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FSX Performance Booster 2013

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FSX Performance Booster 2013
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As you may noticed, even the older flight simulators out there can give your machine quite the challenge when you are trying to get things started. This means that in turn you can start to notice a significant drop in performance as you go, making it really hard to get things done safe and sound. You’ll usually notice that when you are using a poor machine that is simply cannot keep up with the game itself and starts to really lag and fall apart. To avoid this, though, there are options.

Rather than having to go out and buy a whole new machine that will leave you with plenty of money to spend, you can make a change for just a few dollars with the brilliant FSPS FSX Booster 2013. The FSPS – Flight Simulator Platform Solutions – have been creating these kinds of mods for many years and in that time they have become one of the most respected creators of performance enhancing software. Now you can get the level of textures and speed of a high-end PC without having to go out and buy one – because this service moves around all of the “clutter” available and makes sure that your machine is running smooth and on point.

FSX is hugely popular for various reasons, not least because it’s so incredibly user-friendly and can be managed with just a few hours of learning. However, like anything else, to master the software you need to go that extra step further. Mastering a flight, though, requires you to have the ultimate levels of performance and with this excellent mod you can ensure you are getting high-end performance from your machine whilst avoiding anything potentially expensive or dangers like overclocking your machine to increase performance.

About FSPS

The FSPS are your solution if you are looking for a normal way to get your PC working better – nothing dodgy, nothing over the top. In turn this gives you all the help that you could need to start managing the performance far better to make sure that you are getting a higher frames per second (FPS) and that the original settings you are using can be improved and strengthened. To keep up with the developments within flight simulation, you really should consider looking into the kind of service that the FSPS can offer you through their experience, passion and expertise.

It’s this kind of jump and improvement that would make sure you get all the help that you could possibly need, as well as guaranteeing that you can get a far more involving education about aircraft. FSPS have always been about informing and improving how you feel about your own flight performance and with their excellent software you can put a whole host of those irritating problems in the bin. With so many issues that can rise up from using a flight simulator, using this can help you get there without having to go and buy the latest NVidia graphics card or Intel processor.

After all, the changes that come to the computing industry are pretty much monthly; you can spend a whole load of cash on new software only to find out its considered old within two weeks! No other industry has ever moved at such a steady and consistent pace, and it’s now up to you to get in there and use the power of the FSPS to avoid having to do this. The money that goes into PC repairs every year is insane, and the FSPS work to help sim fans avoiding having to do this.

Why Use This Software?

The reason for using this software for most people is the fact that it can just help to improve performance so much. Whilst the vast majority of overclocking software is dangerous and can leave your PC at risk, it was also the only option for taking things to that next level and really improving the performance of your machine without spending any money.

However it would be putting your machine under incredible levels of stress and probably makes it nigh-impossible to get things working in the fashion that you had originally intended to do so. Therefore, the only real option out there is to turn to things like the FSX Booster – it’s a legitimate program that overclocks nothing, yet makes everything run at its very best.

The software works by giving your PC all the specifications that it needs as well as making incremental changes along the way to make sure that performance is at the expected level from your simulator. Naturally it will be expecting your machine to be capable of a certain level of performance; you just need to make sure that it can actually maintain that level of performance for the long-term. Well, with this tool, you can more or less guarantee that.

Even if you are running FSX at full power without any real problems, you will find that using this mod can make the overall performance even smoother. At the very least, things will load much quicker and you will find that the overall graphical capacity will improve massively, too. The distance that you can see in the distance, for example, has been modified and improved quite dramatically.

If you are using FSX – or the Steam Edition – and are having a lot of performance problems you absolutely need to give this a try right away.

Key Features

  • You can notice an absolutely incredibly jump from FPS in the game – whilst you might be used to getting a solid rate, this can give you as much as a 30-200% increase within the project and will ensure you have all the help that you could possibly need moving forward

  • FSX messages control has also been improved and managed better; now everything feels far more streamlined and will make it much easier to get the best out of compared to what it would have been like if you were using this project in the past without this mod being installed

  • FSX process priority and process turbo control has been included to massively up the performance and the overall capacity of the software. Rather than just going around in circles with this mod you can make an incredible difference to the wide array of different features that’ll now run much better

  • Hyper threads CPU’s control has also been added in there to help you get that extra level of control and knowledge over the actual flight

  • Completely compatible with DirectX10 which can make a massive difference if you are looking to see things grow and improve within the future, improving the entire performance and dynamics of the images that will be appearing on screen

  • Free updates are included, too. Now you don’t need to worry about FSX outgrowing you or the features that have been implemented and added in here becoming obsolete or nowhere near as important as they used to be for your machine – simply start up your own version of FSX and you’ll see a considerable difference from time-to-time when updates are installed. They tend to be very detailed updates, too, as they usually correct a wide variety of mistakes all at once instead of firefighting with small updates

