Flights to the Extremes for FSX

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Ready for something off the usual paths? Then you've come to the right place! Read more...

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These seven "Flights to the Extremes" missions for FSX will lead you out to some of the most thrilling places on earth:

  • the highest mountain
  • the highest volcano
  • the highest navigable lake,
  • the highest airport and the lowest,
  • the deepest gorge and
  • the remotest island on earth

are waiting for you to be discovered!

Fantastic landscapes and astounding vistas await you.

A briefing before each flight will give you concise information on each special place you'll be flying to.

Each mission is designed for easy flying, has plenty of its own eye candy and provides a reward after successful completion.

Flying the missions

Each mission starts with a briefing giving some interesting background details about the destination and a few flight instructions.

These missions are not all at beginner-level. Some of them are at least at an intermediate level. (Meaning you should at least halfways be able to use the GPS and the autopilot.)

The aircraft used are default planes: Ultralight, Beechcraft Baron 58, Grumman Goose and Beechcraft King Air 350.

Flying the missions is -mostly- a simple affair: Take off and follow the instructions given. Most missions can be flown with autopilot.

There is one however which you will have to fly entirely by hand due to the nature of the environment ("Deepest Gorge" in Nepal).

The duration of these missions varies from 15-30 minutes.

There will be further background information and flying instructions on the way delivered by different speakers. Some music is played during or at the end of the missions.

All rewards are post-cards with their respective objects.

Technical Features

"Flights to the Extremes" is for FSX and other versions.  The download is an installation package that installs easily. All missions use default scenery. For two of the missions, "Highest Lake" and "Lowest Airport", several scenery objects have been specially created. 

The Developers

"Flights to the Extremes" was created by Manfred Kramer and Dieter Rettig as a hobby. We want to design missions that are not only easy to fly, but also informative and entertaining. This is our second project. We are already starting on our next project which will be along the same lines as the last two projects: Infotainment in FSX.

System Requirements: All versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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Customer Reviews

Rated 3.0/5.0 based on 1 customer reviews

3 of 5 Stars!

After reviewing 80 Flights Around the World and similar Discover.... titles, i must say that this one is different.

In those programs, there were very many flights. The time that it would take to find all of the desireable objects and routes is considerable, so it was, for me, a question of spending this time or simply spending the money, buying the program and concentrating on flying.

This one is different.

You can easily Google search "the biggest, the deepest, the highest", etc. and read enough in Google about these places to satisfy your curiosity. Finding nearby airports is quite easy.

So, in my opinion, even the low price here is not worth what you get, even if it does save you some potential work.

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