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When military aviation first came to prominence, Boeing was always destined to be at the forefront of development. Read more...

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Their design of the Boeing B-47E Stratojet only helped to cement their status as a world leader. The Boeing B-47E was among the first swept-wing multi-engine bombers to be built for the USAF. Known for its amazing leap in development compared to what came before it, it's gone down as a very popular aircraft for aviation fans.

Now, you can try one out for yourself in X-Plane 11.

With this new take on the Stratojet, you can take to the skies of the world in a very powerful bomber jet. Having been planned as early as 1943, logistical issues meant that it wasn't until much later that the B-47E came to be.

Boeing had long planned to make something very specific when it came to building a bomber of repute. Issues involved straight wings, though, were causing problems. That's when George Schairer came across secret data about swept-wing jet aircraft.

Taking the idea further, the Boeing High-Speed Wind Tunnel was used to build the XB-47. One this was created, the B-47 was not long to come.

This was able to provide a major strategic and technological breakthrough in the middle of the Cold War era. With such a powerful aircraft designed, powered using J-47 engines, the Boeing B-47E changed everything in regard to aviation.

With over 2,000 of these aircraft built before development stopped in 1956, they changed the game. As the inspiration for many of the most powerful bomber aircraft to follow, the Boeing B-47E changed the rules of aviation. The Stratojet, then, became the ideal example of what could be done with the right technology.

Now fully XP11 compatible, where will you test out its power?

Key Features

  • First released in 2006, this is a full optimization of the original release by Virtavia.
  • Fully designed and optimized to provide the best performance possible in X-Plane 11.
  • Brand new 'stressed skin' design bump mapping creates authentic-looking metal.
  • Pilot cockpits are authentically designed and presented (the rear cockpit is modeled, too).
  • Many various parts of the cockpit can be touched and pressed with the use of your mouse.
  • 3D instruments included throughout the aircraft to give you maximum control as you fly.
  • Checklist included with the flight model to ensure you can take-off like a professional.
  • Designed for high performance without cutting back on visual detail or quality overall.
  • Animated canopies, bomb bay doors (with deflectors) and cabin entry spots.
  • Crew figures can easily be turned on/off depending on what your preference is.
  • Comes with a fully illustrated manual to explain every feature to you before flying.
  • Includes a whole host of high quality FMOD sounds including bespoke cockpit noises.
  • Comes with a VR text file included for easy configuration if required.

About Virtavia

Founded in 1999 by Phil Perrott and originally named Alphasim who developed freeware aircraft for FS2004/FSX.  Now rebranded as Virtavia who now publish payware add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D based on the old heavily modified Alphasim stock.

Virtavia has a focus on military aircraft add-ons compatible with FSX, Prepar3D, and X-Plane.  Focusing on historic and modern military aircraft, their add-ons have been well received by flight sim pilots and rated highly.

SimShack stock the entire range of Virtavia add-ons and continue to list any new versions or releases announced by Virtavia.

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My first impression when I downloaded the B-47 was not the best: a strange start and impossible to break on the landing without overshooting the runway. Then, I learned to fly it and found it an actually pleasing plane to fly! I had to add a brake chute on plane maker. I would give 5 stars if it wasn't for the strange behaviour when loading the aircraft on the sim, but 4.5 stars is enough I guess. Quite a challenge to fly, but after a little of practice, it's awesome.

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