English Electric Canberra B.Mk.2 for FSX/FS2004

English Electric Canberra B.Mk.2 for FSX/FS20045.0/5 1 reviews

An aircraft with a huge amount of appeal to those who are used to old-school classics, this wonderfully created rendition of the old English Electric Canberra B MK2 can be the perfect choice for any flight enthusiast who wants to see what the enjoyment of flying an old-school aircraft will feel like. Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X & Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
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Everything included in this mod by Virtavia has been designed to make sure that each feature accurately portrays the real thing whilst also making it easier than ever to buy into the format and style of the aircraft in many different ways.

The aircraft itself was first used in the 1950s and from then on it led to the creation of a line of aircraft which, to this day, are still revered and well loved by those who were lucky enough to fly one. This model has been around on the MK2 edition which comes with a unique and specific style, not unlike the old Martin B-57.

This similarity whilst maintaining a unique nature meant that the aircraft would be seen as the perfect style of design to be used for many jobs. Indeed, alterations were made to ensure that this aircraft could be used on anything from night-time raids to nuclear strikes

Indeed, at one point a rocket boosted Canberra aircraft was used to fly at 70,000ft altitude - at one stage considered to be a barely believable height to wind up in the sky!

With this modification, then, you finally get to see the real thing!

What's included?

This mod brings together a wide selection of new features, with two models included and six high definition textures included as well. These textures look excellent, and include signature models such as;

  • WJ678, 100 Sqn., Marham 1978
  • 99+36 (ex WK130), Erprobungsstelle 61, Köln/Wahn, 1978-79
  • WJ861, 85 Sqn., Binbrook, April 1971
  • WD988, 73 Sqn., El Adam, 1958
  • VN799, Canberra Prototype, September 1949 (features solid-nose model)
  • XH567 (B.6), Thurleigh, Dec. 1976

Key Changes

Alongside these new textures and designs, this package carefully delivers a wide selection of new features along the way which improve the performance, with features included like;

  • Brand new self-shadowing, bump mapping and bloom FX designs across the board that look excellent and really carry the image and style of the aircraft perfectly.  Everything which has been included in terms of the textures and the designs helps the aircraft to properly shine, making it look truly spectacular.

  • A new virtual cockpit design that comes with mousable controls as well as animations. These new features so a great job of making the whole machine feel alive and well, giving it that special feeling and taking it far beyond the capabilities of the original models of this aircraft version.

  • A completely fresh crew area which has been included in the virtual cockpit does a huge bonus for making the whole location look much better.

  • New landing lights will ensure that when you are in the cockpit that you will have no problem witnessing what is going on outside, too!

  • Animations are included throughout that helps to make the whole package come together and look better and ever. Indeed, it uses animated bomb bay doors which look wonderful and help to really sell the image of the aircraft. It's improved by the use of animated crew entries with internal levers.

  • New flight models are included that come with checklists to make sure that you have no problems in maintaining control over the models authenticity and design. This all comes together and looks exceptional, helping the whole thing come together and look the very best that it can, regardless of format.

  • Comes with an excellent User Flight for all FS9 users to give you a brilliant way to try out this model and test out all of those new features typically. You can fly from Canberra, Australia to wherever you wish, giving you a great way to test this out quickly.

  • A new animated bomb bay has been included that comes with a brand new textured interior. This really does a great job of selling the interiors of the bomb bay, giving you a much greater appreciation for how challenging it must have been to use these aircraft when in battle.

  • Also for FS9 users you can get access to rain effects when using the virtual cockpit. These lovely little features do a great job of making the whole atmosphere and style of your journey become much easier to follow and stay a part of, regardless of what you're looking for.

  • Animated turbine blades come to life and add another layer of vitality to the overall flight, making the whole thing look better than ever whilst making it easy to see the effects in action. These small steps to improving the authenticity and close nature of the design makes a difference.

  • A new authentic under-carriage structure as well as fresh animations are included which look absolutely wonderful, making it easier than ever to manage your aircraft and make sure you are headed in the right direction regardless of where you wish to be or where you want to go when flying.

  • Three authentic crew figures are included which you can utilize in FSX, making the aircraft feel even more authentic. It's a lovely touch that goes a long way to bringing the whole system together and making it easier than ever to handle the atmosphere that's involved with using the cockpit.

  • An authentic 2D panel selection is provided with fully mousable actions as well as new customized pop-ups which give you plenty of information and analysis. Should something go wrong during the flight you will most likely find details of what you need to change or access when looking in here.

  • Smoke trail effects are included, as well. These do a wonderful job of making sure the whole program can work together and also to give the aircraft a much better level of atmosphere than previously. These extra effects do a great job of selling the image of the aircraft properly. 


About Virtavia

Founded in 1999 by Phil Perrott and originally named Alphasim who developed freeware aircraft for FS2004/FSX.  Now rebranded as Virtavia who now publish payware add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D based on the old heavily modified Alphasim stock.

Virtavia has a focus on military aircraft add-ons compatible with FSX, Prepar3D, and X-Plane.  Focusing on historic and modern military aircraft, their add-ons have been well received by flight sim pilots and rated highly.

SimShack stock the entire range of Virtavia add-ons and continue to list any new versions or releases announced by Virtavia.

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Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 1 customer reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

The Canberra is an aircraft I've got a lot of time for and I was looking forward to trying it out. I saw it was made by Virtavia who are very good so I was really excited to see how it would compare to the real thing. One thing I immediately noticed was how it looked and it managed to get the sharp and incisive look of the aircraft perfectly. To me it always looked like something from the Thunderbirds and I got that as soon as I looked at the model, so it immediately struck a chord with me with regards to how it may work out in terms of realism.

The performance was really impressively managed, too. The team obviously done their work as it's got all of the power and the speed of the aircraft which back in the day was breaking records and becoming a bit of a hero across the world in terms of its flight prowess and its capabilities.

The whole thing is really impressive to me and it was really well created in this add-on. It makes my FSX flights more fun and the fact I can fly it in so many different types and skins is really impressive. The guys done a great job of making this with all of the little features coming together exceptionally well. One of my favorite old-school aircraft before using this mod and it definitely is one of my all-time favorite classic aircraft now after using it!

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