Bell 47G & Sioux H-13 for FSX/P3D

Bell 47G & Sioux H-13 for FSX/P3D4.0/5 5 reviews

The Bell 47 aircraft is one that carries more than a whiff of class and charisma, as this twin-bladed, single engine light helicopter is an absolute dream to fly. Part of the famous Bell range, this aircraft was the first ever certified civilian helicopter to be released, and since the 1940s has served a significant number of purposes over the years. Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition & Prepar3D all versions inc. v4, v5
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It was even part of the NASA Apollo program at one point, used as a training device for the Lunar Lander which had various similarities to the real thing. Now, pilots and fans from across the world can truly enjoy this unique and enjoyable system like never before in a truly authentic remake by FlySimWare.

Key Features

Alongside adding in every conceivable feature to improve performance levels, this new addition also introduces key features and additions such as;

  • Reworked to fit in with the world of FSX entirely, this uses high quality 3D gauges built upon the very gauges that would sit in the cockpit of the real thing. This improves usability and overall enjoyment of the aircraft by considerable margins.

  • Have changes to the way that panels are configured, alongside a newly calibrated manifold gauge. Fuel tanks are also re-mapped for logos and/or text, making it easier than ever to control the overall margins of the aircraft ensuring you stay on the right track, improving overall flight performance and usability.

  • Massive changes to the style that the aircraft carries out, with high quality and realistic textures - both bump and world reflections - ensuring that it looks the way that it should. Attention to detail throughout the entire design is prevalent as the aircraft carries the unique charm and format of the real thing.

  • 360 degree animations are included both inside and outside of the aircraft. This adds some genuine life to the model, ensuring that it looks like it is successfully engaged in the art of flying instead of just magically blundering along. It's this extra authenticity that really makes this work!

  • A bones animated pilot is included with cable, collective boots and springs making sure the whole process looks the way that it should. The animated pilot makes a massive difference in ensuring that your flight can feel authentic and sophisticated, helping you fly along in the most convincing manner.

  • A virtual cockpit sound module has been introduced to help sell the interior of the aircraft in the most effective manner, bringing the whole thing together and making a genuine convincing audio experience to fit with the level of control provided by the various systems the virtual cockpit gives you.

  • A massive reworking of the realism of the aircraft equipment has been carried out, with fresh new high-quality six-cylinder engine features being included throughout. This brings the whole thing together and makes an exceptionally enjoyable system come to life, making sure the aircraft also uses the hardware that makes it so famous.

  • Speed controlled sounds for heater vents and doors has been included for another little ray of authenticity, helping to bring the entire cockpit experience to life as it should. These massive changes will make the entire flight process feel far more enjoyable than it may have once seemed.

  • Hard coded lighting is included, and are fully available for use within an online environment. These systems will ensure that you have no problems at all in maintaining your accuracy and your distance as you move forward, helping you keep high levels of visibility up as you fly and avoiding endangering yourself.

  • An engine operation with a tracking gauge which starts at 19,100 hours is another useful little addition that helps to bring the whole image and format of the aircraft interior to life. The perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy their flight and have every minor feature included.

  • With four paint themes and five models included along the way, this makes it much easier than ever to enjoy your flights in an accurate and daring design. The aircraft you decide to go with shall look the way that you intended, giving you a truly exemplary choice of designs to pick from.

  • A dual-analogue clock which will accurately track and portray flight times has also been included to help make your accuracy and control over the flight much easier to handle.

  • Animated wind effects are included on your main rotors, helping you to enjoy an engaging process that will keep you well on the path to enjoying a successful, calm and authentic flight.

  • Animated pushback modes are also added that look excellent and do a wonderful job of portraying all the little things we love to see.

