Air Hauler for X-Plane

Air Hauler for X-Plane

The world of air hauler operations is one that many people have paid attention to for a long time, and a part of aviation that many people feel attracted to and interested by. This mod, Air Hauler for X-Plane, gives you all the help that you need in finally seeing what managing your own firm would be like. Read more...

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Just Flight
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Air Hauler for X-Plane is a wonderfully charming aviation mod that offers fresh new possibilities that are totally different from the usual X-Plane experience. With this you get to immerse yourself with a sim within a sim. This offers you all of the details that you could need and want to start building a realistic take on a genuine air haulage firm – YOUR firm!

The level of challenge is entirely up to you – you can either just fly the jobs or enjoy it that way, or take on the management side of things. You can carve out a career as a manager by hiring the right pilots, trading shares and managing the stock market. The choices are yours entirely.

You can find yourself flying risky flights to try and pay back a loan you should never have taken, or you can be dealing with a whole fleet of damaged aircraft after one flight too many. The consequences are huge and the pressure is on. The rewards, though, make it worth it. Before long you could be in charge of your own haulage company that is quickly becoming one of the most powerful on the planet.

Does this not sound wonderful?

Making Your Own Reality

With this mod, you are going to take on the role of both manager and pilot. You’ll be running around dealing with stuff like handling repairs and managing aircraft as well as taking on the flights yourself. You’ll spend a lot of time flying precarious goods to somewhere on a strict timeframe. You can fly it one leg, you can fly it in multiple legs – the choice is yours entirely.

Just make sure you become ready to manage reality – everything from fuel prices to stock values will be based on live-time information!

See where other pilots are coming from in the world and what they haul using the Air Hauler radar, letting you see the competition via other players. Doing well? Then upload your stats to the leaderboard and we’ll compare your quality with our other experts!

This puts you in charge of every single element of haulage in the air. If this is the kind of dream you would like to mess around with, then this is the best mod out there for you. From finance and flight to repairs and rebates, the world of flight cargo management awaits!

Major Features

One of the major improvements with this mod is the fact that you can now have total control. However, like many simulations that give you control, this makes sure you have to bear the full weight of responsibility, as well! This makes a major difference to the realism and believability of the whole program.

Just some of the new changes and improvements that have been brought to the table here will include;

Ease of Use

  • The ability to open up and run bases at any airport that is included within X-Plane. Other freight simulators are quite limited in what they allow you to do and where you can fly from. With this mod, though, you can start from where you please. Whether you want to start in a big city and build up or try and start local and build into a multinational is entirely up to you in this!

  • Need a cash helping? Then you can get a loan brought in. This allows you to invest in getting more materials, more valuable materials, or a larger base. Speculate to accumulate or build it all up slowly, never taking on any debt – it’s up to you how things are run.

  • Take back control of your simulation and the overall enjoyment of being involved in such a subject by having to manage reality. Not got enough capital to buy that shiny new cargo aircraft? Then buy it second-hand. Otherwise you can turn to the lease system and rent it until you can afford one!

Build an Empire

  • As time progresses you will get the chance to grow and improve your haulage firm. Eventually you can turn to more difficult but lucrative flights that will give you higher rewards for completing them – if you are good enough, these expensive flights can be the ticket to success that you need.

  • As your reputation soars and you move forward you should continue to build your company’s reputation. Eventually you will have enough aircraft to take on more than one job, allowing you to fly to more than one destination at any given time and improving your revenue potential.

  • Invest that cash you have earned from all of those flights by buying shares. You can trade shares of the stock market using real-world NYSE/FTSE and DAX prices! This brilliant feature does need an internet connection but adds a vast level of reality and credibility to your empire building operations.

  • As you build your empire up to be the strongest that it possibly can be, you should look to include analysis. Look at the graphs and your cash book to see how far along your business is on the road to success. Keep up-to-date with readied analysis and plan for success.

  • Bring in more pilots who are eager to fly under your banner as time goes on, allowing you to get the best possible empire prepared. As you improve on reputation you’ll find that you can recruit pilots who will then fly for you using a smartly planned AI pilot system.

  • Take on any available job that you feel ready to manage – with plenty of information to pick up from including base location, map views, pilot details and fleet management you can be in total and utter command when you are using this simulation, offering something that’s new and terribly exciting.

Perfectly Capable

  • You can use the Air Hauler add-on with other add-ons, as well. This is capable if you use both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft so you can fly anything that you like within reason during these flights. Take control of aircraft you feel most comfortable flying with this excellent mod.

  • Make your life even easier – and more authentic – by using this mod alongside the brilliant ActiveSky mod. This will let you fly the aircraft using real world weather. You’ll still get the METAR and TAF reports for your flights as you would be used to.

  • Air Hauler tries to use real-life fuel prices to give you a genuinely authentic experience. You’ll need an internet connection but it means you can fly to the tune of the real world, giving you a much more integrated, authentic experience.

Come Back Tomorrow

  • Park up at an airport and you can stop flying for the night. If you don’t have the energy or the will to complete a flight then you can turn to this to save you time, energy and patience. Simply hit ‘Resume Game’ after parking at your air haulage site.

  • Struggling to fit the whole job into just the on aircraft? Then you can do the job in more than one trip. Your suppliers won’t mind – so long as you can get the job done by carrying it back and forth they’ll be happy for you to do it multiple times!

  • Want to keep getting better? Then you can continue on with your piloting expertise training with this mod. As you start to use ever weaker and more fragile cargo plans you will, before long, be close to getting yourself towards testing the piloting skills and improving its’s overall position long-term.

See the World

  • Get involved and start following other online Air Haulers and see how they are doing. See how other players are getting on and see what people are hauling. You can get yourself some inspiration by doing this, by seeing what your competition are succeeding with and replicating.

  • Trying to get used to doing safe landings? Then you can insure your fleet until you get it right. Don’t lost all your supplies and valuable – and expensive – aircraft before you are ready to be taking them on such dangerous journeys. Insurance keeps you safe, and in pocket, should the worst occur.

  • Make your life as an Air Hauler that little bit simpler by keeping track using a detailed stats engine. Then you can upload these stats to the web and let everyone know just how good you are when it comes to being a high-end air hauler – take over the world!

  • Choose where you take off from – no more GA gates running with 747s, as you pick everything. Choose the gate at which you want to take off and the rest of the simulation just tags along with you! This is the perfect way to replicate the realism of haulage. 

Just Flight

About Just Flight

Based in the United Kingdom, Just Flight, owned by Mastertronic Group has been in the simulation business since the early days of FS2000.  Developing in-house creations and publishing flight sim add-ons from third-party developers for various platforms including MSFS, X-Plane, and Prepar3D.

Their latest focus has been on the next-gen platforms including P3Dv5 and Microsoft's latest flight simulator, MSFS (2020) release.

Trusted by thousands of flight simmers worldwide, Just Flight is a household name in flight simulation.

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