Boeing 767-200/300 for FSX & FS2004

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Boeing 767-200/300 for FSX & FS2004
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004
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Note: The version that you are looking is compatible with both Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 9. You can download both versions from here. To activate this product, you need to have an active internet connection and you can only install the download on one PC, for both MSFSX and MSFS9 respectively. Regardless of what version you are using, this is not DirectX 10 compatible.

Commercial Level Simulations have created another new package involving the Boeing range of aircraft, and this looks like it could be one of the best yet. Included in the pack is a professionally designed and authentic representation of the Boeing 767 aircraft, with both the 767-200 and 767-300 models included in the package. This lets you take the improved, modern power of the Boeing into the sky and test its power out in the MSFS domain.

This package includes a whole new level of sophistication and detail for the Boeing range of aircraft, allowing you to witness their incredible power and speed, as well as the huge range of features that can be included in the simulation.

As well as providing you with the perfect recreation of one of the most popular aircraft ranges of recent years, you also get more than 20 different liveries to pick from so that your Boeing will look just as you imagined it would when you first downloaded the package, picking from a wide selection of different names and brands that have used the 767 range over the years.

Boeing 767

Although the models have been created on the base for MSFS9, the graphical capacity of the aircraft is not hindered in any way should it be used in MSFSX. The detail and native resolution of the textures gives them incredible detail even on the lower graphical settings. The finest and most fractional details have been included so that Boeing experts can feel like they have just genuinely stepped into the real thing for a moment. The level of authenticity in the design – both inside and out – has been immaculate, providing a great base for the armada of features that have been included inside.

The cockpit has been designed in full 3D with 2D custom gauges included to give you all the information that you need as you fly through the skies just a quick glance away. The cockpit has been re-imagined using hours of information, footage and first-hand experience from experts to create a faithful equivalent that you can feel right at home in. The majority of the features included within the cockpit can be used, allowing you to have maximum control over the entire aircraft and its functions, path, performance and everything else.

Everything has been included such as passenger models, air stairs and pushback trucks give the aircraft an atmosphere as well as quality in design and functionality. In short, you get everything that could possibly need from a traditional aircraft with this design. New animations have been created from scratch to make the Boeing perform in the same way that the real thing would, ensuring that you are getting as close an experience to authentic aircraft as you possibly can.

Key Features

  • A huge amount of detail included in the passenger models so that your aircraft has a life and variety about it – no more ghost planes, with a busy and exciting aircraft that includes air stairs for exits for your passengers

  • Operating doors around the aircraft add even more life to the place as your passengers go between locations and deal with luggage

  • Landing gear included created using XML coding to give you incredible visual performance when you use it, making it feel more realistic than ever before

  • Wingview can be turned on or off, giving you more realistic views as you look out the window and around your traffic

  • The tiniest of details have been included to give the aircraft the most realistic feeling that it could possibly have. Engine start-up smoke, tire durability and inspection lights all work as they would in real life, with everything reacting one another to create a seamless diagram of what operating an aircraft is like for real-life professional pilots

  • Paint kit that works with Photoshop & GIMP to help you make up your own liveries if you don’t like any of the 24 professionally designed, authentic liveries provided with the download

  • Varying performance and style from each aircraft – the 767-200 and 767-300 will feel markedly different to one another. This gives you unprecedented control over your aircraft, and lets you get around the place in varying fashions according to what you prefer. With different engines providing different characteristics, you can tailor your own flight desires perfectly between the models provided

  • Official documentation has been used to create the fuel and weight specifications of the aircraft, so that everything you are using is as close as possible to the real specifications. This includes the performance of the aircraft, with statistics and facts used from various reputable sources about the level of power and speed from the aircraft

  • Flight planning systems included, utilizing the default system to make it feel authentic and powerful enough to make sure that you can go from A to B with minimal fuss. The aircraft has been improved as well using pilot recommendations and performance logs, ensuring that you get an aircraft that feels optimized as well as easy to fly, with an abundance of features available to you including navigation logging

  • Waypoint features included using F-lite style FMC, making it easy to get around the globe and find your destination even in treacherous conditions, with constant warnings about performance and resource limits

  • Realistic sounds included that use a variety of authentic engine sounds that are used within Boeing aircraft to create something authentic to what you will be used to hearing at the airport. When combined with the mass of features and quality of design, you get the most realistic iteration of a Boeing 767 aircraft that there is.

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This flight sim addon was first listed on SimShack on Wednesday 06 October, 2010.

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