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Out of all the air bases out there, the RAF Scampton is one of the most easily recognizable. As the home of the Dambusters during the Second World War and now the amazing Red Arrows team, this can be the perfect place to come if you want to see something that’s a little bit different to your traditional air base. Rather than being rather basic in design and lacking in any kind of unique style, this air base has a little bit more jazz to it thanks to the Red Arrows presence here throughout the last period of time. Read more...

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Created to fit with the modern 2008 edition of the air base, this manages to provide something a little bit less than perfect. However, this is through intention rather than a mistake; this is an airbase that, until 2014, nobody knew much about in terms of its future. Rumors were rife that the Red Arrows would be moved elsewhere and the base would be shut down in 2015 after 99 years of service. Thankfully, it has been kept open as the home of the Red Arrows and now you can enjoy the massive range of features that it brings to the table.

The state of maintenance and care needed on the airport is apparent, but this matches its status within the late-2000s. That being said, this remake is still entirely faithful to the old model; it uses all of the power of FSX to generate the most authentic looking recreations possible, ensuring that everything from the Type C hangers to the Technical Sites sitting just in the background behind is placed in the right location and using photorealistic textures, this is a true recreation of the real thing down to the very last image and icon that has been placed.

By paying significant attention to the details about things like the minor placements of objects, this entire air base can feel far more realistic. Given its history of being the home of famous squadrons like the Dam Busters, it’s nice to see that the air base itself takes on that unique stature and style amongst its contemporaries.

Given its length of time since it was first created, it’s without a doubt one of the most long standing air bases in the history of the RAF. Although it has been closed several times for re-construction and change, especially during its change from the military base it was to the Red Arrows location that it is today, it’s always been re-opened to great relief and fanfare from RAF pilots and fans of the Red Arrows alike.

With all of the smallest additions included like the grave of the great Black Labrador that ran around the area belonging to WC Guy Gibson, this manages to get all of the most minor functions included for the most dramatic effect possible. Even things like the operational standards – it’s not available to land at during the night, for example – are upheld to ensure you get the most accurate depiction possible.


  • Uses the full utility strength of FSX to allow for high-end textures to load without massive problems, assuming that you are using a strong machine

  • Uses the real air base as the influence after a genuine visit, ensuring that everything comes together in the most perfect fashion possible

  • Accuracy is made to stand up to the test, after using RAFAT Adjutant to guarantee everything clicks together

  • Created to match the 2008 equivalent of this air base so it will have the rather chaotic nature of the real thing included in for extra class and attention to detail

  • Photorealistic textures make the whole thing look absolutely incredible; all of these were taken during the live visit to ensure that accuracy in design as well as placement was spot on

  • Represents the real thing in the most accurate details, covering every last feature along the way and helping enthusiasts of this air field get to enjoy what it looks like in reality, not theory

Added Features

  • Using the full power of FSX, this manages to concentrate the detail in the textures and the accuracy of placement perfectly, making sure that the whole air field comes together in the most stunning sense possible

  • Uses stunning textures created by Frank Safranke, which are included within the package

  • However, it also makes use of a not included MAIW BAe Hawk that was made by the enigmatic Nick Black – this is a must-have to use alongside this package

  • AI-controlled Hawker Hunters, created by DeadPixl, alongside the stunning static aircraft that are sitting around the place. Red Arrow aircrafts as well as smaller aircrafts and tugs are located all across the air base, making it feel even more alive than ever before

  • A high attention to detail in the design and placement of everything throughout, maintaining a level of consistency as well as accuracy that likely could not be matched in any other Scampton recreation

  • NDB and ILS navigational systems are added in here to help you find your way as you blaze across the skies, making it easier than ever to find your way back here

  • A classy radar that works on-screen for you so that you can easily locate where you are going when you are trying to locate this brilliant tool

  • Following factual evidence and information told by reliable parties, this uses a range of high-end details to make the whole thing stick out more than ever. All features – good and bad – are included to really make this place feel as realistic as possible

  • Street lighting helps you see around the place at night, but just remember that taking off on the runway is forgiven as the tower will not be manned at night!

  • A faithful recreation in terms of scale and size of the entire air base, making it really easy to get to grips with the air field and it’s actual size in comparison to real-life

  • A massive perimeter field exists that keeps everyone inside perfectly and makes it easy to understand the boundaries and placements that go around the air field

Team SDB

About Team SDB

Team SDB, a joint effort from developers based in the UK and USA but primarily consisting of Mike Dews in the UK and Frank Safranek in the USA have been developing flight simulator scenery add-ons for over a decade.  Originally beginning with work published by Alphasim (Phil Perrott) also known for Virtavia, they now release independantly.

Team SDB generally focus on UK/US airfields, airbases and military precenses and bring them to life as scenery add-ons in the simulators.  They have released many titles that have been well received by the community compatible with a range of simulators such FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D.  They also have other projects releases such as aircraft carrier add-ons compatible with the latest sims.

Team SDB also hope to remaster and release their scenery add-on portfolio for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release.

View all products/add-ons by Team SDB.

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Customer Reviews

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5 of 5 Stars!

The RAF Scampton Scenery pack is now available for immediate download for Microsoft Flight Simulator X! This pack delivers one of the most famous of all of the RAF airfields in incredible detail.

RAF Scampton was once home to the 617 Squadron, Dambusters. The RAF Aerobatic Team currently resides at RAF Scampton. The airport has been created in shockingly realistic detail using photo realistic textures.

Every single building and scenery object is unique, and have been created for Scampton using information that was provided by the RAFAT Adjutant. This scenery does use the MAIW BAe Hawk by Nick Black and incorporates textures created by Frank Safranek. Some of the other features include excellent runway lighting, so you can see every detail of your taxi and landing procedures.

The streets are even well lit, adding to the authentic realism of this simulation experience. The RAF Scampton scenery pack also includes full perimeter fencing around the airport, giving you the actual feel of being inside a bustling airport.

There is NDB and ILS available. The radar has also been animated, which helps provide that extra oomph a scenery pack needs to draw you deeper into the simulation experience. You can take a look at 4 C Type hangars on the east side of the base. Each of the main buildings is modeled using the Airmen's Mess, where Operation Chastise, also known as the Rhur Damns raid, was planned and developed.

You can also find the well tended grave of the famous Commander Guy Gibson's black Labrador dog. Also rendered in explicit detail is the fire station and old electrical station between the hangars and runway. Every detail has been rendered in heart stopping detail, giving a you a depth to this scenery pack you won't find anywhere else.

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