English Electric Lightning F6 for FSX/P3D

English Electric Lightning F6 for FSX/P3D4.0/5 2 reviews

The English Electric Lightning is an aircraft that has a long history of more than 60 years, now brought to life in the most enjoyable manner possible through a flight simulation design. This also does as great job of making sure that you can get to grips with why this aircraft was so popular in the 1950s – it was used to intercept Russian bombers before reaching their primary targets. Read more...

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This remake is a huge challenge to fly, but you will be able to have fun in a rather niche aircraft that is a deeply rewarding experience if you can manage it.

What’s New?

In this package, you get access to four fresh new models that perfectly describe and look like the real thing – this package will also come with ten new liveries designed from scratch and using real-life designs as their inspiration.

When using this package, it makes it feel just like you are in the cockpit of the real thing such is the attention to detail and realism within the cockpit.

A highly detailed and expertly designed modeling system has been put to good use when creating this, too! It offers a specialized animations that work as the aircraft flies around and ensures that they act in a situational manner. This makes it easier to control by far.

All instruments included, however, are also produced in the most dramatic manner in a full 3D design; they look excellent, and make management so much simpler.

Fresh Dynamics

One of the main changes to this aircraft, though, has been the improvement to the flight dynamics. This does a wonderful job of making sure the model accurately portrays its real-life equivalent; now, you can manage the aircraft with dynamics which were specifically built for usage with this particular model.

You even get to see the dynamics come into play with regards to what the aircraft comes equipped with – whether it’s Redtop or Firestreak missiles, you can equip the aircraft and watch dynamics shift depending on your loadout. It’s these nice little changes that make sure you can have a far more enjoyable aircraft to fly around within.

Fantastic Modeling

Another massive change to the aircraft, though, has been the model design and the quality, attention to detail, and the realism included with every model. Whether it’s the cockpit ladder and the ground equipment to the new customized taxi lights, this does everything it can to really capture and impress upon the old designs to take it even further than ever before.

The arrester hooks, overwing tanks and tank models are all included to make sure that what you are using has more to it than just a fancy skin or a unique design. This follows the real and historical loadout for an aircraft design like this, making it easier than ever before to buy into and truly fall in love with.

A unique design that makes the most of multi-zoned cockpit lighting, realistic break chutes via new coding and many other minor changes all do a wonderful job of selling the appeal of this aircraft. It even has access to use the smartest and most effective systems that it possibly can, to make sure the models class is only matched by its realism.

Accurate Management

Flight management is more important than ever these days and with the likes of a totally new realistic and accurate in-flight fueling rate, you can get used to the way that this would have worked for you in the real world. This feature, though, is fully dependent on having the TacPack installed.

Wing to wing fuel transfers are now possible with this mod which is a lovely addition, making it easier than ever to build a model and a format that fits with the needs and requirements that you might have had with regards to how the aircraft should be run.

The management is made even easier thanks to the new special effects added in there – this means that you can easily see the aircraft react to what you are asking for it.

From night re-heating and engine fires, you’ll see every action that you request when managing the aircraft come to life and really give you a response that you are unlikely to forget.

Comes with an ejection sequence if things really get beyond of your control and you want to hop out of that cockpit! This is a very useful little system that can be a good way to survive a challenging scenario.

Managed even better with the addition of Direct TACAN and ILS modes – these new navigation modes make it so much easier to manage the aircraft and stay on the right track.

Improve Your Knowledge

To make sure you can get to grips with the history of this aircraft as much as anything else, this mod comes with some wonderful additions such as a new, bonus model.

This F2A exterior is designed to give you an easy control over re-painting the aircraft – if you want to have an artistic license to make sure the aircraft looks unique, you can use this bonus model to make the perfect paint style.

Need help in understanding the aircraft? Then delve into the numerous manuals which are included in here. The information that you get from here is made up from the professional insights of others, helping you see why an aircraft like this can be such a useful and effective system to get to grips with.

A new sound module which is created to help you hear your actions as much as see them – with the new sounds, you can now hear switches and other controls all react to your touch and your usage. This is backed up with a wealth of professional sounds which are designed to make sure that you can enjoy the Lighting Preservation Group – this makes sure that you are going to get a realistic but also hugely enjoyable range of sounds coming through when using this package. 


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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.0/5.0 based on 2 customer reviews

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

Went in to P3D v5 no problem, the manual could have been made a bit better but quite comprehensive The aircraft takes a bit of getting use to.

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

Went in P3d v5 no problem the aircraft takes some getting used to.

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