FSX Ultralights & Gliders

If you are looking for FSX ultralights and gliders, they are available here. We sell a small selection of simulation software for ultralights and gliders. Simulate flight as you maneuver these lightweight aircraft. Though our collection in its present form is small, we do have plans to expand it and will be adding new products periodically. Currently, we have the Discus Glider X-FSX and Dyn’Aero MCR-01 Ultralight-FSX/FS2004.

Ultralights and gliders are lightweight aircrafts that are popular amongst what some might deem to be daredevils or persons who like to live on the edge. These types of aircrafts may take the form of simple gliders, or small planes which seat between one and two people. In some ultralight planes, there is only enough room for the pilot. Gliders may or may not have an engine and don’t require a pilots license.

Each of the products listed below are compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. If you own this software, you will be able to use the simulator straight away. For those wh do not, it will be necessary to first obtain it or purchase one of our ultralights and gliders simulators that don’t require FSX. We do have a selection that is compatible with FS2004.

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 First Class Simulations  $19.73
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