T-6 "Texan" Accu-Sim for FSX/P3D

T-6 "Texan" Accu-Sim for FSX/P3D4.0/5 4 reviews

For those who like to fly old-school military aviation, the T-6 Texan might just be one of the most popular. Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X including Steam Edition and Prepar3D v2, v3, v4, v5
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This old-school aircraft was one of the many commonly used Allied fighters during the Second World War. Playing a key role in helping to turn the tide of the war, this add-on allows for you to see just what the cockpit of such a classic aircraft would feel like.

Not only should you feel instantly at home in the cockpit, but you should be able to enjoy a much more authentic flying experience.

Powered using Accu-Sim, you will get to take on many more responsibilities in the air and across the cockpit.

For those who want to fly a nimble but challenging aircraft, this add-on makes sure you will feel the ample challenge laid down by the T-6 Texan.

For those who appreciate a more interesting and challenging flight, be sure to try this out: it's a must-use aircraft for any fans of classic military aviation.

Key Features

  • A host of new changes to the aircraft to ensure that the T-6 Texan now flies in accordance with the real aircraft, including a fully operational P&W R-1340 radial engine.
  • Impressive new changes to the front and rear cockpits creates a much more impressive and immersive interior, using authentic and matching materials.
  • A new sound environment is included, making sure that all the sounds you hear are both driven by physics and by a reaction to any movement you make.
  • Piston combustion engine modeling allows for a realistic take on the way that such an engine works, with the sounds matching up with a high-power radial engine.
  • Comprehensive new maintenance hanger system, making sure you can easily manage all testes prior to take-off - including compression checks.
  • New and improved aircraft modeling allows for better aerobatics to take place, with authentic engine vibrations relating to every daring move that you undertake.
  • Impressive handling based on the real aircraft, ensuring that you always have a challenging yet rewarding flight experience - just like the real thing.
  • New changes to the aircraft using Accu-Sim features created a more challenging aircraft, developed using real-life aircraft pilots to help ensure accuracy.
  • Pick from as many as three canopies in live time.
  • Many optional features included, such as the ability to remove propeller hubs if you wish as well as use the direct cranking solution.
  • Autopilot with altitude included for anyone who wants a more robust and varied aircraft performance.
  • You can start up the T-6 using the primer only start system if you prefer - Accu-Sim will closely monitor fuel injection amounts etc. to improve performance.
  • Persistent airplane systems and temperatures are simulated, even when your PC is off: great for a more realistic, immersive experience.
  • Authentic avionics included making sure that your aircraft can perform to its best, with automated support included for all popular third-party solutions.
  • Impressive construction in and out to make sure the model is as accurate as is possible, with a design following "by the book" design choices for greater accuracy.
  • Newly improved animations throughout the aircraft, including a realistic-looking pilot and co-pilot to help make sure the aircraft feels properly populated.
  • New and improved real-time load manager, allowing for simple adding of fuel, pilots, and baggage all the time: a simple, stress-free solution for quicker loading.
  • 3D lighting included.
  • A2A sound professionals have worked in tandem to create an authentic cockpit in terms of sound production.
  • Fuel delivery system perfectly captured to ensure that the aircraft can be easily mixed and tuned using your ear alone.
  • Realistic impact on your aircraft operation based on real-life issues such as temperature, airflow, and density.
  • Real-life issues such as spark plugs becoming clogged will make sure you have more to keep an eye on as you fly, ensuring vigilance and professionalism are required.
  • Authentic gauges included which move and tremble accordingly with the moment, making sure all parts of the aircraft feel like they are reacting to one another.
  • Authentic battery capacities and systems included making sure the T-6 performs to its real-life strengths and weaknesses.
  • The new oil pressure system included, with oil thickness becoming a major consideration as you fly.

You can view the official manual here.

Customer Reviews

Rated 4.0/5.0 based on 4 customer reviews

1/5 Verified Purchase
1 of 5 Stars!

Although the much touted flying of the Texan T6 is very challenging and rewarding, the product is annoying as hell in several minor irritating respects. To put this in perspective, I have purchased several of the competition's products -- from Carenado -- and when this is stacked up alongside theirs, these guys should not have released this airplane because quite frankly, it isn't ready yet.

First -- there's no damn starter in the super-realistic cockpit. What the hell, people? You have all these other switches and controls, which all work fine, but you don't have a STARTER? How wonderful; I can set the mags to left, right or both, but I cannot start the damned engine unless I use the little pop-up menu and select "Auto Start Sequence".

Second -- The rear canopy doesn't open. You have a little hand icon for the right spot and you hear the sound of it supposedly sliding back, but nothing happens. But oh, listen to that engine roar.

Third -- when you do a replay of something, such as a landing -- very nice to see what you looked like on that bumpy wheel landing -- this product is unable to remember all the configuration of the aircraft. So if you were in straight and level flight when you clicked "Instant Replay", the replay still thinks your wheels are up. So you get this utterly stupid-looking replay of an aircraft with its wheels still up (since that what you were doing when you selected Instant Replay) doing a touch and go.

Fourth -- While switching radio frequencies manually (as you would do in real life), the product doesn't seem to know that you already switched from ground to tower. So it still offers to tune it for you from its menu. The Carenado products by contrast get this right away and if you switch from ground to tower manually, the menu sees this and changes accordingly to "Contact Tower" instead of "Tune Tower at 118.9" or whatever freq it is.

Look. These kinds of stupid, little details are UNACCEPTABLE in a product you're charging money for. The Carenado products all know how to do all these things correctly. But you guys at A2 Sim are so enamored with your flight dynamics and engine sounds, you don't seem to care about the details.

So although the flying is wonderfully challenging and does wonders for stick and rudder skills and taxiing, the minor details are SO damn irritating I considered asking for my money back. And don't tell me I need the latest upgrade -- the product only came out this very month, from what I understand. Why is your product out if it is not ready?

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

Installed yesterday. Today, after three flights I deleted all other aircraft on my sim... Superb aerodynamics, smooth handling, typical T-6 "Poff"-sound when going to fast into idle and even mist buildup on the windscreen when airvent is closed. Like the real thing !

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

excellent plane I like so much the fit, the maneuverability in fly and approachs , without forget the greats customisable settings own at A2A... high quality

5 of 5 Stars!

This is my third A2A plane. It doesn't disappoint. Very realistic and immersive. You did it again, A2A, Thanks!

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