New Animations

A fantastic part of this latest addition has been the inclusion of new animations. Improving the overall look and feel of the flight, these new animations include key features including;

  • Collective & Linkage - VC - Exterior
  • Cyclic & Linkage - VC - Exterior
  • Pedals & Linkage - VC - Exterior
  • Pilot - VC - Exterior
  • Doors - VC - Exterior
  • All Switches, Levers and Gauges - VC - Exterior
  • Throttle & Linkage - VC - Exterior
  • Hydraulic Stabilizer & Linkage - Exterior
  • Hydraulic Rotor & Linkage - VC - Exterior
  • Hydraulic Tail Rotor & Linkage - Exterior
  • Driveline & U joints - Exterior
  • Fans - VC - Exterior
  • Tires - VC - Exterior

Animation is available in all views, including the tower. We have included 3 custom VC views: Co-Pilot, Radios and even new features and changes like theEngine Hours Counter.

Each of the views provided, as well as the animations, ensure you get the greatest possible response when flying.

New Models

Alongside a wealth of new changes, this Bell 47G model comes with some new models included, such as;

  • Bell 47G Skids /wdoors
  • Bell 47G Skids /wno doors
  • Bell 47 G Crop Duster no doors
  • Bell 47 G Floats /wdoors
  • H-13 MASH /wdoors - no fans - no tires

Additional Liveries

This package also comes with some spectacular new paint schemes to try, including;

  • Army Green- Skids, Crop Duster and Floats
  • Yellow- Skids, Crop Duster and Floats
  • Camo- Skids
  • MASH- Skids

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.0/5.0 based on 5 customer reviews

3 of 5 Stars!

Hi, I was about to buy this sim but, before I needed to hear the sound environment I would get inside and outside of this helicopter sim.

I firmly beleive that sound is an big part of a simulation experience, almost as important as its graphic counterpart.

I launched the demo offered an instead of hearing the sounds related to the clicking of switches and engine start-up, i hear that SILLY MUSIC covering all the sounds coming from this chopper.

Why on earth are you playing that music that makes it impossible to judge the quality of the sounds inherent to that sim ?

Well, I refrained from buying it and went looking eslwhere for a Bell 47G.

You should make a choice: either sell "inappropriate music" or post a demo who will help us judge of the sound quality of your sims.

The same advice goes for many of your demos.

When we fly an airplane, we are most interested by sounds, not that by "silly music".


Vincent Royer

PS: please advise me when your demos will be cleared of this nuisance.

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

While I much agree with Vincent Royer's comments about the too-loud (and unnecessary) background music making it difficult to hear the aircraft sounds, I bought the sim anyway since it was on sale for $12. That's too good to pass up.

That said, even though the sim designer said the sounds were that of a real Bell 47, I found them to be quite different from the whirlybird sounds I heard as a kid from the H-13s from Ellyson Field that flew over my house dozens of times every day as the Navy/Marine/Coast Guard student pilots flew to and from their outlying training fields. What I especially missed was the kind of whistling sounds the rotors would make as they slowed and came to a stop (with no rotor brake) when the engine was shut down. You might want to compare this to the sounds on the "Whirleybirds" TV shows of the late 1950s:

Still, it's a good sim, and I highly recommend it. Just wish it came with some USA Army or Navy markings, and HT-8 livery in particular.

3 of 5 Stars!

Having purchased the Flysimware Bell 47 helicopter I am very surprised that that you have fudged what is a very good model of the actual helicopter by using the sound from another FSX helicopter namely the Robinson R22. The real Bell 47 has a very distinctive engine and rotor sound and the R22 sounds just ain't right. I do think that getting the correct sounds is very important. Perhaps a later update with the correct sounds would mean that I could score the helicopter 10/10 but at the moment I can only give it 7.5/10 simply because of the wrong engine and rotor sounds. Even the freeware version although not as well modelled as the Flysimware version has the correct engine and rotor sounds. Many thanks and looking forward to an update in the near future.

5 of 5 Stars!

Love it. You can open both Doors by clicking on the handls. The H-13G MASH is my favoret of the vershions represented. I have first hand experiance with one from college every thing is where its suposed to be an it works.

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

Excellent little chopper to fly around the city. I got a sound pack for this and now it is as real as it gets, amazing what the right sounds can do, highly recommend.

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