Magical Mystery Flights for FSX

Magical Mystery Flights for FSX

If you are out for some unusual adventures in flying you've come to the right place! Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X inc. Steam Edition
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Magical Mystery Flights will take you to some very unusual places which are bound to enchant you:

  • Take a BBC-film team to Scotland's infamous Loch Ness -and explore the realm of Nessie.

  • Explore the mysterious temples of the Angkor Wat complex - and watch out for tigers.

  • Accompany Agent Nina to the deepest abyss in FSX-world -and be baffled by it's strangeness.

  • Fly an unusual tour of the pyramids of Egypt -and be enchanted by a magical experience.

  • Look for the Aborigine's runway to dream-time -and learn about the controversy there.

  • Flying in Romania you will delve into the history of Dracula -and find out who he really was.

  • Take a hop over one of the driest places on earth -and discover the puzzling Nazca Lines in Peru

After installation the missions can be easily found by choosing MARA-Missions in the categories.

Each mission

  • has its own briefing,

  • special scenery objects and effects,

  • is designed for uncomplicated flying and

  • gives a reward after successful completion.

Flying the missions

Each mission starts with a briefing giving some interesting background details about the destination and a few flight instructions.

These missions are a mixture of beginner-level and intermediate level. 

The aircrafts used are default planes: Ultralight, Beechcraft Baron 58, Grumman Goose, Beechcraft King Air 350 and the trusty Maule.

Flying the missions is -mostly- a simple affair: Take off and follow the instructions given. Some missions can be flown with autopilot.

There is one mission where you get to chose between different destinations ("Tour de Dracula").

The duration of these missions varies from 15-120 minutes. (The longest mission is the "Tour de Dracula" which can take up to 2 hours if you fly all destinations.)

Along the way further background information and flying instructions are given by different speakers. Music is played during or at the end of the missions.

All rewards are post-cards with their respective objects.

Technical Features

"Magical Mystery Flights" is for FSX.  The download is an installation package.  Although all missions use default scenery quite a number of special scenery objects have been created and implemented to enhance the magical or mysterious quality of the destinations or its surroundings.

The Developers

"Magical Mystery Flights" was created by Manfred Kramer and Dieter Rettig as a hobby. We want to design missions that are not only easy to fly, but also informative and entertaining. This is our third project.

System requirements: All versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

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