  • A backup of the original fsx.cfg file is included in here –this might not sound like much but it’s absolutely vital to making sure that you get the kind of performance that you would be hoping for. It also means that if you wish to revert to normal, you use this

  • The fibers speed has been increased and optimized as well which can have a huge say on the overall level of quality that is being exercised on the screen at all time, making a huge difference to the way that the game looks as well as how it performs

  • Smoothness is the aim of the game here and this mod will give you a chance to fly the aircraft as if you were a pro, and in the real world. It will take away stutters and delays as well as ensuring that the software is running the simulator at a level that it feels comfortable with and can genuinely improve performance

  • HD textures are far more prominent and common than they used to be, bringing the entire level of performance up a bit whilst also ensuring that the rest of the world continues to look fantastic, even without any changes

  • Terrains also load a whole lot faster now – when the increased line of sight that you have kick into play you should be able to see large, lush terrain patches in the distance in instead of some big solid texture that needs to be covered with something else! These small changes ensure that the overall performance of the software is improving, whilst giving you a far more comprehensive graphical appearance as well

  • It comes with a Windows Aero fix as well which will really make sure that the performance of the flight simulator is not affected in any way or shape 

Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 7 customer reviews

 - 12/05/2013

5 of 5 Stars!

This is definitely a product worth spending your money on! After installation I get frame rates of up to 50 when flying in rural areas. There is a significant increase in performance, and I definitely love it!

Another thing I love is the program allows you to specific how you want to increase your performance. It has a variety of options and offers great flexibility, such as options to terrains, aircrafts, trees, etc.

Of course, this program is not omnipotent. FSX is FSX after all, unless somebody rewrites its graphics engine inside out, the game is still going to suffer graphics performance to a certain extent. So don't expect suddenly you can run the game in 200 fps or on several full HD monitors. However given the low price of this booster and the fact that it is almost doubling frame rate, THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT! BUY IT!

 - 12/05/2013

5 of 5 Stars!

This product works. It provides an altogether much smoother performance. The frame rate often hits 115, and is typically around 85, on a W7 64-bit system with Intel SSD and GTX 460 running DirectX 11

 - 12/05/2013

5 of 5 Stars!

As a computer engineer I will be only too pleased to write a review on this product when I get it installed. I would like to see some technical specification about this product as there are several tweak programs on the market. Is this optimized for FSX? and if it removes the bug that causes FSX to crash so often it will be worth every penny. If it does all this I'll give it 5 stars.

 - 12/05/2013

5 of 5 Stars!

Really helped! I have a ton of scenery add-ons and the booster smoothed things very nicely!

 - 05/30/2015

5 of 5 Stars!

Flight Simulators can be a real test of a computers performance and capabilities, particularly those without high-end video cards and big stacks of ram. People are always looking for ways to improve the performance of their computers, in an effort to better their experiences with simulators and video games alike; overclocking to get just a few more frames per second or turning up the draw distance even a little. It is something that almost all users do, or at least wish they could do, to try and keep up with all the new cards and processors that get released seemingly every month.

So a product like FSX Performance Booster 2013, is the perfect download for pretty much everyone. Created by Flight Simulator Platform Solutions, this program will scan your computer to get its exact specifications and perform small tweaks to speed up its performance. Even if you already have a high-end rig that handles higher settings with no issues, this program can still do the same for you. Since the program doesn't assume a performance of X or Y simply based on your CPU or your video card, each and every computer gets a different, personalized treatment.

The changes that the program makes, allow for graphical boosts like extra LOD radius and better control of high definition textures. Capable of improving frame rates by up to a massive 200% and completely eliminating blurry textures and horrible, flow breaking stutters forever, you can be sure that you are getting the best FSX experience possible on your computer, without spending money on expensive hardware upgrades. While in full support of Direct X 10, it requires SP2 and NET Framework 3.5 or higher be installed on your system, prior to the installation of this program.

Whether your proficient with overclocking and performance tweaks or not, you can safely use this program to achieve a significant boost to your FSX experience, as everything is done on the back end; you don't have to do anything yourself unless you want to. As an added bonus, FSPS offer free updates to the program, ensuring that your computer keeps running FSX as smooth as possible for the foreseeable future.

 - 07/14/2013

5 of 5 Stars!

Have you ever searched the Net for tips on improving your FSX performance and been overwhelmed by the advice and suggestions, not knowing who to trust? Well help has arrived from a trust-worthy source. I have a reasonable system but struggled to get more than 10-15 fps when using Heathrow Extreme with REX and other high detail scenery. I used this new Booster for the first time yesterday and after playing around with the settings, ended up doing a very smooth average 20 fps landing the PMDG737NG at Heathrow. For the money, it's excellent value.

 - 07/18/2013

5 of 5 Stars!

Outstanding software, I'm very surprised, and very happy with this. Running a Qaud core, and have an increase of at least 50-60% FPS. in FSX. Tested this on dual core on my laptop. BIG improvement. Worth every single penny for sure. Great Job !!!

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