Spitfire Mk V Legends of Flight for FSX

Spitfire Mk V Legends of Flight for FSX

As part of the legendary Just Flight Legends of Flight series, the Spitfire MK V finally takes to the skies - and it's been worth the wait. Read more...

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The most committed and authentic remake of a piece of aviation folklore is now live, and you can get it directly from here. The new Spitfire MK V takes a revolutionary swing at making arguably the best of the Spitfire generations come to life. For those who were lucky enough not to have experience the horrifying scenario of flying the real thing in battle, you can now get as close to a taste of that as you can in a simulator!

With this remake, you get access to four specific and unique models with thirteen authentic, historically accurate paint schemes included as well. Each aircraft comes equipped with fantastically designed cockpits, and a wealth of impressive changes to the inside of both the cockpit and the engines. Now you get brilliant performance as well as looks, establishing the perfect mix between authenticity, control and fun!

If you are wanting to take to the skies in this revolutionary piece of kit, now is the time.

The Spitfire MK V

This was considered by many of the time - and historians since - as the true overlord of the Spitfire. Although a dominant brand of aircraft in its own right, the dominance of the Spitfire came about due to the impressive and cohesive changes in each model with the MK V acting as one of its most beloved. It made use of a new Merlin 45 engine alongside a combat-rated 1470HP which was simply blowing previous models out of the water.

This mammoth power mixed with an impressive array of firepower gave the MK V an incredible difference in the battles up ahead. Its reliability was, at one stage, global - it helped to serve n Africa and the Pacific Theatre as well, showing that it was capable of giving solid performance no matter the occasion, the enemy or the climate.

This cemented the MK V in the hearts of both those who flew them and those who were saved by them during the war itself. It was, for this reason, the most numerous in volume and by the end of the war it had produced just under 6,500 models. This included models, as far back as MK I that were taken back in and fixed up to be taken to the skies again in their new, imperious form.

Capable of carrying bombs as well as slipper tanks for extended range, this made it an easy way for the Allied forces to make a telling progression during battle.

Fantastic New Additions

As a true take on the real thing, this mod includes impressive changes to the original formula including;

  • Thirteen liveries designed to tell the story of the MK V and the numerous campaigns that it took place in, letting you see just how varied the Spitfire was during the war.

  • A high quality, freshly designed and pristinely managed 3D virtual cockpit. This helps to make the aircraft purr along with every needed control now available.

  • Fantastic new sounds included which roar the aircraft into the starts and then into the skies, using the real Rolls-Royce Merlin engine for true effect.

  • A canopy jettison feature which does a marvelous job of selling the image of the aircraft whilst also making the aircraft even more like its true self.

  • A layered paint kit included for anyone who wishes to get artistic and create a new and exciting way for this bombastic aircraft to reach the skies in.

  • Highly specific and detailed texture mapping is used throughout to give this aircraft the historical detail and accuracy that it deserves. Even more importantly, though, is the lack of frame rate damage despite the fact that this uses regular shadow texture when it is appropriate.

  • Highly tuned Spitfire flight dynamics which see the aircraft hit the skies and take off at increasingly impressive rates. However this is balanced with real, authentic dynamics that tell the true story of how this should so you won't find this being better than its historical predecessor, following everything accurately.

  • Animated pilot figurine to sit in the cockpit and make the aircraft look even realistic. This does not get in the way and only helps to add to the occasion.

  • A detailed Merlin engine also sits clearly visible in the aircraft, just as the MK V was so well known for.

  • Multiple, excellent viewpoints that look spectacular and do a marvelous job of creating some rather picturesque images for you to remember as you fly!

  • Engine start battery trolleys and smoke effects make the starting up process just as fun as the actual flying itself, making the aircraft look more authentic than ever.

  • A comprehensive manual for those who are worried they might struggle to master how to fly the aircraft, with every feature explained.

Fresh New Models & Animations

Like any good aircraft mod, this brings to life many factors of the aircraft that may otherwise have been missed along the way. For example, the exterior models have all been optimized and changed to fit the most accurate plans available.

This means that profiles shapes and scales are all in line with all of the best details about the MK V which can be achieved. Each has accurate specular, bump and shape mapping detailed;

  • MK V A - 8 Gun Wing
  • MK V B - Cannon Wings
  • MK V B - Tropical Filter
  • MK V C - Four Cannon Wings Clipped

Aircraft Included

The best part of this mod is that it comes with some rather excellent modifications and improvements which sell the whole image perfectly. If you want to fly an authentic version of this masterpiece, then you can make use of the following aircraft. Each has been included for various models, meaning that you get some unique models of the MK V in various parts of time and history that does a wonderful job of selling its heritage.

Mk Va

The VA was a popular addition to the style of the aircraft, known as the Type 331 normally. This continued use of the A type wing, with 8 x .303" Brownings still being used. With top speeds of around 603 km/h, this was incredible fast for its time and marked a major change to the MK V.

This includes the famous W3182 D-B shot down when flown by Douglas Bader. He then spent the rest of the war as a POW.

  • W3185 D-B 'Lord Lloyd' - flown by Wg Cdr Douglas Bader, OC Tangmere Wing, August 1941
  • R7335 AH-J - flown by Flight Commander Finn Thorsager of the Norwegian 332 Squadron, RAF Catterick 1942.

Mk Vb

The MK VB made another significant step in the right direction, with the VB being the most commonly produced of the versions. Along with the new Merlin 45s, this came as the standard now, this aircraft also made use of fishtail exhaust stacks which improved exhaust thrust.

This made a big difference to the overall flight performance, also being the first kind of VB to use slipper drop tanks underneath the wing centre-section. Small hooks were fitted and when the tank would be released this would catch the trailing edge of the tank, swinging it clear of the fuselage and potential damage.

  • W3238 PR-B - 609 Squadron RAF, 1942
  • BM144 RF-D - flown by Flt Lt Jan Zumbach, No 303 'Polish' Sqn, May 1942
  • X4272 SD-J - 501 squadron, June 1944
  • RS-T - flown by Wing Commander Robert Stanford-Tuck (29 recorded kills) who flew with his personal initials as squadron codes

Mk Vb Tropical

The Tropical edition of the aircraft were very popular, and were specifically noticed for the prominent Vokes air filter, put in just under the nose. This produced a reduced speed of the air to the supercharger, and it made the aircraft left powerful as a result. However, performance levels were still more than high enough for the job that it was needed for and as such as the MK VB Tropcial was a strong success.

They tended to make use of wide blade Rotol propellers with clipped wings.

  • EJ-G - 127 Squadron RAF, 1943
  • 308th Fighter Squadron USAAF, 1943
  • BR562 X-R - flown by Flt Lt Ray Hesselyn RNZAF, No249 squadron, July 1942, Malta.

Mk Vc (clipped wing)

The Mark VC was a strong brand and suited many pilots well, but it was the first aircraft to get many of the changes that were needed including stronger fuselage structures and a new, wide-screen design. This was also used on some of the newer VB Spitfires.

This was important for a release, though, as it was the first of the Spitfire to properly carry bombs with bombs under each wing being included as a major change to its overall damage potential.

  • EP120 AE-A - Canadian squadron Mk Vc
  • BM181 AX-D - USAF Mk Vc
  • AB509 JM-C - 142 Squadron RAF, June 1944
  • AR 614 DU-Z - 312 Czech Squadron, 1942
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