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The RAF Base Colerne is quite comfortably one of the biggest and most engaging scenery packages for an RAF air base that you are likely to see. This take on the AEF Colerne, an old Second World War air base that was a major RAF Fighter and Bomber Command location, is one that every aviation and history fan should almost certainly have installed. Read more...

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This is based on the outskirts of the tiny Wiltshire village of Colerne, and has long been a major part of the RAF history in the region and beyond. From 1940-55, this air base stood as the location for RAF Fighter Command units to land at.

It was a major player within the Battle of Britain and as such, it served as a major satellite field for the RAF Middle Wallop. Squadrons regularly came to and from this air base on a daily basis, before it eventually served as a location for military training and for Night Fighters to learn their trade.

It was, between the years of 1948-62, the No. 49 Maintenance Unit RAF holder. This makes it a vital part of British aviation history and this also ensures that it has played a critical role in British aviation history.

Indeed, it eventually became a Transport Airfield with Handley Page Hastings aircraft. By 1967 though it was replaced by the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, and the Colerne squadrons started to move into RAF Lyneham. Colerne then became a major engineering base for the Hercules fleet. It also worked on C-130 engineering.

In this take on the airport, then, you get;

  • Excellent aerial view ground polygons that look excellent and manage to capture the terrain as well as the general layout of the region with relative ease.

  • Aligned with full photographic scenery via VFR, ensuring that the likeness of the region can be mastered and put in place with relative ease.

  • Full complement of hangers is now included, with support buildings also included and changed to make sure that it looks as realistic as it possibly can.

  • Night lighting to help you navigate where you are going and what you intend to do as you fly, helping you avoid any major crashes as you fly!

  • A new navigation aid via ILS and VOR/DME which helps you become more accurate as you try and fly here with the help of aids.

  • AI aircraft that fly around the place, although they cannot be controlled. The quality of the aircraft can be scaled for machines that have a higher performance level than others.

  • Technical sites and other accommodation are included, fitting the overall historical look and design of that particular era.

If you are interested in helping the war heroes of the UK and US, then please buy this product. Team SDB donates a fair amount of the earnings from all products purchased to both the Wounded Warriors and the Help for Heroes foundations. This is a vital cause and if you wish to help, simply purchase this mod from here. 

Team SDB

About Team SDB

Team SDB, a joint effort from developers based in the UK and USA but primarily consisting of Mike Dews in the UK and Frank Safranek in the USA have been developing flight simulator scenery add-ons for over a decade.  Originally beginning with work published by Alphasim (Phil Perrott) also known for Virtavia, they now release independantly.

Team SDB generally focus on UK/US airfields, airbases and military precenses and bring them to life as scenery add-ons in the simulators.  They have released many titles that have been well received by the community compatible with a range of simulators such FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D.  They also have other projects releases such as aircraft carrier add-ons compatible with the latest sims.

Team SDB also hope to remaster and release their scenery add-on portfolio for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release.

View all products/add-ons by Team SDB.

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Very good graphics. I was stationed in Colette on the Hastings aircraft in 1957. John

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