F-106 Delta Dart for FSX/FS2004

F-106 Delta Dart for FSX/FS20044.5/5 2 reviews

This is the best product to go with if you want to understand just how important the famous F-106 Delta Dart was during its heyday. It was an all-weather interceptor that served incredibly well, acting as the solution the USAD needed to try and intercept smaller and more nimble aircraft. With a delta wing design and a very interesting body shape, the aircraft started to really set records and become a mainstay. Read more...

Microsoft Flight Simulator X & Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
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For example, it set the world speed record when in Mach 2.31 at 40,500ft. With nearly three decades of service, it was finally let go towards the end of the 1990s, although it did serve as part of the Air National Guard for close to a decade.

What's Included?

  • F-106A Montana ANG 1971, 186th FIS, Great Falls, Montana
  • F-106A 87th FIS, K.I. Sawyer AFB, Michigan 1972
  • F-106A 48th FIS, Langley AFB, Virginia 1970
  • F-106B California ANG 1981, 194th FIS
  • F-106B Florida ANG 1980, 159th FIS
  • F-106B Air Defense Weapons Center, Tyndall AFB 1972

Key Features

  • This package comes with six awesome texture sets that have been designed from scratch each time, using various inspirations and specifications to be as realistic as possible. Each model brings a unique range of features to the table including unique handling, ensuring that you get something that feels truly different from one another.

  • This is more than just a basic adjustment of the textures or a re-scaling of the model; this looks very much different with each of the designs ensuring that the level of adjustment and quality that you get with this package really cannot be underestimated

  • The Delta Dart manages to also capture a stunning range of different features in a good aircraft, with bump mapping, self-shadowing and bloom all being added in. Together, this all comes together and looks the part and ensures that you are left with an aircraft that is equipped with awesome and attractive features like bump mapping, self-shadowing and bloom fx. When put together, this all comes together and looks as impressive as it can!

  • The FSX model also comes with a self-shadowing virtual cockpit that looks truly outstanding and manages to capture the style that you were looking for originally. However, this has to have FSX SP/2 Acceleration and DX10 installed to give you the most balanced level of performance regardless of what you are dealing with

  • The authentic virtual cockpit that is being added in here look absolutely awesome, managing to capture the right animations in the virtual cockpit to make sure that it all comes together perfectly. The mousable controls and the general changes that have been included also make it very simple for you to control the aircraft as you had

  • This comes with the six different texture sets that you need to ensure that you are going to have all of the different choices available to you. For help in using a package that gives you some awesome textures and designs to pick from that all come with an incredible level of detail, then you should start with this package as it makes flying the Delta Dart in so many different styles, colours and textures

  • This comes with a fully working radar system that is more than capable of tracking an unlimited number of targets. This will give you things like a flight ID, the aircraft type, its altitude and the heading of the aircraft. Additionally, various range settings and dimmers are provided so that you can balance how the aircraft is going to work

  • It comes with various new animations that look great, capturing the spirit and the nature of an aircraft like this perfectly. It looks fantastic and makes it very easy for you to start changing the way of the flight, with animated extended missile racks, bomb bays, extendable drag chutes and various other smaller animations that look absolutely outstanding!

  • The aircraft, though, manages to carry various other awesome features that really do look fantastic. The aircraft, for example, uses an authentic al-XML 2D panel that has a hi-res glazed effect on the gauges, just as they should in the real world. Likewise, it has various customized pop-ups that can come up so that you can manage things like the autopilot, electrical systems and radios. Everything can be controlled with the mouse

  • A detailed checklist is left in the cockpit so that you can get the help that you need in controlling the aircraft and making it as easy to fly around in as it possibly can be, regardless of what you need to do or what the checklist is suggesting

  • Customized effects are made from scratch for turbine flow, smoke, wingtip contrails and wing surface vapour flashes. These all look outstanding and make it easier than ever to keep flying and to keep things moving in the right direction in terms of how the aircraft is going to look moving forward

  • A high-quality soundset has been included, and this makes it much easier for you to manage and control the soundset. If you aren't sure what to do or how to manage the situation then you should really consider how to move forward and how to control the situation so effectively

  • Toggable pilot designs that look great and can be put into the cockpit with ease, livening the whole thing up and making it much simpler for you to feel as if you are in an authentic pilot cockpit with a genuine designated pilot being included in HD detail and authentic clothing

  • Animated canopies, tailhooks, speedbrakes and bomb bay doors that are all textured and designed jus as they should be in the first place. This is a great thing to have as it makes the whole thing come together perfectly and adds another layer of realism to the entire design

  • Virtual cockpit rain effects are included for anyone who is using FS9 specifically, making it much easier in general to balance the aircraft and make it fly in the way that you had originally intended 


About Virtavia

Founded in 1999 by Phil Perrott and originally named Alphasim who developed freeware aircraft for FS2004/FSX.  Now rebranded as Virtavia who now publish payware add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D based on the old heavily modified Alphasim stock.

Virtavia has a focus on military aircraft add-ons compatible with FSX, Prepar3D, and X-Plane.  Focusing on historic and modern military aircraft, their add-ons have been well received by flight sim pilots and rated highly.

SimShack stock the entire range of Virtavia add-ons and continue to list any new versions or releases announced by Virtavia.

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Rated 4.5/5.0 based on 2 customer reviews

5/5 Verified Purchase
5 of 5 Stars!

Beloved by pastors, priests, and rabbis world wide, this aircraft promotes devout religious faith. Fly it and find out why. Is Las Vegas to Denver in 39 minutes that important? From the centerline, slowly advance to half throttle. Lift her at 150, no flaps. Immediately set power as close to fuel potion 7 as possible, then commence touch an goes. Under 300 but above 200 is good pattern speed, and it's usually fine to chop the power when the runway is made, just stay over 150. The trick is to see over the 'big brother' radar screen in front of you. This bird has pitiful yaw control under all conditions and it's hard to see over the radar, so I make either real steep straight in approaches, or fly a pattern with her yaw limitation in mind. Convair Dart's delta wing makes the pattern surprisingly easy to fly and at low speed, 225 to 175. Leaving the pattern, she is willing to play at fuel potion number 7. She rolls, loops, but never forget that total loss of control is possible. With a destination in mind, do resist the impulse to juice it. At 33,000 fuel potion 16 gives mach 1.8 for 47 minutes, approximately Las Vegas to Garden City Kansas. The government gas gauge is conveniently side by side with the fuel flow meter, so you won't be surprised. The lack of yaw control is a surprise and a danger until you learn the drag chute. Wow, that's the way to stop a jet! How can you resist buying this little bird? It will bring you closer to your God.

4/5 Verified Purchase
4 of 5 Stars!

My dad flew the TF-102 in 1964 as part of his transitioning to the B-58. I never had much interest in the Deuce, but I've always loved its upgraded Convair stablemate the F-106. This package's visual model is very satisfying and its flight characteristics seem to match up with every description of the real Six I've ever read. Great power in that J-75 engine. I've only got two complaints. The first one I alleviated with a little unreal deviation. The panel is virtually unusable on final and landing because of that big radar screen blocking the part of the view you really need. I manually carved that thing away and am much more easily able to land the plane now. The second complaint is that, although the Six was a definite Mach 2 aircraft, this model maxes out at about 0.98. Nothing I do will make it bust the sound barrier in level flight. But at the price, it's still a fun and historic - and good-looking - plane to fly.

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