huge range of different liveries all built on real designs that the original aircraft had actually used in real-life

  • It also comes with a totally repaint and ground paint texture style for you to put to good use if you wish to. This makes a huge difference to the overall enjoyment and quality of the aircraft and the flight

  • These different styles are split between each aircraft so that you can get authentic liveries for the right kind of plane – don’t worry, you won’t be delivering large freights of cargo in the A380F in the name of Singapore Airlines! This mod sticks very closely to the realism and facts

Key Features

  • The aircraft itself is designed in the most realistic nature possible – it brings together all of the key features that can make an aircraft looks excellent and pays attention to all of the small details that can really make the aircraft model you are using feel especially unique

  • A wide selection of different HD textures are used for every livery to ensure that they look the very best that they can at all times. This means that the textures are designed with reality in mind, creating an engaging and exciting form of design that really makes a difference

  • The cockpits are loaded with some stunning new features and additions, including a 2 Pimar flight displays and 2 Multi-function displays that all look awesome and deliver a heightened level of clarity during the flight. by providing all of your details like that in an easy to read manner, this improves your chances of making the cockpit comfortable much easier

  • 2 completely switchable EICAS displays the engine-indicating and crew-alerting systems are used to deliver information and details to others during the system. It’s used to help offer specific instrumentation to systems and also to provide a wide range of parameters to follow. This gives key information in here about things like temperature, fuel flow, quantity, revs per minute, oil pressure and many other minor factors that can be incredibly useful to know!

  • EICAP information can be provided on things like doors, map, engine and fuel to help you get to full grips with what it is that you need to do along the way to make the aircraft just the way that you had originally intended when you took off

  • A center console that comes with an FMC, as well as full access to radio controls, transponders, trim wheels, throttles and engine controls that make all the difference in the long run for helping you improve your overall competence levels

  • More than 100 different switches that are added into the cockpit panels making it so much easier to manage and modify the aircraft; aside from their functionality, though, they look fantastic. Hours’ worth of development and improvement has been added to each and every one of the displays to ensure that you can get the help that you need in putting it all together and ensuring that your flight can be as effective as it possibly can ,improving your skills as a pilot along the way

  • 2D panels have also been created using solid 1280x720pixel images that look brilliant, whilst the 3D panels are using 1024x1024 HD resolution textures that look far more complete and easily noticed

  • Very minor features included in the cockpit, too. Things like no smoking and seatbelt warnings are littered around the cockpit to make sure you remember the rules when you are flying – remember you are taking this on as a professional so your smoke break will have to wait!

  • A huge range of features for autopilot that make a big difference to helping you control your flight and make it work just as you had originally intended it to. Autopilot features such as ILS, FD, ALT, VS, NAV, SPeeD, Mach, loc, Master, QNH and HDG all exist in here to give you the most explosive and enjoyable flight simulation experience that you are likely to come across!

The Flight Management Computer

  • One big change that was made to this program was to include a new flight management computer that you can use whenever you would like to. It comes with a whole range of FMC additions that are specific and unique to the actual 330 family normally. This heightens the realism and gives you only the access that you need to fly an aircraft from this family

  • 15 stunning menus are created to give you an unrivalled level of control and stability over how the aircraft is going to look, how it will perform and – in this case – how the interface is going to work and how it’s going to make sure it all works out perfectly

  • A misc. flight parameters that makes all the difference along the way, making sure that the gauge can be managed and prepared in the correct manner, helping you take control of the flight and make sure that everything is working

  • A usage of a flight plan to help you get your destination sorted and make sure that you are flying to the flight place regardless of where it is that you need to go along the way – this makes flying accurately and easily to the right place a much smaller challenge

  • A wide range of calculation for courses of analogical wind, high level and aerodrome of the destination. These features are fairly advanced and will make the whole thing a bit more challenging for you to put together 100% successfully. These new flight challenges always make the whole thing a fair bit harder to manage and prepare for along the way, as it really can make the flight that little bit more realistic with another thing to look out for!

  • Auto pilot control and course gauging can be set up with absolute ease so that you can follow your waypoints and the like all the way to where you need to go. Whilst other custom mods might not be quite as diverse and have as much to offer you in terms of how to get around ,this has absolute customization

General Additions

  • The quality and addition of the external and internal modeling throughout the package is, without ad doubt, one of the most impressive parts of the aircrafts whole features. Hours of work of footage has gone into researching and then perfecting every last part of the design to make it look as effective as it possibly can

  • A virtual cockpit with a friendly co-pilot is included, too. this allows you to settle things down and work at your own pace whilst you manage the multiple options that are open to you through the cockpit and all of its choices

  • Animations that are made from scratch entirely; making it a whole lot easier to set things right and make sure that it works as easily as it possibly can along the way. New animations are formed such as flaps, slats, spoilers and cabin doors. Animated hatches and gears are also included within the cockpit to add that extra little shine and quality to the whole thing, making it look every bit as realistic as it possibly can

  • A huge amount of work has gone into the lighting, as well. This makes it a lot easier to fly the aircraft as everything is nice and illuminated whether it’s from the sun and the weather beating through the windows or the lights are being used when it gets closer to the night

  • Exterior lighting outside also helps with this – large beacons, strobes, navigation landing and taxi lights all exist to make it easy for people to differentiate how things are going at the moment. It makes it much easier to prepare and organize everything as you need

  • The virtual cockpit has a huge attention to detail included throughout, grabbing all the attention and all the detail that would be needed to make something like this truly stand out. Window reflections and panel lighting all stand out to make it easy for you to get the most effective look and feel possible. It also has quality radio navigation features included with the avionics

  • A GPS system has been included in a panel, too, so if you have a compatible GPS system then you can easily use it in conjunction with this aircraft. This obviously makes it much easier to get around the place and see things as effective as you possibly can along the way

  • Stunning attention to detail on all textures on the interior and the exterior of the aircraft

  • Engine thrust reverser that comes with awesome flight dynamics made from scratch, using all the available evidence and information that is out there to really make a significant and telling difference to how your aircraft is going to perform in the air

  • Recorded sounds of the original TRENT 900 engines made by Rolls Royce. This extra little glimpse of detail and realism makes such an incredible difference to the way that you can enjoy the aircraft. The features, graphics and sound all align with this mod to make the perfect A380 Family package for you


Customer Reviews

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 - 04/03/2015

3 of 5 Stars!

Nice but windows in the body are missing and the GPS-Window as well as some other controls (LOC, APPR, MFD-Mode Selector and MFD-Range knob are not mapped correctly. The Displays in the 3D-Cockpit can only be partly used because switching (for example changing the range in the MFD) is not possible. The reflections look nice in a dark environment but bad when flying through white clouds.

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